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Reviews For: Yaesu FTM-10SR

Category: Transceivers: VHF/UHF+ Amateur Base/Mobile (non hand-held)

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Review Summary For : Yaesu FTM-10SR
Reviews: 4MSRP: 279.95
The Yaesu FTM-10SR is a lower power version of the FTM-10R, giving 10 watts on 2 meters and 7 watts on 70 centimetres. It has an aerodynamic and super compact water (IP57) & dust proof main body. It can be mounted right on the bike/boat rain or shine!
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NL7PW Rating: 2011-10-24
Quirky little radio Time Owned: more than 12 months.
It's small, waterproof, and odd. Tedious to program, and program, and program. Pointless too since I have to reset it and lose all memories. It shuts off everytime I try to delete an FM bdxt station from it until I re-enter it. I use it as my mobile with a quarter wave and it does well. Also have the 4-wheeler and ski-doo rigged for DC and antenna. Operation is odd too. It can be learned but it's very counter-intuitive. The good news... You can throw it in a lake. Don't do that; it doesn't float.
W7GK Rating: 2009-10-22
Great little mobile unit. Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Bought the 10SR for my 2005 Harley Heritage. There are not many places you can put a mobile rig on a bike so a rig about the size of a ham sandwich is great. Fabricated a retaining bar from a 1" piece of chromed flat iron and mounted the unit just above the voltage regulator on the front part of the frame. The bar is on the back of the frame with the unit on the front. A 3/8" bolt passes thru the unit and attaches to the bar. The unit and flat iron is cushoned with 1/4" rubber pads inserted between the frame and case. Purpose is to absorb some of the vibration and not scratch the paint. An additional rubber washer separates the 3/8" bolt from the case.

We also got the short 1/4 wave Yaseu antenna that mounts on the license plate bracket. Finding the right headset was a problem. Tried several which simply did not work out. We then bought a J&M model HS-8154B-OF from Daves Cycle Supply in Florida. This mike is dynamic, has the output and does not pick up much noise from the bike or wind, this inspite the bike has a 2 in 1 Thunderheader exhaust. The headsets fit well into my open faced helmet's ear pockets and the audio is more than sufficient to hear everything. This headset also fits my shorty style brain bucket using the optional J&M ear pockets.

The FTM-10SR is 10 watts on VHF and about 7 on UHF. Even though this connected to the short antenna, it's more than enough to access any repeater, not shielded by mountains, within 40 miles of the bike in town or on the road. The 10SR also receives AM, FM and weather. There isn't a lot of spare amps on a bike so opted for the 10SR over its 50 watt brother.

The control head is small and with the Yaesu mounting bracket fits right on the handlebars, no problem. The display is easy to read in everything but bright light. Do recommend putting some of that sticky lens plastic on the face plate.

We've had it on the Harley for over 6 months now and it's been totally reliable. We ride the bike daily a minimum of 30 miles to work and back in addition to many weekend trips so its seen a lot of miles.

Everyone tells me my audio is great and my signal into the repeaters is excellent. The FM radio is good but the short antenna limits local (500 watt) AM range to about 30 miles.

Know quite a few guys who ride with handhelds. Tried that with total failure so when we saw the 10SR at PacificCon/EmmComm West 2009 knew right away this was the rig to have.
N3CI Rating: 2009-06-11
Novel approach Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have been off the air for a few years and was looking at all the new gear to outfit my mobile. I was fascinated by the FT-10SR for mounting in my tiny car. This unit is so small you can put the transmitting module under your seat and just run out the controller/front panel to use both to control the radio and as a microphone. At first it seems too "different" but with a little use, I found this setup great. It takes up minimal room, is XYL friendly because nothing much is showing except for the head.

This set up will be familiar to those of you who have seen some of the "low profile (under cover) radio installations in use by law enforcement and others.

I am happy with the 10 watts of power since I have less problems with interference with vehicle equipment.

This is a neat little radio that is priced right.
VK3XPT Rating: 2009-01-18
Built to be tough! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The only problem with this radio is the way it is marketed (or not marketed as the case would be...) I have had my FTM-10SR for a couple of months now, but I would have had one much sooner if its main selling points were available to the public! If you visit any of the Yaesu websites, you won’t even find a picture of the SR/SE version - you will be fooled into thinking this is simply a low power version of the FTM-10R/E in the same box. This is NOT the case!

FTM-10SR/SE shares the same control head as the FTM-10R/E, but the radio box is totally different. It is fully sealed and water resistant, VERY small, easy to mount, and has all of the I/O you need on military grade waterproof connectors ready to hook into your racecar / motorbike / boat etc. (Mine will be going in a small fishing boat and occasionally in a racecar)

Like the first reviewer of the FTM-10SE, I have measured the TX power of my FTM-10SR on both 2m and 70cm and found that the maximum power output is set at 7 Watts on both bands. (It is claimed to TX 10W on 2m, however I do not see this as a problem).

The receiver performs very well and is quite sensitive on all bands (including broadcast, air, and “Extended RX” bands. I have not noticed any intermod problems (although I have not had it in any extremely ‘heavy’ RF areas as yet though...)

RX audio from the control head is brilliant considering the small size and waterproof construction! (NOTE: This radio even has a LINE IN feature for attaching an iPod or any other audio source!)

TX Audio reports are excellent - no complaints at all!

Programming memories into the radio is done manually. The process takes a while, however I found it straight forward and easy. The wireless cloning feature (radio to radio) that is built in works very well, and I wonder why Yaesu (or a smart third party) could not release programming software for this radio that simply sends AUDIO out from your PC soundcard? Most of us (Amateur Operators) are actually smart enough to interface PC audio to a radio - there is the answer to the “No Software” issue with the FTM-10 series!!! (I guess we would need to get hold of the protocol from Yaesu first though...)

I can not review the Bluetooth option yet, as I don’t have it (I may add the BU-1 later).

There is nothing else like this radio on the market. It is built for a purpose and I feel that it does it's intended job perfectly. It is not a radio for everyone, but if you have the need for a versatile and tough radio in an unusual place, then this could be the answer!

Now Mr. Yaesu (or Mr. $$$ Motorola $$$), how about getting your marketing department to have a chat with your engineering department??? ;-)