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Reviews For: Knight G30 Grid dip oscillator

Category: Tools & Test Equipment for the amateur radio work bench

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Review Summary For : Knight G30 Grid dip oscillator
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Kit form Grid Dipper (GDO) with 5 coils giving a range of 1.5-300 mhz
Product is in production
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KG0WX Rating: 2007-12-20
More accurate than the Heath GDO Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
These are getting rare. I was lucky to find one for $15 with a manual and all the original coils. The GDO's performance (output power and sensitivity) match my Heathkit GD-1b BUT there is one area that the Knight simply blows away the Heathkit - accuracy.

On the Heathkit you get a dial accuracy similar to what you'd see on a analog (tube) VFO. If you align the dial to be right on freq on the bottom edge of the scale it will be several hundred KC off frequency by the time you tune past half scale. So, you end up needing a reciever or a frequency counter to verify what freq you are on.

Not so with the Knight G30! The alignment can be changed easily but in my testing it was a set it and forget it type operation. If I set it to be on freq at 200 mhz (as high as my freq counter will go), it will be absolutly dead on freq on 1.5 mhz. Amazing!

The owner's manual goes beyond kit assembly and trouble shooting issues - it delves into applications for the GDO. If you don't have a manual for yours, just visit BAMA's website - they have it for free download.