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Reviews For: Milestone Technologies CUP-36 2.4A Switching Power Supply

Category: Power Supplies

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Review Summary For : Milestone Technologies CUP-36 2.4A Switching Power Supply
Reviews: 1MSRP: 39.95
Small, 13.5VDC, 2.4A switching power supply with 90-264VAC input. Has EMI filtering, overvoltage protection, and overcurrent protection. Size: 0.79" x 1.97" x 4.33"
Product is in production
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K6USN Rating: 2008-06-02
RF Hash Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I wanted to like this power supply. It is small, easy to pack, and ran my FT 817 to the full 5 watts. I bought 3 of them. The problem is the switching hash. It is pervasive and lingered on despite all my grounding and ferrite choke attempts. The problem I suspect is in the two pronged plug. No grounding prong. Using an outside antenna, it was able to get by okay, but any indoor antenna (even on 2M FM) was wall to wall hash. This precluded my hotel room operations with the FT 817.
Recommendation: Look at the GAMMA Research HPS-1. It solved all my portable p/s problems and even powered my 100W IC 7000.