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Reviews For: Jetstream JTPS14BCM

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Review Summary For : Jetstream JTPS14BCM
Reviews: 7MSRP: $59
14 amp power supply, with battery backup capability.
Product is in production
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KB8ASO Rating: 2015-01-25
Works well, but needs fan, resistor & cap upgrade. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have owned this power supply for several years and it has been operating 24/7 during that time.
It has performed well with the following exceptions:

After 3-4 years of use the fan's sleeve bearing failed and was making a lot of noise. It was not allowing the the fan to cool the power supply as the fan was slowing down. I replaced the original sleeve bearing fan with a fan that uses ball bearings both front and back.

The next failure was of the lamps illuminating the panel meters. I replaced them with LED's. I needed to remove the regulator board to access the lamps and found 680 ohm resistor was undersized (¼ watt) and overheating. It had gotten so hot as to burn off the resistors color code and paint. It had lightly charred the PC board. Luckily the resistors value was marked on the PC board. I checked the resistor and somehow had not changed value even with such abuse. I replaced it with a ½ watt unit and raised it 1/4” above the PC board to allow better cooling and prevent further charring.

The latest failure was that the power supply would not operate until it was powered off and on several times. Since it was having trouble starting up I suspected at least one bad cap. I tested the larger electrolytic caps on the main PC board with a ESR tester and all tested OK. I then tested the caps on the regulator board and found 3 of the 4 caps were bad. The 1uF @ 50V caps were the worst. One read greater than 99 ohms (the limit of the ESR meter) and the other 98 ohms. The 4.7uF was marginal and the 10uF was OK. All caps on the regulator board were rated @ 105°C, caps on the main board are only rated @ 85°C. None were a quality brand.

In all switching supplies, the quality of the caps is the biggest factor of longevity. A close 2nd is keeping the power supply cool. Both have been an issue with this supply. That being said, the power supply was repairable and the repairs were inexpensive. Was it as reliable as an Astron? NO. But for the benefit of it being very light, taking up little space on the table and it's cost it is a worth while power supply. All switchers require more frequent repair than a similar linear supply. Would I buy it again? Yes.

Randy AB9GO.

From my Nov 16, 2009 review:

No issues and no noise. Fan pulses on when in use. Never gets warm to the touch. Nice unit. I would buy one again. A nice feature is adjustable mounting brackets are supplied to mount your rig to the top of the power supply.

Earlier 5-star review posted by KB8ASO on 2009-11-16

No issues and no noise. Fan pulses on when in use. Never gets warm to the touch. Nice unit. I would buy one again. A nice feature is adjustable mounting brackets are supplied to mount your rig to the top of the power supply.

VE3EGA Rating: 2011-08-18
NOT for Portable/field operation! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I purchased my unit in July in readiness for some Summer operating with my 5W (FT-817ND)radio and MFJ Screwdriver Antenna.

Both radio and antenna were tested in the field before the trip but without the power supply.

The power supply was tested in the shack with the same radio but my outside antenna. All worked fine and I thought I had a perfect and compact portable installation.

Problems: In the field with the above antenna and the power supply, it all but killed ALL Bands with hash, birdies and spurious harmonics!

Sadly, I decided to forget ham-radio for the duration of the (short) trip...

When I got home I duplicated the exact setup in my shack (I should have done this before I left) there was the same crappy noise - switched to an outside antenna GONE! switched to another Power Supply GONE!

Jetstream JTPS14BCM - GONE!

(Replaced with a Alinco DM-330MV - nice and quiet!)


Seems to be fairly well constructed, however definitely NOT recommended by this station for 'portable' operation!
WB9SJZ Rating: 2009-11-16
junk Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I purchased the jtps14b to be the power supply for the jetstream 220 megacycle rig. This power supply is horrible in my opinion. The fan on the supply runs as if it wants to stop as it runs, as it does not maintain a constant speed at all. The supply also does not hold a constant voltage as it started at 13.7 volts and after one week it dropped to 13.4 volts and then to 13.1 volts on the meter on the jetstream 220 radio. The radio also kept shutting off while using this power supply. I put a pyramid power supply on and kept it running for two weeks straight and had NO problems. I sent the jtps14b back to the jetstream company for repair and upon return to me the same problems with no aleviation at all!!! After spending $10 to return it for repairs once, it is not worth it to return it again.
KE5TMU Rating: 2009-10-23
220 Volt issues Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This unit was with me since October, 08 and I was happy with its performance. As per the specification, this unit is 115 or 230 VAC switchable. So I decided to take it with me during my recent visit to a foreign country where residential power supply is 220 Volts AC.

As I don't see any power selection switch outside this unit, I opened it to make sure it will work on 220 Volts. Inside the unit, I found two jumpers connected with a small red wire marked as 110V~. By analyzing the circuit, I realized that I have to remove this jumper before I can connect to 220 Volt. So I did.

Then I connected it to my radio and plugged in to power. The unit as well as my radio came live. After about a minute, I heard a loud explosion (loud enough to scare my neighbor’s dog) from the unit. Still the pilot light was ON and radio started to 'humm'. Before I can switch off the unit, another explosion occurred, which sacred me to death.

I opened it once again and started investigate the source of explosion. The culprits were filter (Electrolytic) capacitors. Both of them were burst open with oily mess. On close examination, I realized that both capacitors were of lower voltage rating. (330uM 200 Volts). As this unit supports 230 Volts, the capacitors should have at least 250Volts rating. This is why it exploded.
So be careful if you are planning to use this unit in 230 Volt environments.
KC5ZRQ Rating: 2009-06-12
A Great Value! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
It is a strong power supply with a relatively small form factor. It has large, easy to read, meters for voltage and amperage. The voltage adjustment has a detent, or notch, at 13.8 volts. A connection for a backup battery is a great addition that I have not seen on a power supply at this low price. I've been using this with FM transceivers and have no radio interference from the power supply. The greatest drawback is the top mounted fan. It is loud. Since the fan is on top, you can't stack any equipment above it that might restrict airflow.
KD8HFM Rating: 2008-12-29
Product has Great Support Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Had mine for 10 months and then it died, contacted R&L where I purchased it and unit was replaced without a hassle. I use this with my 2 meter base rig, the battery backup came in handy after the big wind storm we had here in Ohio from Hurricane "Ike". I am pleased with this power supply and I use it for packet radio almost 24/7.
WD0FIA Rating: 2008-11-11
Great, lightweight, 14 amp supply! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I love these. I've owned two for over a year that have ran 24/7, without a problem. I bought two more for my GO kits, due to the very light weight.