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Reviews For: Rework Eliminator™ K2 Internal Mic Adaptor

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Review Summary For : Rework Eliminator™ K2 Internal Mic Adaptor
Reviews: 12MSRP: 23.50
The Rework Eliminator™ K2 Internal Mic Adaptor (IMA) is a tiny circuit assembly consisting of two multi-layer boards, that fits snugly behind the K2’s Front Panel. Once installed, this clever device more-than-dramatically simplifies the task of reconfiguring the pin-out of the K2’s mic jack to support any of 66 popular (8-pin Foster) microphones. These include all Alinco, Elecraft, Heil, Icom, Kenwood, Ten-Tec, and Yaesu models.

In addition to “rewiring” the pin-out, any of seven jumper selectable external bias resistances can also be configured.

A four-page color-printed booklet of assembly instructions is included, and a very informative 16-page PDF user’s guide can be downloaded from our website. For handy reference, a self-adhesive quick-reference decal is included, which contains the guide’s most essential content.

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KW4M Rating: 2014-03-11
innovative and well-engineered Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This is a very innovative solution to the problem of microphone reconfiguration in the K2.

The 8-pin Foster microphone connector has become a standard in the industry. Unfortunately, each radio manufacturer seems to have specified their own pin-out definition with no regard to a common overall standard. In fact, one major manufacturer has not even enforced pin-out compatibility between various models.

The K2 uses a dual-row header to allow the microphone connector pins to be reconfigured as desired. One row of pins connects to circuits internal to the radio and the other row of pins connects to the individual microphone connector pins.

Some dis-assembly is required to access this header so there may be some hesitation to reconfigure the K2 for use with a recently-acquired microphone.

This product greatly simplifies the process. With it installed, the K2 microphone connector wiring can be reconfigured by simply removing the left panel, re-arranging a few plug-in jumpers, and replacing the panel.

The materials are of high quality, assembly is easy, and shipping was fast.

Highly recommended.
VE9KK Rating: 2013-04-08
The best! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Ken and Gary have come up with this great product that not only is quality, great support and a great price...BUT...makes swapping out mic's a snap. This unit mounts on the K2 board like it was meant to be there. Great attention to detail in the construction makes the fit like factory. Swapping out mic's is as simple as removing a side panel from the K2, moving some jumpers around AND THAT'S IT!! So what jumper goes where for which mic you ask? No problem Ken and Gary have all the configurations on a label that goes on the inside to the K2's side panel. This also is a great re-sale feature as well.
Very nice work guys.
Oh just one prepared as the support they offer is on par with Elecraft!
WA0TPN Rating: 2011-02-11
Convenient Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I was hesitating to rewire a desk mic to use with the K2. Then, I ran across these reviews and ordered the IMA. The kit arrived today. It took an hour or so to build and install, another couple of minutes to configure the jumpers and test. It works great and will make swapping mics easy. Thank you for a nice product that further enhances the K2.
HAMILTON_EX_W8GX Rating: 2010-01-30
Perfect solution! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
A perfect solution to the problem of adapting other microphones to the K2! It took only a short time to build and install into my K2. I will never have to hardwire the K2 for different mics. Just change a few jumpers! THATS ALL! A perfect solution! Get one!
AL7B Rating: 2010-01-30
Slick! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This will be an improvement to any K2, even if it is not currently equipped for SSB operation. A future owner of the K2 will thank you and the increased resale value with the IMA would easily recover the minor cost.

The boards and components are top notch with the traces and silk screening resembling what is used by Elecraft. All connectors and jumpers are gold plated.

Making changes to the K2 microphone configuration requires a simple removal of the left panel. The IMA folds the jumper connections for access from the side and also includes several biasing resistor options. A nicely done sticker is include that can be applied to the inside of the left panel to simplify future microphone changes.
Ken and Gary of Rework Eliminators are very accessible often replying to e-mails within minutes and the documentation outstanding.

I recommend this option be installed in any K2 whether configured for SSB or not. It just makes total sense to eliminate possible damage to the K2 when making microphone changes. These changes cannot be tested without reassembly of the radio.

Changes with the IMA only requires moving simple jumpers, with guidance from the great documentation.
DF7TH Rating: 2010-01-16
Excellent addition to a K2SSB Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This is an excellent addition should you own or build a SSB capable K2. Espesially when wanting to reuse an existing MIC or even more useful when trying out different mics to see what suits best this configuration adapter is very handy !

Moreover it's a very small and neat looking and superb quality art work once assembled.
Provided you carefully follow the 1st class user's guide available on their WEB-site there's nothing you can do wrong assembling it and you can freely configure or reconfigure your microphone configuration after removing the left side panel of your K2. No boards to be removed, no soldering, no additional resistor mounting anywhere. VERY NEAT !

All there is to know about (i.e. limitations with newer Alinco Mics) can be found on their WEB site or in the comprehensive User's Guide available there. You can buy after verifying it actually suits your needs rather than finding that out later.
AC6YO Rating: 2008-03-03
Easy mike access Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
If you plan to use a mike with your k2 then this adapter is for you. Easiest to install if you have
not soldered the jumpers on the mike jumper plug,
but if you have just remove the jumpers and clean the solder off and install the adapter. The adapter
jumpers can be adjusted just by taking the k2 side panel off. Information in the kit also gives info
on the jumpering for lots of mikes.
You will like the Internal Mic Adapter.
VK3DAP Rating: 2008-01-02
Very useful product, superb documentation, good price Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
After I finished assembling my Elecraft K2 I thought that this rig had everything. Until I wanted to plug in different mics! I found that the DIL plug and jumpers on the FP board a bit limiting when trying to use different mics, like my ICOM SM5. To get this mic to work involved soldering an 820 ohm resistor between a couple of pins, soldering a jumper between another couple and adding a longer, wire link between two more non-adjacent pins.

Then I found the site and their Internal Mic Adapter product. I read the documentation, and when the XYL was not looking, pledged my plastic. The kit arrived yesterday, and was duly assembled.

I looked up the ICOM SM5 mic, found the configuration diagram in Table 3, plugged jumpers into the IMA board accordingly, switched on the rig and, running 12 watts into a dipole on 40 metres, immediately had a QSO with a station in Central Queensland, about 2000 km away. He reported that the audio was very smooth and clear.

I would recommend this product as being the answer to the problem of using any one of a large number of microphones with the Elecraft K2.

The product is ingenious, it neatly solves a difficult problem, the PC boards are well designed, and the documentation which accompanies this product is superb - clearly written with excellent diagrams.

I gave this product a rating of 5 because, honestly, I could not find a fault with it, and it is an elegant solution to the problem.
W7GH Rating: 2007-10-30
clever product adds flexibility to your K2 Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I'm new to SSB. I had no idea what mic would work best with my voice and the K2. I wasn't sure if I should wire my K2 for the old mic that someone gave me, or wire it for an Elecraft mic, or wire it for whatever is popular on the reflector. I bought the Internal Mic Adaptor, and now there is no problem. I can reconfigure my K2 for just about any mic in two minutes.

Ken and Gary have done it again. It's really amazing how their latest product makes the most of a narrow space. It's very clever how almost any mic can be wired by rearranging the jumpers. As usual, the documentation is excellent, both in the manual and in the web site. A great addition to any K2 used with SSB!
W7TUS Rating: 2007-10-13
This high quality kit saves time and ware & tear on the K2 Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
In the process of building my K2 I decided to add the Rework Eliminator IMA and what a great decision that was! It will be a while before I settle on a microphone and this 30 minute build will save a ton of time as well as ware and tare on the K2 . Good quality components and clear instructions make the IMA a no-brainer.