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Reviews For: Craftsman (Sears) #82141 Digital Multimeter

Category: Tools & Test Equipment for the amateur radio work bench

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Review Summary For : Craftsman (Sears) #82141 Digital Multimeter
Reviews: 1MSRP: 19.99, on sale as low as $9.99
Manual-ranging multimeter with large 2000 count LCD display, diode test and continuity beeper.

1.5 and 9V battery test.

Fuse protected with a rubber holster w/tilt stand.

Measures up to 600V AC and 10A AC for electrical installation, home, appliance repairs

Measures up to 600V DC and 10A DC for auto, marine and electronic installations/repairs

Audible tone sounds below 30ohms to check proper wiring and shorts

Resistance: up to 2Mohm for household and auto electrical wiring testing and repair

Diode test for electronic and electrical testing

Contains meter, holster, 2 spare fuses, test leads, owners manual
Product is in production
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AB0RE Rating: 2007-10-13
Great value multimeter Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I picked up one of these multimeters on sale for $9.99 from Sears. It's probably the best $10 I've spent on the hobby so far.

The 82141 has a large display and heavy duty right-angle leads. The flip-up stand makes seeing the meter much easier when taking measurements with both hands. The multimeter takes a single 9V battery which tends to last me around a year with moderate use (I save the old 9-volt batteries removed from my smoke detectors so I have a 10 year supply of batteries handy for the meter :-). The readings appear accurate with other DMMs I've used. The jacks for the leads are standard banana plugs so adaptor cables or accessories from other manufacturers (Fluke) can be used with the meter.

The only trouble I've had is blowing a fuse in the back (I had the unit on the wrong setting... spare fuses are included with the multimeter or can be bought at Sears).

Nitpicks? It'd be nice if the DC amperage reading would go higher than 10A (the unit does 10A or 200mA, selectable). The unit is also not auto ranging.

Dan / ab0re