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Review Summary For : WZ1M - Transformer Rewinding Service
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Newly manufactured and rebuilt transformers for many radios and audio equipment. Custom transformers and rewinding - including power, plate, bias, filament, modulation, output and audio transformers, power supply chokes.

Rewinds are warranted for one year for manufacturing defects.

TRS Transformer Rewinding Service 478 Forest ave. Orono, Maine 04473 Tel: 207-942-5745. Email:

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K5UJ Rating: 2017-10-14
Reasonable fees for good service. Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I've done business with Gary Brown a few times over the years. He has parts for sale and what I have purchased has arrived quickly here and in good shape and as advertised. He doesn't give anything away but isn't greedy--his prices are most reasonable in my opinion.

Recently I was restoring the power supply for my Eldico TR-1 transmitter. The 5 v. filament supply transformer for the 866As had a loud buzz, like a door buzzer. Very annoying. I sent it to Gary and he dipped and baked it and back it came looking great and zero noise now. Sure I could have paid $80 for a can of transformer resin and done the dip and bake in a garage sale toaster oven but Gary did it for $20 postage included, or was it $15? Anyway it was a great deal. Did I mention that in addition to all that he did a hi-pot test and included the data on that too?

Don't think I've ever heard anyone complain about TRS.


KA1NVZ Rating: 2017-10-12
Wrong transformer Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I sent a National 697 power supply to Gary to be be rebuilt and when I got it back the output voltage should have been around 240 volts. Instead it measured 450 volts and was too high to use safely. I contacted Gary about this and he tried to tell me it must be something else. There isn't much to these supplies a 80 rectifier, cap, choke, cap that's it. I believe the wrong transformer was installed in this unit.I would look for another business to rewind your transformer.
NQ5T Rating: 2013-06-13
Excellent service Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Had a TMC GSB-1 power transformer with shorted turns in the HV secondary. Considering a new one is unobtainium, the only options were to kluge some current product into the spot or have the original rewound to preserve the appearance and fit.

Gary provided excellent service at a reasonable price, and the rebuilt transformer looks like it belongs there -- which of course it does!
WA9Z Rating: 2010-08-16
excellent Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Gary rewound a Collins 30S-1 plate/screen iron for me. When it was done, you could not tell it from NOS. Even threw in a few extra windings on the screen secondary. Excellent work for a reasonable price.
N4JHY Rating: 2010-05-11
I had a spare high voltage transformer for my Drake L-4b that I had removed from service due to a winding BUZZ. It sat around for about 6 years, and I decided to send it to Gary with Transformer Rewinding Service the end of April 2010. He tested it, and vacuum dipped it, baked it, and retested it. After I received it back I tested it and voila, buzz is gone, and it is ready to go back into service. I would say his turn around time was 2 weeks, and his prices were most reasonable. All along the way he kept me informed on what was going on with this transformer.

I am most pleased with his service, and would use him again.
W1EUJ Rating: 2009-01-15
Quick, beautiful work. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Found this fellow after finding one of my SB-610 monitor scope had a transformer issue. He had a used and rewound transformer in stock. After a discussion, I chose the rewind, as the materials he uses are better than the original. He says this:

"I use 10 mil nomex paper between the primary and secondary winding. I also vacuum dip these to insure good varnish penatration. (fingers crossed), I have done maybe 8 or 10 of these and so far, not a one has come back."

Gary took a trade in - I send my bad transformer for a discount on a beautiful, better-than-new transformer. It has been working fine in my monitor scope, and I'm not worried about walking away from the operating position with worries of a transformer failure.

Also VERY responsive via email, and will answer any question and discuss his process. Active on the AMFONE.NET site.

Another great supplier on my preferred list.