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Reviews For: Behringer Tube Composer T1952

Category: Audio Accessories for Transmitter & Receiver

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Review Summary For : Behringer Tube Composer T1952
Reviews: 3MSRP: $299.99 Australian dollars
Vacuum tube audio interactive dynamics processor with ultra-tube circuitry
Product is in production
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KI6QYJ Rating: 2009-04-21
Plenty for ham use, but replace the 12AX7s Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
As a former pro audio engineer, I can say that most studio gear is total overkill for ham radio. With the low SNRs and small bandwidths we work with, it doesn't take a million dollar audio front end to sound as good/clear/punchy as you want.

Most Behringer gear is not what I would want to use if I were making a musical recording. But for ham radio, nothing better would make a difference in your signal. :) Replacing the lousy Svetlana 12AX7s with something nicer (I get a much better tone with minimal expense by using Baldwin/Sylvania 70s vintage 12AX7s) will improve the warmth of your sound if you choose to add some "wet" starved plate tube harmonics to your audio chain. I find that it only takes a fairly small amount of added tube harmonic content from the Tube Ultra series of Behringer gear to be plenty; I could get by quite nicely with only replacing 2 of the 5 12AX7s in my Behringer audio "rack" with better ones than the units come with.

You will get much more adjustability and all the features and sound you could from a W2IHY gate/comp/limiter for less than half the price. Plus it looks cool, and uses off-the-shelf industry standard shielded XLR audio cables -- no expensive intercace cables for each rig or mic to buy, either. And a great vintage look that just makes me smile to see in my shack, when so much else does not have the character of tube glow and Bakelite vintage knowbs.

Studio rack-mount gear is not for the plug and play ham who wants something that won't ever run the risk of confusing them. But if you want solid audio for a lot less than pricey W2IHY gear, with a more unique look and the ability to shape your sound more to your own personal circumstances (voice, room, mic, and rig audio chain/front end), Behringer is certainly worth a hard look. My complete audio chain is an Audio Technica AT-2020 condenser mic on a R0de shock mount nad boom arm inyto a Behringer MIC200 tube-warming mic preamp, through a channel of the Behringer Tube Ultra-Q 2x 4-band parametric, then through a channel of the Behr. Tube Composer (this review), then back through the other EQ and compressor input, and finally through a Radial ProRMP Re-Amper for ground isolation and impedance xfrmation, then into my Orion. A few quick changes take me from rich eSSQ rag-chew mode to pile-up cutting DX settings, and back again. :)
KG6YV Rating: 2008-11-10
Ditto's to the previous reviewer's comments Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
The first person to review this item has done an excellent job so I won't bore you with repetition. This is a fantastic bargain ($150US) and a perfect processor for anyone desiring controllability over their sound. I use a Behringer MC2200 and the T1952 to run two mics/one for my FT-2000 the other into my FT-1000D (with INRAD 2.8kc filters).
And yes, the tube "Warmth" control which alters the bias on the 12AX7's actually makes my two Marshall condenser mics sound warm....Reports from several audio/hackers on 75M confirm this.

One caution, the output of this unit is a bit "hot" for my Yaesu's even using the rear panel microphone jack. No, problem I put a 20db tee-pad into the 1/4" phone plug at the output of the T-1952.

VK2FTNY Rating: 2008-03-08
Low-down on the T1952 Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I will start off by saying im not a sound engineer by any stretch of the imagination,Nor is this a technical or technicians report but purely my experiance with the Behringer Tube composer T1952. I have only been running this piece in my limited audio chain for around 3weeks and with that in mind it has worked and done everything that it should in that time.I will give a 12 month review to report any annoyances, shortcomings or reliability issues in due course.

The main reason i purchased this rack composer is simple,I run a Yaesu Ft-2000 and Icom Ic-756 proiii and thought it time i had a go at high-end audio.My rack is only very limited consisting of a Behringer 1202fx mixer and the tube composer T1952,I was very happy with the mixer performance.I only intended to use the onboard Eq's and mic preamps to enhance the audio characteristics with the added benefit of onboard effects.And thats where things sat for a while till i got the urge for that awesome full feeling audio that only tubes can provide.

And thats where the Tube composer T1952 comes in,As in bang for buck there is no better buy.For starters the unit contains an expander/gate,compressor with limiter and then those tubes.Yes real tubes x2,with a controllable warmth and limit control for 2 channels or in stereo mode if that takes ur fancy.The expander/gate is fully adjustable and will take some sorting,threshold, ratio and slow/fast release times are all fully adjustable.I will tell you now the trick is to work with low thresholds and ratios or the noise gate will actually work to enhance background noise by virtually elimantaing all noise in the shack except when you talk and give a big burst of noise when you modulate(not what you want).Take time and you will not be disappointed.The compressor/limiter is an absolute gem,The way in which it has increased my loudness yet still kept that nice wide audio response and cleaness is nothing short of remarkable.Attack, release, ratio and threshold are all fully adjustable.You can even switch between interactive soft knee or hard knee affect,whichever takes your fancy.Then there is the tubes,2x 12ax7 tubes to be precise.Not the best tubes but quite adequate for radio audio.And these can be replaced in time anyway.But for now the price, performance and looks alone are worth the $299.99 australian dollars.

If your into high-end audio and are looking for those features be sure to take a look at the tube composer T1952.I think you will be floored at the savings compared to other models and brands out there.As i said before im not a technician and the review is intended to give a fair review of how this piece of equiptment has worked for me at my location.No studio or egg carton covered walls.Just an everyday shack with the wife and kids in the background.Yes i still have a long way to go in the field of ultimate audio but as for this piece of equiptment doing everything it was designed to do,IT DOES and then some in my eyes anyways.
Regards and 73's
VK2FTNY - Tony