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Reviews For: GE 7-2990A Multi Band Radio Vintage 1984

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Review Summary For : GE 7-2990A Multi Band Radio Vintage 1984
Reviews: 4MSRP: $100 (1984 price)
General Electric name, but made by Panasonic. These vintage radios pull in the weakest stations. Excellent analog/digital system with blue neon digital display. Dial light and digital display make this baby stand out in a dark setting. BFO, RF Gain, Wide/Narrow Band Switch, External Antenna hookup, slow and speed tuner dial. Only defect is a manufacturing defect in the tuner mechanism which results in a cracked tuning gear which makes "detents" in the tuning dial. My 7-2990A has hardly been used and developed this problem without use. Research revealed that the plastic tuning gear cracks over time and causes this problem. It DOES NOT affect the radio's tuning system or it's ability to function properly. This radio is the best one I have of 4 shortwave models. It is extremely sensitive, pulling in very distant stations with just the stock antenna. GE should never have stopped making shortwave models....This one cost $100 new in 1984, and I've seen it sold used for as much as $290 on ebay. It's a marvelous radio and should be rated very highly.
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BLUBBY Rating: 2023-05-23
Superior AM BCB portable Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought one of these radios when they were new. It was the first radio I ever had with a digital display!
The nylon gear in mine cracked a year ago but I discovered online that a 64 pitch 18 teeth RC motor gear is a perfect replacement with some work. The RC gear is too long so shorten it and either drill out its slightly too small hole or turn down the shaft. Either way you have to put a fairly deep notch in the brass shaft for the set screw that tightens the gear to the shaft. I turned my shaft down to repair my it tunes better than new since I also got rid of some end play while I was at it.
Compared to my Sangean PR-D15 on AM the GE blows it away despite it's having only a 4.75 inch ferrite antenna. Ok on shortwave...epic grade on the AM BCB. Good sensitivity on FM too and great sound. Runs fine on NIMH D cells. I use the tenergy LSD type. Buy one with the tuning issue fix it and enjoy!!!
DRAKE-R8 Rating: 2008-02-09
One of the best portable radios ever. Time Owned: N.A.
I bought one of these 3 years ago on ebay for $93 and it's the best bargain I've ever had. I owned one of this radio's siblings (RF-2600) 20 years ago when I was a kid and I've missed it ever since. This is a Panasonic with GE tags and it is every bit as sensitve as my Sony 2010 or Drake R8, selectivity is more than adequate, and the volume and sound quality from this box is excellent.
On top of the superior performance it will run for months @ 2-3 hours per day on one set of 6 D cells. Portable SWL'ing does not get better than this. Plus it looks like a shortwave radio should.
W1WFG Rating: 2007-05-31
Excellent receiver, especially given price. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I had one from '83-93 (It fell victim to a rambunctious cat and a concrete floor) and miss it to this day. It was a spectacular performer given any sort of external antenna, except perhaps in the selectivity department. The audio was superb, and for SW broadcast work I have yet to hear its equal.
LIGHTFOOT44 Rating: 2007-05-31
not many today beat it's pulling power Time Owned: more than 12 months.
only a 4 because of the faulty tuning gear which leaves detents in the tuning wheel as it rotates. Other than that...a fantastic radio.