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Category: Antennas: HF: Yagi, Quad, Rotary dipole, LPDA

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Review Summary For : TAK-tenna
Reviews: 155MSRP: $278. USD
High-frequency antenna for 3 to 30 MHz., inclusive

TAK-tenna is Unique and has been awarded U.S. Patent.

Radiating elements use proprietary copper jacketed alloy

Rotatable - Portable - Stealth - Primary & Restricted Space

Very easy to assemble

Sturdy and well built with low wind load Weighs only 5 pounds Very small footprint >p>TAK-tenna 80 Multibander has a 48 inch boom All other models have a 30 inch boom.

Direct feed with 50 or 75 ohm coax on resonant band User chooses resonant frequency Use coax + antenna tuner...or twin lead + antenna tuner for off resonance operation

Power tested to 1000 CW watts at resonance Key down for 30 seconds and 1400 Watts PEP no heat sensed on antenna wire or coax feed point when touched by hand after power testing

High efficiency = NO lossy matching components anyplace in system Directivity = 10 to 14 dB signal increase in transmit with 90 degree rotation with horizontal orientation Vertical orientation provides omni-directional pattern

Shipping world wide

Product is in production
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N4NDX Rating: 2009-06-06
Keep up the Coil Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I purchased the 40 meter Tak-Tenna from Steve about a month ago and it works for been a simple and small antenna I have mine on a rotor since is directional and works better that way. I`ve made several contacts in the states on 40m and also 20m, have not yet been able to pick up any thing DXing but have not really tried hard enough. Great reception easy set up and the best part of all is Steve, a great back up for his product is always there when need it, he did for me.

Recommended, it works.
WB0BBC Rating: 2009-05-11
It DOES Work! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I needed a small, stealth-like, easy to erect antenna for 40 meters for a space restricted residence. I read about the TAK-tenna on and purchased the standard TAK-tenna 40 meter version. My friend Barry, W0LHK purchased one too and we have had similar results.

The antenna was shipped promptly and arrived within 3 days of the order. The parts are of good quality. Even eye protection goggles are provided for use during assembly.

The assembly instructions are clear and easy to follow. In about 30 minutes the antenna was ready to tune. Extra parts, plenty of copper wire, and a very good mast clamp are included. All you need to add is your 50 ohm coax and a mast.

I mounted the assembled antenna about 12 feet above the South Florida soil and sand. Using the recommended tap positions and an MFJ-259B antenna tuner, I moved the taps twice to find a 1.2:1 minimum SWR at 7.220 MHz. Then I soldered the taps to the copper wire.

After running good 50 ohm coax into the shack, I tuned the Icom IC-718 to 7.220 and heard strong signals immediately. The SWR was 1.5:1, and I enjoyed several 40 meter QSOs with 5x7 exchanges.

I compared signals to another commercial 40 meter off-center fed dipole. The TAK-tenna yielded about 2-S unit lower signal strength on both received and transmitted signals.

Next I tried the antenna on 20,15,10 and 6 meters. The SWR was significantly higher and I emailed Steve with a few questions. Not only did I get a prompt reply on the weekend, I received a telephone call to discuss my concerns. Steve is knowledgeable and professional and offered several good explanations and suggestions. The antenna can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical configuration. A good manual (i.e. not automatic) antenna tuner is recommended for use on bands other than 40 meters.

I wouldn't expect a small antenna to outperform a full-size dipole or yagi, but it DOES WORK! I am pleased to have this antenna for field day and available as a rapidly deployable antenna following a storm or to keep the XYL happy.

For the price, quality and exceptional after-sale service provided by Steve, I give this antenna a 5. If you are new to the hobby or need a simple antenna to get on HF, the TAK-tenna is a fine choice.

I look forward to purchasing and reviewing the 80 meter TAK-tenna soon. I can't put up a full size 80 meter dipole at my QTH, so the TAK-tennna may provide the solution again.

- Paul, WB0BBC
K1OLD Rating: 2009-04-28
Works as advertised Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I'm completely new to Ham radio...and just wanted a simple antenna to put up that would get me started on HS ...This 40m Multi-bander seemed just the ticket.
I'm not the brightest bulb in the barn but just carefully following the directions...which are well written and understandable...I was able to put the antenna together without a problem.
I got Radio Shacks SWR&Power meter and with a little study time and again following directions and some running back and forth...I was able to resonate the Tak-Tenna at 10' on 7.200m @ 1.1 swr.
It's now at 23' ...fed with 50 give or take feet of "Davis"Bury-Flex 50 ohm coax...into the MFJ 993B Auto tuner I'm using a Yaseu FT-840/100w radio...Samlex switching power supply and either the Heil Pro 5 headset or through the WestMountain
CLR speaker.
I've been on HT about a week now...I've had QSO's with many States....Canada....Europe and I'm still trying to figure out the radio, the lingo etc.
The bottom line from my newbie point of view is...I was able to assemble,setup,mount and raise this antenna without a single problem...I'm having a ball making contacts on 40,20,one on 15 nothing on 10 as of yet...low swr across all the bands.
If you do need help...Steve the owner is always available...excellent cust.service.
One other thing I would mention for the stealth guys....get yourself some"Krylon" paint fusion for plastic.
and you can paint the whole antenna...paint it camo....light blue..whatever..I painted mine all black including the coils...looks cool...and I'm in hopes it will ease up on the U.V. rays and help in the Maine winter's... with warming and melting .
Link to a couple of pic's

Happy Camper

VE3IZZ Rating: 2009-04-27
Keep your hard earned money Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
it does work but don't compare it to a full size dipole, it can't match that performance.
Keep your hard earned money.
W9OE Rating: 2009-04-22
Works for me! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I have used the Tak-40 for about nine months now. I have been able to work all states, Canada, Mexico and several Euro contries including Italy. Keep in mind this all with 100 watts and less. This antenna works for me, and the house does not look like I am attempting to contact E.T. >;-}
S7MSNAKE Rating: 2009-03-24
QRP with TAK-tenna Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have had my TAK-tenna up for about 1 1/2 months now. I am using a Heathkit HW-9 and running the smokin' 5 watts into a Heathkit HM-9 QRP wattmeter and follow that with a Heathkit HFT9-A antenna tuner.

When I assembled the antenna I got it to resonate on the 40 mtr band at 7.050 with an SWR of 1.3 without the tuner. I used a Heathkit HD1422-A antenna noise bridge to confirm that result. I put the antenna in the horizontal about 15 feet above the roof of my shop. Probably 25 feet all together. The shop is on a small rise just south of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Despite my poor code, the reults have been good. I have worked 3 W4's with 5.3's to 4.2 reports in bad conditions. I have 3 stations in the 5 zone with reports from 5.7 to 5.9. A W7 said "You had a great signal till the band collapsed! For QRP you did great." An N5 from Ms. said "Your 'hot water 9' was doing a fine job."

I have switched in my old dipole and there is a minor but distinct loss of received signal strength. Also the TAK-tenna has allowed me to hear stations in Columbia, Paraguay and Mexico that I couldn't hear before probably because of the way my old dipole was arrayed.

The TAK-tenna works well with my QRP rig. And I like the repeatable results.

Gary / KE5ZFZ
AE6JN Rating: 2009-03-16
Another Happy TAK-TENNA Owner! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This antenna went together very easily. There should be no concerns about assembly. I assembled it while watching TV and found the instructions very easy to follow. Tuning/Resonating was also very easy. I just followed the instructions and was able to have it resonant in about 15 minutes using the SWR reading from my transceiver. I was pleased that I was able to acheive a 1.1 SWR on 40m. I now have the antenna mounted vertically at about 35 ft. First two QSO's were New Jersey and Hawaii. Both gave good reports! Using my MFJ-993 Auto Tuner, the TAK tunes to 1.1 on 80m and 1.5 20m. I have not tried any other bands yet, but don't anticipate any problems based on what I've seen so far. You definitely can't beat the price, in my opinion this is a good value for the money.
N9RWG Rating: 2009-02-12
A fun antenna that is a real lifesaver for restricted users! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I live in a second floor apartment in northwest Chicago, and have limited ability to put up an antenna. I tried a MFJ telescopic antenna-tuner, with very poor results, so much so, that I thought that my radio had gone kaput! I mulled over purchasing the Tak-tenna 40 for quite a while, read the reviews and finally gave in (what the heck, right?). When the antenna came, I was able to get it assembled in no time, as the instructions were easy to follow. I tuned the antenna with a Radio Shack SWR meter and nailed it at 7.220, in less time it took to put the thing together. With my landlord watching with a very critical eye, I mounted the antenna horizontally out of a window.

Although there was a noticeable improvement, and I made some good contacts regionally, I was a bit disappointed. I was surprised to get an email from Steve, the maker of the antenna, who asked me how it was working out. He suggested that I try a vertical alignment, and I did. WOW! I had more contacts that I could shake a stick at! Although my wife probably wants Steve's head on a spit (because I am planted at my shack when I am not at work), I am extremely happy.

Prior to my current apartment dwelling days, I put up quite a few antennas, and this was a fun antenna to assemble, mount, tune and (of course) talk on. I'm happy, the landlord is happy, and the wife is not happy (but valentine's day is coming), and I can enjoy playing radio. The customer service was wonderful, and something that is extremely rare these days. This is a great antenna that you absolutely cannot go wrong with.
KE5YKH Rating: 2009-01-26
FOR LIMITED SPACE, IT REALLY WORKS Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Construction of the antenna was easy. The only problem was that after winding the wire on the HOT SPIRAL, I had about 5' of excess wire left over and on the COLD SPIRAL had about 4' of excess wire. Let Steve at TAK know of this problem. His reply was he would ship new wire if I wanted. Decided to go ahead and install the antenna as it was(did'nt trim off the excess wire). I slipped the excess wire into a 1/2" PVC
pipe to protect the wire from shorting against the spiral wire.

My TAK-tenna is designed for 40 meters, horizonally mounted on a 20' mast. Equipment I used with the antenna: ICOM 761, SB200 amplifier, and an outboard MFJ Versa Turner IV.

Band Operating results: 160M would not load to a
workable SWR

80/75M, 40M, 30M, 20M
10M all loaded @ 1:1 to
1:3 - got good signal
reports CW & SSB.

15M SWR was 1:1 to 1:3
Band was dead

I recommend the antenna because it does work but don't compare it to a full size dipole, it can't match that performance.

My XyL is real happy because it is so small you can hardly see the thing.

When I find time, I'll install it vertically, increase the height to at least 30' and I will post my results.

SV1NPC Rating: 2009-01-25
Useful for limited space Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I live in an apartment in Athens and I haven't the proper space to install a big ant. Also I'm usually QRP and portable operator, only in CW.
I read for this ant in a magazine, I liked the idea and I ordered a 40m Tak-tenna last March. I installed, in my home, at a height about 2,5m. From March up to June I did many contacts with 5W and a Z-100 tuner in 40 and 20m.
All summer I was only potable operator using alternately a dipole in 20m and a buddistick. From this autumn I'm not very active. Last month I decide to experiment with 100W and Tak-tenna. The results are:
JR1FVI rst 589 (I called cq)
ZZ1UG rst 579
JA7DLE rst 579 - (2nd contact with this station. The first was with 100W and a G5RV, with same rst).
Finally, I think that this ant works fine and I like the small size, the light construction and the endurance in strong winds. Next months I plan to test Tak-tenna in field with 5W.
Nikos -SV1NPC