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Reviews For: Presonus TUBEPre

Category: Audio Accessories for Transmitter & Receiver

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Review Summary For : Presonus TUBEPre
Reviews: 3MSRP: 129.95
The TubePRE is the highest quality vacuum tube preamp in its class. Loaded with PreSonus award winning dual servo preamplifier, the TubePre affordably delivers low noise tube warmth for vocals, guitars, bass guitars, synths and sound modules. The TubePre noticeably outperforms preamps in low cost mixers and recording interfaces making it an easy choice for anyone desiring to enhance their recordings with the magic of tubes.

* Award-Winning Dual Servo Tube-Preamp
* Low Price High Performance
* Tube Drive and Gain Control
* -20 dB Pad and Phase Reversal
* +48V Phantom Power
* 80Hz Rumble Filter
* Back-Lit VU Meter
* XLR and ¼” Output
* Great as a Direct Box
XLR Impedance 1.3k Ohms
High Z Impedance 1 Meg Ohm
Panel Controls
Tube Drive 0dB to +20dB
Gain 3dB to +48dB
Phase Reversal
-20 dB Pad
+48V Phantom Power
80Hz Rumble Filter
Blue Backlit VU
XLR Balanced 51 Ohms Impedance
1/4" TRS Unbalanced 51 Ohms Impedance
THD+Noise (Unweighted) 0.05% at 0dB Tube Drive
10% at 30dB Tube Drive
Noise Floor -98dB
Signal To Noise >95dB
Power Supply Rejection >98dB
Amplifier Type Dual-Servo
Power Supply
Type Linear
Input 16VAC/1000mA (factory configured)
Power 16 Watts
Weight 5lbs.
Dimensions 5.5 x 5.5 x 1.75
Mounting Universal Rack Tray Insert
Chassis Steel
Panel Brushed Aluminum
Sides Cast Aluminum
Product is in production
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W6UXB Rating: 2018-01-05
Real Audio Gear Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have only owned my Presonus PRE tube mic amp for a few days but as an audio professional I am quite aware of the Presonus reputation ( I am astounded that hams love Behringer gear, amazing) On receiving this I immediately changed the generic China 12AX7for a genuine Blackburn English Mullard tube (probably worth more than the TUBEPre!) My audio with the most excellent MXL R144 ribbon microphone feeding my DZ kits Sienna is where I really wanted to be.
K6LCS Rating: 2012-04-30
Excellent Mic Preamp Time Owned: more than 12 months.
After researching online about this unit and the various 12AX7 tubes for voice recording, I found an older Tung-Sol tube on Amazon, and swapped it out in the TubePre. My Heil PR40 and HM12 sound great into my 17" MacBook Pro for VOIP, podcasting, and other voice work. PreSonus just introduced "Model 2" in early 2012 - see if it has anything you really need for a preamp. Phantom power - if you need it, phase reverse, a -20db pad switch, an 80Hz rumble filter switch, and backlit VU meter - great feature set at a great price.
TI2TL Rating: 2008-12-04
Very besto for the price Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Well I can honestly say that this small tube preamp performs as a little champ. The most important thing is that it doesn't resent from RFI and I use more than 2KW. One think I do like a lot and is essential for my setup is that it has a Pad (20db I think) and it has the 48V to power the mike. I would recommend this small preamp to anyone using a studio mic.