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Reviews For: BALUN DESIGNS Dual Core 4:1 Current Balun 5kw Teflon #4115

Category: Antenna parts, accessories, incl. baluns, hardware, etc.

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Review Summary For : BALUN DESIGNS Dual Core 4:1 Current Balun 5kw Teflon #4115
Reviews: 17MSRP: 97.95
For the ham that wants the ultimate 4:1 current balun, this new dual core design fills the need! This is a balun originally designed by Guanella and subsequently improved by Dr. Jerry Sevick (W2FMI). By utilizing Thermaleze wire inserted in teflon tubes, Dr. Sevick was able to substantially increase the breakdown voltage between both conductors and windings while improving the overall input impedance. Building the balun with two separately wound cores (one for each conductor) creates 5kw of total power handling (10kw PEP) and greatly increases the inductive reactance.

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WD4ELG Rating: 2016-07-16
K5ACL nailed it Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I had the EXACT same experience as K5ACL. Plus, I had RF in the shack on 80 meters. Then I did some research and learned the difference between voltage baluns (like Buckmaster) and current baluns (like Balun Designs). So I bought the balun and built my own OCF. Voila! No more RF in the shack, because no more RF on the coax, because the Balun Designs model keeps the RF off the coax (a CURRENT BALUN!). While the Buckmaster is top-tier quality parts (see my review on eham), my needs are best met by a current balun. Plus, I am learning by building my own. Thanks, Balun Designs!!
K5ACL Rating: 2016-07-15
Eat your heart out Buckmaster Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I recently started having issues with a Buckmaster that was less than 3 months old. The SWR went high on 2 bands but was ok on the other 2, so I was told that it was most likely interacting with its surroundings. Still didn't explain why it was working just fine, but alas, I had no way to check inside the balun to see if there were any loose connections, or damage. I get that sealing the balun provides weather protection, but weather protection can still be provided and you can have access to check the innards with this balun as opposed to the Buckmaster.

I heard about this particular balun from Balun Designs, and that guys that have had their OCF's close to their house have had really good luck with it. Well, it hasn't disappointed. I've got about 46' on the short leg, and about 91' on the other. SWR is a tad high on 80, but I think it's because of how I have the legs routed in a very narrow inverted V type design. So far i've been able to work 80/40/20/17/12/10/6 with this antenna, and can usually work 30 with the tuner. I used regular ole' copper wire from the big box store, nothing fancy. I have it mounted to a metal j pole mast on top of a two story home.

Please see my review and post regarding this balun & ocf I built:

Excellent product & excellent craftsmanship Balun Designs!
KB3FFH Rating: 2015-05-08
IT WORKS Time Owned: more than 12 months.
It does a great job for me. I have mine up 40' with 90' and 45' legs. I can work anyone I hear. 80,40,20,10, my LDG tuner might click once or twice to go below 1.5 but it is not needed for the above bands. Open it up and look at it, it is built with quality. Also great company to work with. I had a few questions and they were glad to help. Would buy from them again.
K9SRV Rating: 2012-06-13
Quality and ALL the phone support you need! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I won't re-hash all the other 5.0 reviews.
I bought the newer 4114 balun. This is designed for OCFDs that may run closer to trees, houses etc. than you would like,and it helps to keep interaction to a minimum.

Bob answers his phone on the first or second ring and will spend whatever time you need. You will never feel rushed or pushed, just given solid and proven info. Nuff said.
KK4DZE Rating: 2012-02-29
Success Finally Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I could bore you with a long story about how I have tried so many dipole antenna configurations that didn't work, but I won't. I finally constructed the off-center dipole shown on Balun Design's website. I then purchased his 4115ocf 4:1 balun from Bob.

I have disconnected my MFJ antenna tuner and I use new the antenna without it. I have the following SWR readings. 75m, 2.5; 40m, 1.01; 20m 1.4; 15m, 2.25;12m, 1.3. I am very happy with the results, and I am getting good signal reports.
LA2RRA Rating: 2012-01-14
No more rfi !!!! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have killed usb ports in my pc.But putting in ofc balun 4115 ontop my glassfiber mast at appx 12 meters no more problems. I also put in 1:1 balun at 6,7 meters down on my coax..superb.
I run easy 700w on this superb baluns :-) withouth any problems any more.
I realy recomand this baluns.
My home made carolina windom is 15,24 m x 25,30 m and 1 : 1 balun at 6,7 m down at coax.
Yes i know there are 1:1 isolation on top inside 4115 but i like to have dobble isolation.
Now im writing this rewiew i hear usa on my new very happy.
Lars M in Norway
VK4TUX Rating: 2011-09-26
Excellent Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I use one on a 41.5m (27.5/14m) ocf dipole for all of my HF activity. This balun leaves the others for dead, and really is in it's own league at the peak of possible performance.

The radiation current is in the antenna legs where it belongs, and not in the feedline, which provides optimum ocfd performance in my opinion and experience, having tried carolina style setups & variations etc..

Because the so-239 in mounted from within you need to be careful on the length of the plug collar as it may well seat on the plastic bottom before the core is seated properly and firm. I trimmed mine 1/8" with a cutoff wheel (angle grinder), and that worked out very well.

Wise to check the side lug connection (I crimp and solder wire to lugs) nuts are tight again before the antenna goes up as well, as these can be inadvertently loosened during antenna setup on the ground.

Adrian ... vk4tux
VE7ZN Rating: 2011-03-27
Excellent Product Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Good build quality, solid performance. Pretty much eliminated my RFI issues. Had used a combination of beads and toroid CM chokes but still had some problems on some bands, especially when QRO. Bob is a terrific guy to do business with and I highly recommend his company.
K4GNO Rating: 2010-11-16
WONDERFUL PRODUCT Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
K5BJM Rating: 2009-11-04
GREAT BALUN Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
It is nice to see Quality Made in USA!! One of the best baluns I have ever seen or used!