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Category: Antenna Switching, Phasing, Controllers

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Review Summary For : workman cx-3
Reviews: 17MSRP: approx.20.00
coaxial antenna switch
Product is in production
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W7PVA Rating: 2017-09-11
CB Not HAM Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I purchased one of these switches from a parts booth at a small fest. I was going to use it to switch between portable antennas while camping. Back at the shack it went on a shelf and was forgotten. I recently found it and needed to use it in my new shack. I found that SWR and resistance/reactance was high. I substituted it with my Alpha Delta switch. The Alpha Delta returned all readings to where they should have been.
Moral, don't go cheap and purchase junk. I checked the interior of the CX3 and found the same as those before me. The unit I had wasn't even wired or soldered correctly.
Perhaps I'll give it to a CB'er or may be just dismantle it for my parts box. That way it just might be of some use other than a paperweight..
WA2RVX Rating: 2017-01-01
Similar experience Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Got one of these "1000 watt" (HAH!) switches off ebay for $9.50. With $3.50 shipping it cost me 13 bucks which is not a bad price for all the components if bought separately.
As described, with some modification, it can be a fairly decent low power antenna switch but it's pretty useless as is.
As I kinda like the smell of solder rosin in the morning it wasn't a bad job to replace the internal plain wire with coax and it's now OK for my 100 watt max. operation.
On the subject of antenna switches, does anyone have a recommendation for a good switch to use on 70cm?
KP4MD Rating: 2016-08-06
Do not use this above 10 MHz Time Owned: more than 12 months.
A vendor at an amateur radio convention sold these for $10, labelled as a 3-position coaxial antenna switch with a 1000 watt capacity. These switches are listed on the web under various brand names such as Opek and Workman, in the price range from $12 to $25.
The two sections of a two pole three position switch are wired in parallel, apparently to increase the current capacity. The stray capacitance and inductive coupling between the unshielded hook up wires adversely affects the impedance and isolation between the ports.
The random reactance of the wiring results in greater than 3 dB insertion loss between 18 and 32 MHz when switched to Output 1 and between 14 and 43 MHz on Output 2, with a maximum insertion loss of 11.5 dB at 25 MHz.
The worse case Output 1 to Output 2 isolation is 42 dB at 3.5 MHz and 24 dB at 28 MHz. A 100 watt signal on port 1 may couple nearly 1/2 watt of RF power to port 2 at 28 MHz.
Photos and data with captions are posted at
KM5WD Rating: 2015-01-25
WORKMAN/OPEK Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
You get what you pay for. Problem with this proverb it is worth a whole lot LESS than the $25 I paid. Maybe for the (4) SO239's and the knob...and the box....$6.

*output power dropped significantly
*on some freq's there was no antenna seperation. Couldn't compare receive signals.

Maybe I will rebuild it as suggested but I shouldn't have to.
K1DUN Rating: 2014-09-12
JUNK!! Don't waste $$! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I bought this unit so I could switch between an omni and a beam on 2 meters. However, this switch reflected power back to the radio and degraded my signal. When I switched to the beam, my SWR was 3.5 and power output was only 10 watts from a 60-watt radio. When I eliminated the switch and went directly into the antenna, I got a 1.3 SWR with 60 watts out. Same results with the omni. Horrible quality switch. Unusable - unless you need a paper weight. Save your money to spend on a higher quality switch!
RX3ANF Rating: 2013-08-12
For receiver's antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I use this switch two years for receiver antenna and HF transceiver to 100 watts and VHF transceiver to 80 watts. For receiver - very good. For transceivers - interference induction between adjacent channels.
N2FSU Rating: 2012-12-03
Piece of JUNK Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I bought this switch on Ebay to use for 2 meters. When I hooked it up and used it the first time my radio showed a high SWR. When I took the switch apart I saw why. It uses regular electrical 18 gauge wire between connections. This is the type of junk you would see at a CB Shop. The switch says it can handle 1000 watts. Judging the poor quality of this switch there is no way it can handle any kind of power like that. Do yourself a favor and buy a good quality switch. Because this switch is a piece of crap.
AA5VU Rating: 2012-11-08
Good for $10 Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I read all of the negative comments and decided to try one anyway for $10. It works fine, handles the power and is better that the one it replaced. If it starts giving me trouble, I will replace the wiring per the K2OWK tip.

I needed the way the Workman was arranged for my setup (input on one side and three outputs).

Only time will tell if it is a keeper but for $10 it is Good.
K8JHR Rating: 2012-05-23
Just OK -- and only at low power Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have used these coax switches only with receivers. Isolation is poor. Construction and materials are of just average quality. I would not transmit more than 100 watts with one of these, and probably only use it to switch atennas to one rig - I would NEVER trust its isolation to protect a second rig from damage to its receiver front end when transmitting ANY amount of power through this switch.

For the money, about $12 street price, it is just a fair to good receive-only switch, but the below-average quality construction and materials prevents me from using it on transmit, and if I did, only to select one of up to three antennas, and never to isolate a second receiver/transceiver.

Just MY take. // James - K8JHR //
KB0VOY Rating: 2012-04-17
Not bad for the price Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This switch has served me well. I have 3 of the Opek model CX-3 switches. They are not a Delta by no means. They are far better than MFJ. I have repaired and thrown out 4 MFJ switches. That is throwing money away. 1KW? I would only try that with my Delta 4. Have not had to open any of the switches so I don't know if it is full of cheese or what. The switch has screws not pop rivets so it looks like no big deal to get in side. If ain't broke don't fix it. It is a good product.