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Reviews For: Realistic DX-370 / Sangean ATS-800

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Review Summary For : Realistic DX-370 / Sangean ATS-800
Reviews: 7MSRP: 119.95 (1993)
PLL Synthesized, single conversion, four band segments, AM 530-1620 kHz, FM (stereo/mono) 87.5-108 MHz, SW in two bands, 3200-7300 kHz and 9500-21750 kHz. 20 memories. Mono/Stereo select, lock switch, clock, sleep timer, phones jack. Requires four AA cells. Jack for external 6 VDC adapter. 7.1 x 4.3 x 1.2 inches 1.3 Lbs.
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RENTON481 Rating: 2015-02-06
Good SW, Great FM, Great MW selectivity Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Like many others here, I got my DX-370 during the 1990's. The radio is the Realistic branded Sangean ATS-800A (the 800 was an earlier model with an LED tuning indicator).

The DX-370 works reasonably well on SW with just the whip. I've used it both just on the whip, and by placing the whip next to the feed in line of a longwire antenna.

It has a full sound on headphones.

The FM performance is excellent for a small Sangean portable, and it's in stereo on headphones.

On MW it is a good performer, but in low signal areas like my QTH the radio DX's better if you use an external loop with it.

The selectivity on MW is excellent. Unlike some portables, MW sensitivity does not drop off above 1610 khz. It's a great radio for tuning the X band.

Battery life is pretty good. I use mine several times a week and a set of heavy duty AA's lasts a month or so.

The large LCD display is helpful. It reacts to temperature, though. When it's 45 degrees or so, some of the characters don't show up 100%.
W4ARZ Rating: 2011-03-20
Overall Very Good Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I added one of these sets to my collection in 2010.
I use mine to listen to MW and some SW. The radio is missing the 40m band section above 7.30mhz which is a shame. The radio is easy to use. The trick to save battery life is either to mount a micro switch on the side of the radio and wire it to that battery terminal to cut the power completely off. Or simply put a slip of paper between the cells when not in use. FM band is good. Shortwave reception is good for casual listening. The size and feel are also good. It's a bonus if you acquire one with it's protective case. So in a nutshell I give it a 4 because of it's lack of coverage from 7.3-7.9mhz
AI4WC Rating: 2010-02-11
Good simple radio Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought this radio when I joined the Peace Corps in 1990. It has been around! I tried NiCads in it but they didn't last very long (probably because of the large clock display that is always present). Now, 20 years later, the little plastic backstand is broken and I have a flexible piece of copper wire for the antenna. The shortwave portions of the band are weak but the AM & FM bands are fine. It's near my pillow and I use the sleep mode (1 hour timer) every night. I have 8 high-capacity NiMH batteries for it that I keep charged and simply exchange them four at a time. I would buy another new one in a heartbeat (I have a Grundig Yachtboy but I prefer the DX-370).
KB2YJS Rating: 2009-10-30
Early 90's nice all round. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Bought this radio (dx-370) in '92 when I needed an allround portable model with SW.(Think it was about $100 then at Radio Shack) This was reasonably priced and still looks and works great. Sound is good, selectivity is good, has alarmclock with radio/buzzer option, dc input (does not charge the 4AA's if rechargables), (stereo)headset output, stereo/mono selector, backstand with world timezone indicator. Has a handy sliding keylock and a not so handy sliding band selector. Button/selector layout is good. Have used an external antenna for SW with good results(roll up model that slides over the antenna) Had to tighten up the antenna twice. Have been happy with it but it would be nice to have direct entry instead of the frequency scan buttons. Also a backlight for the display/clock as well as a 9/10kHz selector to make it worldwide usable.
RMINER Rating: 2009-02-03
Great Little Radio Time Owned: more than 12 months.
The DX-370 was my first SW reciever and served me well at my bedside and on camping trips. I have owned this radio for 20 years. My DX-370 is still in daily use in my office pulling in AM stations in a metal frame building and pulling in my favorite 40 watt FM station. Sensitivty and selectivity are surprisingly good for an economy radio.

As with the other Sangean radios I own, my favorite feature is the alarm clock with a buzzer. (don't know why this feature seems to be neglected on newer radios! Often times the signal I am listening to at night is white noise in the morning, no chance of waking up here!)

There is no external ant. jack, but then again, this is probably something I wouldn't expect at this price point.

The DX-370 is a robust little performer that fulfills its mission well. I would buy one again.
KB4LGM Rating: 2008-05-22
Ok for the money Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought mine back in 1991 on sale a local RS store. It has been all over the place with me and is showing it's age. FM audio is decent and AM is ok. I think the lack of the ability to really receive CW and SSB is a minus but all in all not a bad radio, Not a great radio but not bad either.
WB4NAF Rating: 2008-01-25
Outmoded Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This was the first PLL radio I bought. I don’t remember when I bought it but have had it a good long while. It is tuned via scan buttons only (no tuning knob, no key entry). I have had problems with the whip antenna becoming loose, and have had to clean the inside sliding contact a couple of times. I only use it now occasionally to listen to an AM or FM broadcast station, as it is too slow to use for SWL.

Sensitivity and audio are good.
Bands are selected via a mechanical 4-position switch located on the top which is a bit stiff and tricky to operate.
The 20 memories are split into 5 memories for each of the 4 band segments.

An OK radio for what it is and for its time.