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Reviews For: COLLINS REBUILDERS - Collins S-line Repair by K2LRC

Category: Amateur Radio Equipment Repair

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Review Summary For : COLLINS REBUILDERS - Collins S-line Repair by K2LRC
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We repair and repaint Collins S-line radios with many years of experience with over 40 years as an active

Our services include complete Laboratory testing of all the gear using HP and Bird equipment. We use
all original documentation and maintain a stock of parts and an excellent selection of replacement tubes.
This is now a full time operation now located in Penryn CA.

See the web site for more details and contact information.

Product is in production
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W4FMS Rating: 2019-11-06
Highly Recommend Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I often try to repair much of my own equipment, but my late model KWM-2A had numerous problems that I just wasn't able to solve. After many years having this rig sitting around, Peter fixed all of the issues. This KMW-2A now operates like a new radio. Very nice work and I would highly recommend Peter for any of your Collins repairs. He did just an outstanding job and am very pleased.
W6BRY Rating: 2019-08-29
Great service from Peter K2LRC Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I recently bought my dream station, a complete S-line S-3 setup, but had some problems getting it working. Peter was very helpful in getting the bugs worked out. I would definitely recommend taking your Collins gear to Peter as he is very knowledgeable on these vintage radios.
K6SAD Rating: 2019-08-27
Don't See How He Received all Good Reviews Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I read the reviews on K2LRC. I know he did take a fall and had some Neurologic problems that he was being treated for. He was going to come to my QTH and pick up a KWM2A. But something kept coming up. I finally sent it to him. He kept sending me things like the KWM2A was doing things that he had never seen before, and then the I.F. was oscillating and that would be a Hard Fix. After supposedly working on it for 10 hours he was unable to fix it. I was out the shipping, parts he did put in it and wasted time. I asked him if he knew about the Modern Test Equipment like Signal Generators and Frequency Counters to able to track down problems. When he sent it back, he did not even tape the box well and it was coming apart.
If he was ever a Real Technician, and not just someone that went through routine things and then Trial and Error. He certainly is not now.
I would suggest that you do not waste your time and money sending anything to K2LRC for repair.
AB2CF Rating: 2019-06-02
The tech for all my S-Lines Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Like many of us, I’ve wanted Collins gear for years. It was just beyond my budget. Until recently. I’ve upgraded several times from a 75S-3B to 3C, from a 32S-3 to a 3A, from WE to RE.
These radios deserve some TLC and Peter Wittenberg was the man to take them to.
He has worked on 3 of my 75S-3B or C’s, a couple 32S3’s, two 30L-1’s.
All the gear got the care and alignment necessary from Peter. He is a wealth of experience and knowledge.
After coveting this gear for a quarter century before owning it, I will take my grey boxes to no one else. The gear deserves the best and Peter brings the radios back to spec.
His turn around time is good and prices fair. I’ll be dropping off some more gear in the near future.
K5ZSI Rating: 2019-02-28
Completely satisfied with Collins Rebuilders. Time Owned: N.A.
For some years, my Collins 32S-3 transmitter hummed right along, perfectly normal during tune-up and with full power output on all five HF non-Warc bands. Then recently, it began misbehaving. First, the meter needle started fluttering in the grid position. Then grid drive began to drop until there was none at all and no power out. Finally, in a flash, the two 6146 PA tubes blew.

Now, I'm no technician, but I'm not a raw novice either. I knew I didn't have time to troubleshoot the rig, so I called Peter Wittenberg of Collins Rebuilders and described the symptoms to him. He invited me to send the rig to him. Not counting shipping time, it took only a few days for Peter to diagnose and correct the problem. Soon my beloved 32S-3 was back in its place on my operating table. I was amazed at how fast and good Peter is in repairing Collins equipment and boxing radios up for safe return trips home. I really shouldn't have been surprised though. Just look at these reviews! They're all 5/5!

Thanks Peter! I most highly recommend you--without exception.
K6CTW Rating: 2019-01-28
Awesome Service & Quality Work Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Peter did a superb job with a KWM-2A, it operates perfectly on all bands and modes. It also looks like it is new inside. I cannot recommend his craftsmanship highly enough. The other aspect to service is communications, and in this area, Peter is once again at the top of my list.
When I finally get to a place where I can run an amp I'll be either taking it for check-out and repair to Peter first, or buying one of the ones he has already serviced and are on his shelves.
Short version - If it's Collins Call Peter 1st!
AC7XH Rating: 2018-10-14
collins kwm2 Time Owned: more than 12 months.
We have used k2lrc on and off for a couple of years now. This man is pure genius when it comes to any Collins S-line repair . He is easy to work with and unlike many, he returns your equipment pretty quickly. He is not the cheapest but he is one of the best in the business and if you need your Collins repaired you would not ever go wrong using his service
AIRATOMIC Rating: 2018-07-31
Collins 75S-2B Major Repair & Restoration Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I sent Pete/K2LRC at COLLINS REBUILDERS a basket case Collins 75S-2B receiver that was apparently hit by lightning. Pete did a near total rebuild and tuned it to factory specs. It came close to being a parts radio, but now it’s a top-quality fine specimen of a Collins receiver. It took a few weeks from start to finish, wasn't cheap, but the radio required a lot of bench time and required a lot of specialized expertise to get back from the dead. Very happy with the work, and recommend Pete's services. I rather listen to my Collins now than anything else I own.
KA9DZR Rating: 2018-06-10
s-line service Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
K2LRC Pete did a good job on serviing my S-Line 32S/753 repair an working better then when i first got the S-Line fast service an on time got good reports on the air thank you Pete ka9dzr Dennis
W6TLD Rating: 2018-05-31
Collins 75S-SC Repair/Restore Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Peter/K2RLC is a great and very professional for Colins radio repair/restore service.
I brought one of my receivers, (75S-3C) which I purchased at one of the auction sites for check/repair.
It took him just a few moments to identify the parts to repair.After 2 weeks of restore work, the radio is now working as well as the other most modern DSP rigs....

Thanks, Peter.