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Reviews For: Jetstream Wattmeter JTWVUHF

Category: SWR & Wattmeters & Dummy Loads

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Review Summary For : Jetstream Wattmeter JTWVUHF
Reviews: 4MSRP: 120.00 typical street price
Frequency range: 2 ports, 1.8-160 and 140-525 MHz
Input impedance: 50 ohms
Power scales: 5, 20, 200 and 400 watts
Minimum input power: .5 watt
Connector: Four SO239
Input power: 12VDC for back light
Product is in production
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VK5OHR Rating: 2016-07-23
Same internals as Avair AV 600 Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This unit has the same internals as the Avair AV 600 and is confirmed by looking at the meter face and reading 'made by Avair' printed for all to see...
...and works just as well. I would like to thank the previous bad reviews for keeping the price of this great unit as low as possible for us that want a very versitle unit without having to fork out the big bucks. Your faux pain is our gain...
Rated to 400W it can accurately handle SWR/power readings from 0.250W all the way up to the peak. The controls might not be the chrome bling of Diamond's or Avair's but who cares!
These units come in a multitude of knock off branded cases but if you can read 'made by Avair' on the dial then they perform just as accurately as the super expensive Diamond SX 600. A quality buld with accurate readings at a cheap price, you won't be dissapointed with this keeper.
AA2HA Rating: 2013-10-16
Worst meter EVER! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I purchased this meter not expecting much, but I definitely expected too much. I received the meter, did a quick test, and put in back in it's box. On the day I really needed the meter (tuning 3 antennas for my tower) a few months later, it was so erratic and I mean erretic, that I was not even all. I opened it up, re-soldered all connections and still had wide swings of the meter readings. Just touching any of the switched on the meter, would give a reading (depending on how much pressure I used) from zero to full scale. Just moving my hand over the meter changed the readings! I opened it up again and tried cleaning the luck.
Luckily there was a 5 pound hammer withing a few feet of where I was testing. Now all SWR readings are "flat" :)
KM3F Rating: 2012-06-11
Good for the cost, frequency and power coverage Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I'm sorry to see the last post as having poor experience with this unit.
They do have to be calibrated in the CAL position then switched to SWR either in the forward or reflected position to read the SWR.
These units are a copy of a Diamond with the extra power handling and switch on the rear panel.
I find my unit to be very good into a flat load at all frequencies and at 432mhz.
The Peak reading function is also very good for hold time.
I wanted one with the extra power metering as there are few that fit that use.
K9MHM Rating: 2011-02-11
JUNK!!!! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought one over a year ago and it sits on my shelf now not being used I used it 2 times and I tell u what my Yaesu YS-60 and YS-500 are a heck of lot better then then it. I was going to get rid of my Yaesu and just have one to do it all on my Yaesu FT-736R but after tring that out I allmost sent it back but I forgot to and there it sits $138 worth. I had talked to meany dealers and some of them are going to stop selling there stuff cause its made cheap was going to buy the triband antenna but I seen the review and talking to a dealer at a hamfaest hed didnt want to sell me the last one he had he said Id be better off spening more money for a Comet then to put this up thats sad when a dealer tells you that. The swr was way off I know with my Yaesu and my Radio Shack they were neck to neck on swr but when I got the Jet Strean it showed high swr checked to make sure I had it hooked up right I did then I went back to the Yaesu one and they stayed the same as allways. I was going to buy a Jet Stream 220 rig tell I seen the reviews about That I will pay the xtra #25 and lose the 25 watts to get a Alinkco 220 before I buy this one