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Rental Apartments available for DX operation overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
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KB8KB Rating: 2016-03-03
mini dx trip Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Everything was has expected. Antennas worked great on all bands (used the internal tuner on 12, 17, 24 and 30m). Wives came with us (see K8JH entry for more info). They had a great time touring the island. I have to say that of all the places I have been, this was the friendliest!
Ed was very helpful to all of us and a very gracious host.
K8JH Rating: 2016-02-29
All I hoped for and more Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This was a lazy man's DXpedition for me and a ham friend, where we brought wives along. Doing something like this has been a lifelong dream. This met all my expectations.

VP9GE, Ed, owns and runs the place. He is an exceptional, kind and generous gentleman ham. He picks you up from the airport and takes you back for your return. He even took us to the grocery store so that we could supply our kitchen. We generally ate breakfast and lunch at the apartment with dinner out.

The station is contained in the one larger apartment. There is a second apartment just next door. There is a nice FT950 at the station and several antennas are available. They all work great. We had outstanding results and were very popular on the bands. The antennas and other details are on the VP9GE website. The only thing we needed of our own was a laptop. We elected to bring a Yaesu FT450 from home only because we were familiar with it and the computer interfaces, etc. No problems with airport security or customs. Frankly, no one paid any attention at all to the carry on transceiver.

We were there in late February - the off-season and the coolest time of year. Even then, the weather was near 70 each day and down to 60 at night - still a lot warmer than Michigan in February. We usually wore light jackets. There was a rain shower most every day, but some of them were at night and did not last long in any case.

While Mike, KB8KB, and myself operated 6-7 hours per day, our wives went out on the town on their own. The bus system is very friendly and convenient. The Bermudan people are very helpful and easy going. We always felt very safe. Our wives enjoyed walking on the beach, shopping and visiting museums. They would have a full day, decide on a restaurant for dinner, and we guys would go meet up with them for dinner. The ladies had a delightful time as the island has many interesting things to offer such as a zoo, aquarium, churches, and unusual shopping. They also discovered some interesting adult beverages.

The apartments are not new, but are fully equipped and decent - dated, but respectable and charming in their own way. The apartments were perfect for a couple of guys. It's just that our ladies are a little more high maintenance and notice things we guys just don't concern ourselves with.

There is a million dollar view out the front door. There are some chickens that run around and a goat who greets you coming and going. This review is about the ham radio experience, the station, antennas, and the convenience and charm of our host and of Bermuda in general.

We picked VP9GE's location based on eham reviews and the convenience of getting to Bermuda - only a couple 2 hour flights from Michigan. We were not disappointed. I would recommend this without question and would not hesitate to return.

K4KGG Rating: 2015-01-07
Outstanding DX QTH Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
My first visit to VP9GE was a great success – wonderful host, fascinating island, happy XYL, fun contesting RTTY Roundup Jan 2015. Ed went way beyond expectations sharing his insider knowledge of Bermuda. A fascinating man, Ed greatly enriched our experience of his island.
On the radio side, Ed promptly answered all my pre-arrival equipment and licensing questions. Equipment was as described and in good operating condition. When I asked if a monitor was available to extend my laptop desktop, Ed made one available. Internet speed was faster than what I have at home. Operating from VP9 was magical. Everyone wanted VP9 for a mult. I was able to maintain good runs on RTTY about 2/3 of the time. Quite good it seemed for operating 100 watts in a big gun environment.
KU9C Rating: 2014-09-05
Fantastic long weekend with XYL, going again! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
First, let me say that time spent with Ed, VP9GE, is an incredible experience. All that has been written about Ed is spot on, and I'll just add that him 'being there' made the weekend spent with the XYL a very special time. He added so much color on the Island, his life there, and made sure we saw the 'special sights' that the Island has to offer. In fact, my QSL will feature the sunset that he alerted us to. A true gentleman, and a very gracious host.

Ed's apartment is essentially walk in and operate. I brought my own rig, a FT100D for size. Made about 2000 Q's (it was supposed to be a 'vacation style operation, but when the pileups started, who can resist!). We still had plenty of time on the island to explore, and enjoy the food and drink! Had a great opening on 6, and with Ed's A4S and a tuner, made over 200 contacts. Ed has a 6M M2 beam, but the opening came up unexpectedly, so I reacted with what I had available!

I'll be going back, and as it's easy to get to Bermuda with the flights from NY and other cities, it's quick, easy and very reasonable to visit. When you walk out, look for VP9GE plates on Ed's white van, and your DX experience will begin!

AG2AA Rating: 2013-11-01
Great spot for hamradio and/or vacation Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
My current callsign is AG2AA. This is my first time with Ed. My wife and I stayed in his Apt #7. My intention was for 70% vacation/holiday and 30% ham radio. Any time you get on the air for more than 5 minutes and somebody puts you on the DX cluster, be ready for a 1+ hour pile-up from both NA, SA and Europe. I was fortunate enough to catch a couple good 10M openings and worked several JA and VK 59+. I also agree with previous posts about the busses and ferries being a great and easy way to get around the island. A market and pizza shop 5 minutes away, lots to do on the island generally. Great place for a holiday, with or without ham radio.
OH2MQ Rating: 2012-10-14
PSK31/63 week! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I am ham since 1952 and now fulfilled my dream of
being a rare dx. As my interest is in PSK-mode, I decided to forget other modes. And VP9 on PSK is
really rare and needed by EPC award hunters (like

My XYL and I were travelling to Florida and Bermuda was on the route. Excellent choice. Europe was easy to work to (95% of contacts) and the location is really good with good antennas. The radio was my own ProIII, 40 W. A total of about 800 contacts on PSK modes in one week.

Ed was such a good host, as can be read in all
reviews. Highly recommended.
OH1VR Rating: 2011-07-15
Excellent - good service Time Owned: N.A.
First visit in 2007 and fifth in January 2011:
two times CQ WW CW SB20LP and two times CQ WW 160 LP. My first visit - not a contest trip -lasted only 48 hours and I was hooked. Ed VP9GE gives you a good service and it makes this venue to be easy: antennas are up, fast Internet connection, even xcvr is available. In less than one hour after the arrival you can be on the air. And one thing: VP9 is still very atractive DX QTH. The planning of my sixth trip is in the process. Seppo OH1VR
N1SNB Rating: 2011-06-20
Great Place - Great Host Time Owned: N.A.
I've been to Ed's place twice now. He's a great host with a great station to use.

I look forward to returning again soon. Highly recommended for some R & R, DXing or Contesting or even family time.

WW3S Rating: 2011-06-19
great place for a Dx-vacation Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Stayed at Ed's twice, first time with ND8L as a mutli-single op in CQWW, and the second time with my wife for RTTY roundup...simple antennas, but with the ocean 1200ft from your door, and nothing but salt water between you and Europe and the USA East coast, simple antennas work....Ed supplies a radio, if needed, and airport pickup and drop off....Bermuda is a beautiful island, with great public transportation. The nice clean bus drops off and pickups at the end of the drive, as is an easy way to get around. The apartments are nice and clean, and Ed is super nice to deal with....highly recommended....
VE3DZ Rating: 2008-06-02
Miraculous location! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This was my first trip to Bermuda. I stayed at Tarrafal Apartments and used radio and antennas provided by the owner - Mr. Ed Kelly, VP9GE. Antennas looked modest at first sight, but boy was I mistaken about them! I took part in CQ WPX CW Contest and managed to make over 2600 QSO's on all bands in 26 hours of operation, which seems to be #1 Claimed score in LP category so far. I felt REAL LOUD, especially on 40 and 20, using just bear radio. The location is A1 for Contests like ARRL, WW, IARU, WAE or WPX and would be a dream for any DXer who likes pile-ups.
Ed is very helpful and provides a lot of extra services like Airport ride and pick-up, cable TV, DSL Internet, etc... I was very happy with my stay at Tarrafal and would definitely come back some day, most likely with my family.