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Review Summary For : RUMLog for MAC OS X
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RUMLog is a short-wave logging and QSL handling/printing tool
Product is in production
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KD1JT Rating: 2021-01-02
Was happy ... until today! And happy again! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Edit - OK, so mea culpa. Evidently the program defaults to loading and listing only contacts for the current year (2021). Well that explained a lot! Set it to all QSOs and voila! It's a reasonable feature for reducing loading times when one has thousands of Q's. I wasn't the only one "bit" by this feature today.

Went to add a number of SKN contacts today, and when I opened my "general log" it was empty. It should have had 100's of Q's. So I check my other logs (thousands of Q's), and yep, all are empty. Looking at the actual files, they appear to contain data. So, I use a backup from a week ago (when it worked). No joy. Still empty. It's not the data files, it's the program, I fear.
AA4XE Rating: 2014-12-17
Not for me Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Note this review reflects my experience with Rumlog, and is most likely the result of something I did wrong.

I did, however, spend ALL day working with it. problems were I could not interface with my radio (Omni VII), although it works with FLDIGI, and could not make the interface with my LOTW work either. Maybe more effort would have fixed these problems, but strange things began happening with my Yosemite OS X; These would go away after a restart, but reinstate themselves again. For example, the "Finder" would leave out most selection choices - including applications which still worked, and the Launchpad would only show 1 page out of two.

Just got disillusioned, and gave it up.
ON5PDV Rating: 2014-08-18
As good as it gets !! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have been looking for a good mac 'OS X native' logging program, and found exactly what I need with RUMLog. Since I use it, I have increased my DXCC worked entities significantly, as the DX Cluster nicely displays what has been worked already (or on what band), and what hasn't. I really like the real-time upload to Clublog ; it gives the other station immediate comfort that his/her call is 'in the log' correctly. The integration with my FTdx3000 (through the USB port) works flawless. This is really a great program written by somebody who understands the functional needs of such an application : a HAM ! Thanks Tom for providing such a good program to the community.
K3DCW Rating: 2014-07-26
Still the best Time Owned: more than 12 months.
It has been nearly two years since my last review of RUMlog, and I wanted to update it a bit.

Now at version 5.3.8, RUMlog continues to perform perfectly as my day-to-day logger on OS X. LoTW and eQSL support is smooth and easy to setup. RUMlog's support for ClubLog is outstanding as well. Support for my K3 is unmatched on the OS X platform, with RUMlog providing support for all features of the K3 through a dedicated K3 control screen as well as using the K3 keyer to send CW. Finally, RUMlog continues to provide the best integration with Fldigi available on OS X. Full support for Fldigi's XML-RPC protocol allows RUMlog and Fldigi to share frequency/call/mode information and RUMlog's auto-import of the Fldigi logs means that your digital mode QSOs can be logged in Fldigi without having to manually log them in RUMlog as well. This is worth $$$ for me, but fortunately RUMlog is still free!

Written by a DXer for DXers, RUMlog continues to meet and exceed all of my expectations and I recommend it to any serious DXer on OS X.
N3PPH Rating: 2013-11-16
Best Mac Logging Program Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I had been a DXLab user for a long time and was really attached to it. When I first made the move to Mac I ran Parallels so I could keep DXLabs. Once I got comfortable with the Mac I started searching for native logging programs. Even though there are not many there are still choices. I tried everything google pointed me to including Rumlog. Once I got going with Rumlog I stopped booting Parallels and have not looked back. I have found a few features in Rumlog I prefer over DXLabs. Tom responds very quickly in his forums and actually listens to what users want and does it. If your have a Mac you should really give Rumlog a try before spending money on a software with less features.
K7RAN Rating: 2013-06-17
Best logging program on any platform Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Between RUMLog on the Mac, and RUMLog 2Go on the iPad, I have the best of all worlds. As an example, the implementation of the band map is so much more visually usable than the one used within any other logging program I've seen, including Ham Radio Deluxe on Windows. The author's support is unsurpassed as well.
AA5SH Rating: 2012-12-01
Great app and support Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Have really been enjoying it on my iMac. Been slowly transitioning my ham radio usage from windows to mac. The more I use it the more I like it. Still learning but so far it has done all I needed.
SV1HFY Rating: 2012-05-29
For DXers by a DXer Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
It is not Windows DXLab yet but still definitely the best most accurate and functional logging software for your Mac shack even if it is compared to other pricy software such as MacLoggerDX. That pretty much makes it the "DXlab" of Macs so far. Besides cocoaModem it also works equally well with fldigi so it is pretty flexible. Tom is a respectful listener and a DXer.
K6LE Rating: 2011-09-20
Annual Update Review Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Since Tom has been busy making improvements in RUMlog I decided to do another update.

Some of the improvements are:

LoTW integration, Now that I have figured out how to set up the "LoTW TQ8 out …" menu I now have one click LoTW upload as well as download.

In the LoTW download window which indicates new bands, modes, grids (6 and up) and new entities at a glance you can now click on a call and go directly to that QSO.

Cluster Table View, you no longer have to see the same DX station spotted on the same frequency over and over. The new Table View only shows the latest spot for a station on a frequency. Mousing over a spot shows a pop up with the accumulated notes. Also Table View can be sorted by any column and indicates the time since the spot was made.

Now when you click on a DXCC entity in the status window it will display all QSO's with that entity. Great for seeing if you have worked that one this year for Marathon. The status window is still the best I have seen for immediately showing modes and bands worked and wether they are confirmed on paper or LoTW.

An LoTW and eQSL data base has been incorporated so that when you look up a call you know if he is an LoTW or eQSL member. Also LoTW members are indicated on the spot page.

Color coding of mode, band and entities on the Table View window is my constant co-pilot for what's being reported.

Reports have been added to give you a summary of:
US States
German DOK's
French Departments
Russian Districts (RDA)
Italian Provinces (WAIP)
IOTA list and
Grid Square list

Tom continues to respond and act on suggestions at an amazing pace!
N1TX Rating: 2010-12-31
Mac Lover's Delight Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I've been using RUMlog on and off for over a year. It is NOT my primary logbook, but I use it for award tracking sanity checks or to review entries when I'm away from the Windows XP machines in the shack. I do not use the other features in the program, although I'm encouraged by the support for Microham/WinKeyer.I plan to test that soon.

This is a wonderfully simple-to-use but reasonably powerful set of tools for the casual DXer or ragchewer. I manage the KL2R contest log with over 25k contacts, and I find it doesn't meet all my needs. I primarily use DXLab Suite running on Windows XP for complex tasks.

Even with tens of thousands of entries in my logbook, RUMlog is quite zippy running on a dated Macbook using Snow Leopard. The interface is clean and well-designed. Help is fairly comprehensive. I wouldn't hesitate to use RUMlog in a Mac shack.