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Reviews For: Array Solutions - Dishtronix Analog VSWR/Wattmeter

Category: SWR & Wattmeters & Dummy Loads

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Review Summary For : Array Solutions - Dishtronix Analog VSWR/Wattmeter
Reviews: 6MSRP: 195
DWM - series Wattmeter 5% accuracty with analog cross needle. Patented peak measurement circuitry which has adjustable hold and PEP and Average power reading capability
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KA9MOT Rating: 2012-12-30
Not your Average Meter Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I've had allot of different meters and I like this one the best. You NEVER see them for sale used and that tells me tat those of us who own them, won't part with them.
A great accurate meter, and I'm glad I own one.
K6SBA Rating: 2009-06-21
A Meter You Can Trust Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I have had my share of inaccurate or erratic meters. When compared to a Bird 43, they were all over the place. I have had a meter and a tuner with built-in meter from a quality American tuner manufacturer that didn't agree with each other.

I really like analog meters that have quick visual response as you adjust you tuner or power settings; digital meters aren't as graphic to me.

Problem Solved: The Distronix DWM-2104 from Array Solutions. The meter is large, well lit and accurate right out of the box thanks to the individual calibration done by Array Solution. The unit is very attractive and well constructed. Also there is real peak reading circuitry in this unit, not just a charged holding capacitor.

If you want a super analog meter, or if you don't want to spend $400+ for a digital meter, or don't like digital meters, buy this meter and find some other problem in your shack to worry about.

73 de K6SBA
David in Santa Barbara CA
N9ZI Rating: 2009-03-27
Great Meter Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Recently purchased the Dishtronix DWM-2104A SWR / wattmeter and am extremely pleased with this one, have had many other ones & always end up selling them, but this is a keeper. It works extremely well, accurate, easy to use, looks nice, easy to read, back light just right, active peak reading, peak hold. Get one if you like quality meters you will not be sorry.
W5CRY Rating: 2008-07-01
Great Value Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have used my Dishtronix Analog SWR/Watt Meter for about two months now. It performs very well with a pleasing appearance. I feel it is good value for the money if you are looking for a SWR/Watt Meter.
N0YXE Rating: 2008-05-13
Very Nice! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The Dishtronix meter arrived today from Array Solutions and works great. It is accurate out of the box and it really doesn't pay to adjust the meter, as it is very much on the mark. It is a solid value.
N7GSU Rating: 2007-12-17
A great value! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
After using my trusty Bird 43 for many, many years, it finally gave up one day in the middle of some testing I was doing on a new antenna design. I had no time to repair it before a deadline, so I called Jay at Array Solutions. He suggested I purchase one of their Dishtronix meters. Now the Bird 43 is a very accurate, tried and true design that has been around forever. I would say that most professional shops in the U.S. use these more than any meter around for most day to day testing. To say the least, I was more than a bit septical that this low priced meter would even come close, but I needed a meter and fast, so I gave Jay my order and received it within a few days. Within a couple of hours of receiving the meter and using the included manual, I had it calibrated and in use. Man, what a meter! This thing is great! It's lighted, within 10% or better, right out of the box and within 5% if you take the time to follow exellent Dishtronix instructions for calibration. It's easy to use, looks great and is built very well! I now have my Bird repaired and side by side, it is hard to tell the difference. The Dishronix is not a lab-grade instrument but for everyday, amateur and most professional use, the Dishtronix unit is fantastic. If you must have lab-grade, I still feel the bird is the standard by which most others are judged. Array Solution's builds and sells their PowerMaster meter and this is a lab-grade instrument and will no doubt be one of my next purchases. I highly recommend the Dishtronix however, to anyone needing an accurate, easy to use meter for HF work to the legal limit. I still use the Bird on the work bench but the Dishtronix unit is now on the station desk and doing a great job! For the money, I know of no other meter that even comes close!