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Reviews For: W6PQL Sequencer Kit

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Review Summary For : W6PQL Sequencer Kit
Reviews: 4MSRP: 20.00
A sequencer is the key to protecting those expensive microwave or other antenna relays from hot-switching (which destroys the contacts). This sequencer will handle up to 4 events; one output is able to sink up to 100v at several amps, and the remaining 3 up to 40v at about 500 ma each.

Typically, one would have the high-capacity port switching the antenna relays, and the others handling amplifier, transverter, or radio switching. The outputs are protected from transient spikes, and the delay is adjustable from a few milliseconds to about one second. LED indicators allow a visual indication of timing on initial set-up.

One additional capability is useful to anyone using a radio that has a transmit inhibit feature (like the FT-897 or FT-817). These radios will hold off RF while an accessory pin is held high. Any of the outputs on this sequencer will do that...the LED feed resistors supply a 12v pull-up potential until pulled low by the sequencer. This not only turns on the LED, it also supplies the required signal for the inhibit feature of the radio. If you have a radio without an inhibit feature, check the work of WA7TZY; he was able to adapt it to his FT736R, which does not have an inhibit feature; he documented his radio modification on this page.
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KD7RDZI2 Rating: 2012-10-01
make you a favor, buy this sequencer Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Don't spend a lot of money for a switch-box. Buy this sequencer and whatever relays. It will safely command them in sequence. Now, I find no use for the Elad Switchbox, not even for a doorstop...
More, Jim is fast and helpful in answering customer support requests.
N0YK Rating: 2011-06-02
Great, Low Cost, Functional Sequencer! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I purchased this from W6PQL in kit form and really enjoyed building it. Even though this is a relatively small kit, it was a great ice breaker for SMT as I've had little experience in this area. Took about an hour to get it all soldered and it worked like a charm. I did find I needed to use a diode in series on each output to keep the small LED from lighting halfway. This is caused from the dead circuit having a low resistance. The diode did isolate the lower voltage from the LED feed which caused the LED's to light.

Overall for anyone who wants a inexpensive sequencer that is easy to build and works just as well as the higher dollar ones, this is a good option. Jim is just great to work with and answers all emails in a timely fashion.
GD0TEP Rating: 2008-11-08
A usful bit of kit for the serious VHFer Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I can only follow on from what Paul has said, the sequencer is a fantastic bit of kit, and for the price, is a real bargain. I have to admit that I was a little worried about the SMD technology, but with the right size iron, and solder, it didn’t take long before I had the kit up and running. The only ‘issue’ if you can call it that, is that I prefer to have my masthead relay/pre-amp powered on receive, this gives the pre-amp some protection is the 12v is lost somehow, plus it leaves the station usable albeit on transceiver on what would have been the transmit line. To sort that out the first event needed to be normally closed rather than open, a quick email to Jim resulted in an ‘add on’ the would suit. Apart from that, I can safely say that this is one item I can say is well worth the money…
G4DCV Rating: 2008-04-25
Excellent sequencer kit Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Having blown up a HEMT during a recent 70cms contest I decided I ought to sort out the station sequencing properly and ordered two of these kits from Jim W6PQL, one for my 2m station and one to fit inside my FT736R for 70 and 23cms.

At the price Jim sells these sequencers it really wasn't worth my while gathering together the parts to roll my own. This kit is excellent value for money and does exactly what it says on the tin. You get a nice professional PCB and all the SMD components required. Just add your own box and sockets. Construction should be straightforward for anyone with a little SMD experience, I was able to build mine wearing reading glasses. Both kits I bought worked at switch on and within a couple of hours of the postman dropping the packet through the door one of the sequencers was controlling my 2m preamp, tube linear and IC-746.

Jim is a real VHF/UHF/microwave enthusiast and there are some very interesting projects on his web page. He makes kits and/or parts available for some of the projects. Communication and backup from Jim was second to none, my emails were answered very promptly. It doesn't get better than this.

Paul G4DCV