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Reviews For: Yaesu FTdx-9000 (PEP-9000 enhanced version) AKA Mark 2

Category: Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - non QRP <5W

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Review Summary For : Yaesu FTdx-9000 (PEP-9000 enhanced version) AKA Mark 2
Reviews: 57MSRP: 5000-11000
After 10/28/08, Yaesu released its PEP-9000 enhancement program for all FTdx-9000 radios. This includes all new firmware and replacement/modification of CNTL-UNIT, TX-UNIT, DSP-UNIT, SCP-UNIT, RX-1-UNIT, RX-2-UNIT (D/MP), Power Meter. Conversion is free to previous owners. Enhanced model reviews should be posted here.
Product is in production
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KB3MLC Rating: 2023-03-06
Top of the Line Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
While I personally feel that the FTdx-5000’s ability to pull deep, clouded signals out of the noise is superior, all other aspects of transceiver performance are mastered by the extremely capable FTdx-9000. I connected an external monitor to my 9000, and the functionality is unmatched with every computerized accessory function you could ask for.
I regularly break through pile-ups with complimentary remarks regarding my signal and my audio. My 9000 is an “MP,” which means I benefit from 400 watts “barefoot,” unlike the other (200W) versions of the 9000. (In truth, I only get 400 watts when transmitting on AM. On SSB, I normally see between 325 and 350, depending on the band.)
It’s extremely ergonomic. Everything on the front panel is very logically positioned once you’ve used the radio
A bit. It’s also an easily learned radio after only a few hours of operating time.
My 9000 is connected to an HFedz 6-80 OCF dipole at about 15m off the ground, and it tunes the multiband antenna beautifully.
The MP version of the 9000 has an external power supply, unlike the others, which altogether weighs about 80 pounds. It’s an absolute Cadillac and is best provided for by a 20-amp receptacle. While I purchased mine for a little over $6k in 2022, they’re now unbelievably expensive - and relatively rare. If you can find a well-cared-for example, jump on it.
The only real issue I’ve encountered is finding a 9000MP manual. When I bought my 9000, the manual was missing. Due to the 9000MP’s rarity, finding a user’s manual was difficult and required a good bit of searching.
It’s reliable, attractive, and performs wonderfully.
I cannot say enough about the FTdx-9000 - and from me it receives as many stars as I can give it.
IU0FEB Rating: 2023-01-11
the best ever Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have this FTDX9000MP since March 2014 , i also own an FTDX101MP, there is no doubt: except than the dnr ( in 101 is better) there is nothing to say that 9k is the best, 101 is a nice Gameboy colour, but the old beast is THE RIG. I will not add other reasons such vctune in 101 is a toy and micro tuners are a masterpiece of art, or the xlr connector i have in 9k etc... everybody who operates in Ham bands Knows the difference between a 9k and the rest of all the rigs in the world
AB4D Rating: 2022-07-22
A beautiful radio but is showing its age Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
As an update to my review, I sold the FTDX-9000 in 2017, as the Kenwood TS-990S had become the clear top performer in my station. Nevertheless, I still appreciated the pinnacle of quality the FTDX-9000 series represents, and wanted to own one again. I noticed in 2020, that a well known dealer was still advertising new FTDX-9000mp's for sale on their website. I made the purchase. However, to cut a long story short, the transceiver received from Yaesu had issues, and an amicable and timely resolution could not be reached, so it was returned. Overall, I would say that from a hardware standpoint, the FTDX-9000 is still the absolute very best ever produced by Yaesu. However, receiver performance has been surpassed by later models, such as the FTDX-5000, and the FTDX-101 series.

There have been a lot of reviews stating the positive attributes of FTDX-9000. There is no need for me to repeat all of the positive comments that have already been posted. I own a FTDX-9000MP (400 watt) version, with the U-tune units. I did not opt for the built in screen, because I thought it sacrificed too much real estate on the front panel. From an operational stand point, you gain nothing from having the front panel mounted TFT if you use an external monitor. Rather, if you have the TFT, it compresses the front panel with more small knobs on an already crowded front panel.

I've owned this one for about 8 months, purchased new. In comparison, I have also owned or own the following rigs as well, Icom IC-7700, Yaesu FT-1000D/MP/MKV, Kenwood TS-990S, FTdx3000D, Flex 5000a. In relation to fit and finish, I feel the FTDX 9000 is more akin to the FT-1000D rather than its predecessors, the FT-1000MP and FT-1000MP MARK-V. My primary operation is Dxing/chasing rare ones, and rag chewing on SSB. It's that type of operation that forms the basis of my comments. My main focus has always been to pursue the best equipment that will put weak stations in the log. As they say, you can't work them if you can't hear them!

I've always liked big radios in my home station, and the FTDX-9000 is no exception. It dwarfs nearly all other radios, except maybe the Kenwood TS-990 and the Icom IC-7700/7800. The quad meters and large frequency display are unique to the Yaesu (if you don't have the built in screen) and they provide a good deal of real time information to the user. I found the front panel's layout to be very user friendly in the heat of chasing a rare one, and the quality of the hardware is unsurpassed on any radio I have seen or used. Setting up split frequency on the fly while chasing rare ones is a snap.

For comparison, I had the FTDX 9000 and Icom IC-7700 in my station at the same time. I performed extensive on air testing, and I could not really detect any significant difference in receiver and DSP performance between the two radios. The major operational differences is the IC-7700 could handle digital modes as a stand alone unit, and the transmit audio tailoring scheme in the IC-7700 seems to be easier to setup than the FTDX 9000 (Treble/Bass vs. Three band parametric EQ). However, the FTDX-9000 offered several advantages with the DMU and the U tune units, without considering the identical second receiver in the 9000 as well. I did not see any real technical advantage to retain the IC-7700 in my station, as it did not hear weak signal DX stations any better than the FTDX-9000.

Nevertheless, the FTDX-9000 is not perfect. I've experienced significant difficulty trying to obtain satisfactory transmit audio from the FTDX-9000 using the built in EQ. To be completely honest, other amateurs I work regularly on the air continue to tell me that my transmit on a FT-1000MP MARK V sounds much better than the FTDX-9000. I've spent a lot of time trying to tailor the audio on the FTDX-9000, and have been unable to duplicate the transmit audio present in the MARK V. In the advertising literature from Yaesu, it states that DX stations will stop by and say “ Wow OM your audio sounds great.” However, I've yet to hear those comments while using the FTDX9000MP, but I have received those unsolicited comments while using the MARK V.

The FTDX-9000 has surpassed all of my older transceivers in performance for reception of weak signal DX stations and rejection during crowded band conditions. I've recently compared the FTDX-9000 against a FTDX-3000 and a Kenwood TS-990S. The receiver performance between the FTDX-9000 and the FTDX-3000 is very close in performance. However, operationally the FTDX-9000 greatly surpasses the FTDX-3000. The Kenwood TS-990S is a newer radio and my experience reflects that the DSP is better in that rig for assisting the operator to pull out weak DX stations. The TS-990S simply hears stations I cannot copy on the FTDX-9000MP. One of the other issues I have with the FTDX-9000MP is the slow data rate. I use HRD 6.2 for my logging and the FTDX-9000MP does have some latency issues when using that program. In comparison, data flow between the the TS-990S and HRD 6.2 is instantaneous.

Overall, the FTDX-9000 is a very beautiful and impressive transceiver, one of the best I've used. Some individuals have indicated that the u-tune units don't seem to do anything, but I've found they do help in certain situations. More than once, I've used them to suppress overly wide stations that were interfering with my receive on SSB.

I am somewhat disappointed in Yaesu's comparatively lack of interest in adding additional features to the FTDX-9000MP platform. Recently, Icom added additional functionality for owners of the IC-7700 and IC-7800 with a firmware update. However, Yaesu's latest firmware update in March 2014 was to only fix a few operation bugs. I suppose owners of the FTDX-9000MP can only hold out hope, that maybe one day Yaesu may release an update to add additional features that are comparative to other top of the line transceivers.
K5INI Rating: 2022-07-09
Doesn't get any better than this Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Have had this for several years and it is my go to transceiver. 200 watts and dual receivers. I can listen and use each to transmit with the touch of the button. If you can find one of these, get it. Since I first rated this radio listing, I have gotten my 2nd one for my shop.
KE4AMQ Rating: 2021-12-02
A great hf rig Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Well I think I have owned every rig known to man in my ham radio life. But this ftdx9000d has got to be the best thing since sliced bread. There are so many features I dont think I will every learn them, but what the hell .
VK2SR Rating: 2020-10-24
BRILLIANT! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This is the rig to die for in the Big Radio League! Wonderful big knobs, silky smooth large VFO Dial, sweet meter movements, big frequency readout with the screen where it should be, over on the Right hand side and not dominating the front panel. An easy 200 Watts PEP and an honest tight receiver with excellent AGC action to help keep the Lids out of my passband. A joy to look at and operate even though it is a dated design. The second receiver is very useful and the menu system is set and forget! A heavy radio at 40KG. Amazing classic SSB transmit audio with grunt in the mids and shimmering highs all at 2.4 khz TX BW! This Sweetheart of radios has superb ergonomics and is all Class! A true SO2R rig! Now if Yaesu could put the FTDX 101D receivers in her with the latest DSP from the FTDX 101D and update the DMU and leave the front panel unchanged we could have an FTDX10000D,,, How good would that be!
KB6HRT Rating: 2020-07-05
The BEST for this HAM! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Oct 2014 brough a 9000D, sold it for med reasons in 2016. About a week ago found an brought a used 9000MP. FUN is back in this HAMs life, what I like about the FTDX9000MP is EVERYTHING, Tuneble load rec audio, 400w output, very quite receive, this radio hears weak signals well, BIG KNOBS, easy to tune, good audio using a stock mic, but not quite as good as the ICOM 7300 but have lots of complements on this radios audio, ( you sound great) (or sounds just like you in person only loader) A 9000 is a big radio, think its the biggest radio
I have owned, transmit an receive are clean, don't have to use headphone with this radio, the receive audio is so natural sounding will be 80 the next birthday, hearing is not anything like it was when I was a younger HAM. So HAPPY found another 9000 WILL not shot myself in the foot again, Looked at the FTdx101D played with it at HRO 3 different times, something in side me said NO an it did not make my little HEART beat fast an make me HAPPY on the inside like this baby does ........73s......kb6hrt

Earlier 5-star review posted by KB6HRT on 2014-10-07

Been sitting on the fence since 2012, got the 9000D yesterday but have been preparing for it for 2 years, Have a 5000 have liked that radio. If one is a seasoned Yeasu radio operator so much the better, This radio can be tuned by the operator an get results, live in SC AZ, was listening to 1s, 2s & 3s mobiles check-in to nets on the East Coast on 40m & 75m early this morning, the radio average's signals better than all the past radios I have used, is a pleasure to use an operate. I kept checking to see if Yaesu was going to come out with a new top end radio, think I know why they have not, they don't need to. If you can't make this baby do what you want it to, read your manuals I'm sure you will find a way to, neatest radio I have had the pleasure to operate. the 3 filters that you buy extra on other models come standard on the D and boy they work for the extra resolution needed to pull out weak signals......kb6hrt
IK2CNC Rating: 2020-01-30
Outstanding radio Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I've dreamed this radio for years, finally this year I got the founds and the good occasion and I bought it!
The radio does what you can expect, I think also more.
I use with Ameritron AL1200 using class A mode and my signal is very pure (watched at SA).
Finally the radio is a rock of technology!

Carlo IK2CNC

After some month of use I'm still impressed about this radio. I've paired it with a VL-1000 Quadra. I created a race horse! I drive the Quadra using the 9000D in A class the pureness is absolutely outstanding.
Congratulation to Yaesu designers!

Carlo IK2CNC
IZ2BVC Rating: 2020-01-20
The radio as big as an aircraft carrier Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
In October 2019 I found a beautiful specimen of the FT 9000D at an Italian dealer.
I sold my FT 5000 that I had for 8 years, for this magnificent radio.
After 3 months, I must say that I have not regretted it at all.
I use the radio mainly in contests, in SSB, CW and RTTY, and I must say that it is really great.
When there is a very crowded band, the preselector allows for a quieter reception, attenuating the very strong signals that are in the band, in order to have a quiet and pleasant reception.
After many hours of operation in the contest, it does not heat up, and allows you to transmit for whole days, even with multi-operator stations.
I'm really happy
VE3PTC Rating: 2018-09-12
excellent radio Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
despite only owning for about 6 weeks, i can say im very impressed with the performance of this radio.
i have the barebones contest version, but its certainly not lacking!
going thru the menu items, especially setting tx and rx parameters, can be time consuming, but well worth it.
it brings a big smile to my face each time i step into the shack and switch it on!
it shares primo spot, along side another great radio ,my 1000mp.