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Reviews For: Yaesu FTM-10R

Category: Transceivers: VHF/UHF+ Amateur Base/Mobile (non hand-held)

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Review Summary For : Yaesu FTM-10R
Reviews: 53MSRP: 460
Dual band transceiver with multi-band coverage.
Product is in production
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KA7EKW Rating: 2018-08-16
Great idea, decent radio Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Having had the FTM-10R for a few years, and swapping the same unit between several motorcycles, I can recommend it to anyone who needs a radio suitable for motorcycles, ATVs, boats and other installations which A), are likely to be water-soaked or dust-blasted, and B), requiring a compact dual-band radio with wide receive.

My only real complaint is the inability to program it with a computer, but I don't have to reprogram it very often, so this isn't a big problem. I'm happy to give up computer programming to get a radio that isn't dead after the first good thunderstorm that catches me miles from the nearest underpass, awning or cover of any sort (the Weather Channel, like Miss Cleo, is for amusement purposes only, not for life planning . . .).

This whole radio is smaller than some of the control heads of radios that I've had on motorcycles (*cough* not to mention any *cough* names, *cough* GEeee *cough*).

If you break it down for remote mounting, the FTM-10R control head is conveniently small. Mine is mounted to the front brake reservoir on my BMW R1200RTP, and the main section takes up little space in one of the boxes. It is very lightweight, and doesn't add any noticeable weight to the handlebar end. Best of all, this location lets me spin the knob with a thumb while keeping my right hand on the bar, very useful when a quiet or loud signal suddenly comes in (unlike other radios which use buttons or rockers to adjust volume -- what idiot first decided to put THAT abortion on a motorcycle radio???). With the push of a button, this dial becomes the selector for frequency or memories.

There is a microphone built into the control head, but of course this is useless for most installations. The primary microphone connector is on the radio body, but an optional extra connector mounts on the control head. If you are installing on a motorcycle and plan to use a third-party headset (wired or Bluetooth), I'd wait to see if you need the extra connector. There is also provision for attaching the charge/storage clip for Yaesu's headset to the control head.

I like the convenience of a simple, small 2/440 radio located where it's mounted. It also provides normal broadcast band reception (AM/FM/FM Stereo) and even civil air band receive.

On vehicles riding two-up, connecting one headset to the control head and another to the radio body (or putting a Bluetooth module in each) provides an intercom. One a one-holer like the RTP, putting the Bluetooth board in the control head may give a little more range than having it in the body.

The PA output is weak (8 watts), but can be fed to a full-power PA input through a patch cable and resistor. PA is selected with the top buttons, which is a bit clunky, but can be either momentarily keyed or toggled to send PA until toggled back off.

This same method allows a patch cable to be made which will connect to another transceiver, using the FTM-10R as the single-point headset adapter for ham, PA and "work" radios, while also using it to listen to broadcast or an auxiliary input from music player, GPS, etc.

There are other functions, bells and whistles, but what sets this radio apart is that it was designed specifically as a "sport use" radio, and this is where the strengths are.

I have been drenched more times than I can count while riding motors, and the FTM-10R continues to function well.

Now, to deal with some of the complaints:

The power button takes a while to function. This prevents inadvertently turning the rig on and off if you bump against it on a rough road.

Yes, if you put the radio body where it will get wet, it will get wet. The SR model is fully sealed, but is lower powered. The 10R model needs some airflow to operate at full power. Ya pays yer munny an' ya takes yer choice.

AM reception is very weak on ANY radio that doesn't have the right antenna. A diplexer and AM antenna work just fine.

The control head mic connector is an option and will cost you more money. However, since first installing this on a motor (back in 2010 or so) I have used that feature on exactly one occasion. Really, one of the best inventions ever for motorcycles was the helmet headset -- instead of having to ride one-handed and hold the mic with the other at high speed. I've never seen anyone drop a helmet into the spokes at 80 miles per hour. With the Bluetooth, I don't even have to be plugged in to communicate, so rarely use a hand mic with motorcycle radios even when parked.

The bottom line:

Like any other radio out there, you have to figure out your needs and make the right set of tradeoffs. The FTM-10R and SR are the right ones for a lot of people, and used pricing is very reasonable.

Earlier 2-star review posted by KA7EKW on 2008-09-14

Somewhere at Yaesu, there is a guy in charge of making sure that there is at least one really bad decision made in planning new radios.

The FTM-10 series must have posed a challenge, because he came up with TWO gotchas.

First, both parts of the FTM-10SR are water resistant, but if you separate control head and RF module on the FTM-10R (same radio with more power) only the head is water resistant.

That can be dealt with (put the RF section in a protected place), but the real design-killer is that there is no way to program memories on this radio from a computer! This may be the only new rig in a decade which lacks this MUST-HAVE feature! Programming manually is a real pain in the neck.

There are other good features, especially for someone who rides two-up or with other hams, but a solo rider might be better off with the VX-7R (which can be used away from the motorcycle) and an amplifier.

However, this does show that Yaesu has decided to build radios for those of us who live on parts of the planet where there is RAIN . . !
K6EEP Rating: 2016-01-20
Remote mounting? Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have had this radio for several years. I remote mounted it under the passenger seat due to vehicle limitations. The head is mounted to the dash. One huge problem. The microphone only plugs into the case. So with the microphone under the passenger seat it is not feasible to transmit while driving. Also the head mount sticks out way too far and is very loose. The head also bounces around in the bracket. I made my own bracket which is way better.
Another thing that really bugs me is the power on/off button. You have to hold it down way too long before it does it's job.

The radio does meet the standard dual band radio criteria. But most manufacturers do that. This radio is getting dated. Newer cheaper products are available that are at least as good.

I have sold all my other Yaesu radios due to exceptionally poor design and engineering. This one is no exception.
K9ATK Rating: 2015-11-04
Great radio Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Have four of these and have one on my 2015 BMWr1200GSAWC took a bit of time to wire it into my headset used a lightspeed aviation headset I took apart along with a ptt switch on the handlebar, great radio awesome power however my first mounting point was not ideal had exposer to water and dust so cleaned out the radio and mounted it in a box under rear rack and not a problem
KE6ZMY Rating: 2014-02-16
Very disappointing Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Extremely disappointing. It's "rugged" advertising falls short of reality. Somehow it got condensation inside. Apparently from moisture in the air that condensed when air was pulled inside for cooling. Of course, moisture shorting out the motherboard is not warranted. Hoping it was a fluke I bought a 2nd one. Not a fluke. I sent both to Yaesu and they returned them to me as un-repairable and they told me both were not warranted because I got moisture in them. Thinking that perhaps Yaesu had strict policies against attempting repairs based on certain conditions, I sent them to Burghardt for repairs and they told me the same thing. Moisture had gotten inside and shorted out the parts. In my conversation with them it was speculated that moisture from the air condensed inside.
WB4LCN Rating: 2013-02-06
Here's how to get good AM. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The 2m and 70cm antenna receives well on FM, but not on AM. Why?

My solution: I mounted a short whip (no loading coil) just a 1.5 foot whip and connector.

Out the antenna port of the rig, I installed a diplexer.

Out of the diplexer: One side (the HF side) to the AM antenna. The other side (the VHF/UHF side) to the 2m/70cm antenna.

AM now has an antenna to work with. The 2m/70cm antenna tunes out the AM band. The whip, brings it back.
K9ROD Rating: 2012-12-23
Great Radio for my Jeep CJ7 Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I was looking for a radio that did both VHF and UHF for my Jeep CJ7. When I found this one that also offered AM/FM Broadcast Radio and a Line Input, I bought it. I have been very happy with the radio. The only exception is the lack of programming ability via a computer. I would have thought this was a thing of the past, but there are always trade offs in any radio. It is easy to program via the front panel once you get the hang of it. It is built very rugged. It has a good display and excellant sound from dual speakers. The size is very small, making it an excellant choice for my Jeep CJ7. One Note: You will need to buy the optional microphone. Another kind of dumb idea, but so are a lot of other radio setups. Would I recommend this radio to a friend - YES. Would I buy another one - YES. I am looking forward to one day buying the optional bluetooth boards so that I can have an intercom system in the Jeep during load road noise environment. Please also see my Yahoo Group for this radio and my web page for more radiop information. Thanks.
VE2TBC Rating: 2012-10-30
Ceramic filter failure Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I always loved this radio with its strange look. It is not a design that will please every users.

The radio has a very good receiver and an excellent audio section. Its operation is very menu driven.

However, it has sufferred from a ceramic filter failure. Just like the kenwood 710 and V71. So this problem has contaminated many models of radios. Unfortunate, it was my favorite and I am very disapointed with new radio construction quality. Not to mention no recalls....
AC5S Rating: 2012-06-05
Nice rig Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Not sure why there are so many negitive coments about the rig. Bought the radio for base station use and it works excellent in every way. Great receiver, plenty of power, and nice simple display. Menu structure is different than some radios, but once you learn the location of everything, no issues. Took less than 1 hour to load 25 memories. FM broadcast receiver is very good. AM receive, as metioned is a little weak. I was looking for a smaller size radio due to the space in the shack to mount the radio and the size remindes me a little of the FT-90. Might purchase another one for the off-road camping Blazer.

WF6O Rating: 2012-05-16
Almost perfect Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
First of all, let me say this is NOT the rig I was looking for. Being in the area of Northern California where 440 is now a distant memory had me looking for a 2M rig with a seperation kit. There is no such animal anymore. Since I specifically wanted a rig to mount on my 2010 Honda Goldwing motorcycle I started doing research about 18 months ago. A lot of guys have Kenwoods, some have Icom rigs but by far the most popular for motorcycle mobile on a Goldwing is the FT-10R. So, I ordered one. I also considered how to wire the unit into the headset (Honda factory set). The answer came from a couple of members of the Motorcycle Amateur Radio Club who have made the installation. I talked to one and he highly recommended Kennedy Technologies for help with the interfacing.
The main box is located in the "trunk" where a CD changer and/or CB radio would mount. The head is mounted on the left side of the handlebar using a RAM mount. A little modification was necessary to get the head mounted securely. All of the interface units fit under the seat very nicely. WARNING! There is soldering involved when using the Kennedy interface. Not a lot, but if you follow the directions from Kennedy precisely, it won't work!
I also use a Diamond dual-band 5/8 wave NMO antenna mounted on the luggage rack mounted on top of the "trunk."
On power up, I could get the rig to "key" up, but couldn't hear any audio through the headset. After 2 hours of triple checking everything I could have possibly screwed up with the wiring, it hit me.... "You have to have the intercom activated, you idiot!!!"
Programming this one is a pain! I put in about 50 2M repeaters and it took me at least 3 hours to do it. Sure do wish there was a software option on this rig!
Excellent audio reports on transmit and very nice audio in the headset.
As this is dedicated to the Goldwing, I don't anticipate using if for anything else. I have plenty of other rigs in all the other vehicles (well, all except my wife's car. She won't let me touch it) so this one will be permanently attached to the motorcycle.
Except for the very difficult programming, this would be a highly recommended unit for anyone planning an installation on a motorcycle, ATV or boat. Very, very rugged construction...
K5CPF Rating: 2011-07-20
Trade-offs Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I bought this almost a year ago for my primary vehicle. I have the radio mounted in the back of the vehicle. I love the size of the remote head, but it has really distorted sound at high volumes, so I had to run an external speaker from the radio. (there should be a jackl on the head)

Memory management is poor, but easily programmed from the remote head.

The display is impossible to read while wearing sunglasses.

Other than those items, I am very happy with this radio and glad I bought it. :)