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Reviews For: Audio Authority 277 power Supply

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Review Summary For : Audio Authority 277 power Supply
Reviews: 2MSRP: 325.00
12.6 volt 50 amp continuous linear power supply. Can be connected with a second 277 and an automotive battery to produce 100 amps continuous with 300 amp surges.
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W9WZJ Rating: 2012-10-16
Built like a tank! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have owned this beast for almost 8 years now. Not one single problem running my entire station. It's built like a tank. 50 amps at 100% duty cycle for $150.
I have tried to find birdies and problems all through the bands, but I could not find any.
It is super heavy and the fan is a little noisy is the reason for a rating of 4.

I recommend these all the time to other Amateurs.
KC3Z Rating: 2010-01-29
Needs help for Ham applications Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
50 Amps all Day and all Night from a linear supply. Heavy duty supply with a 100% duty cycle. A solid supply with engineering problems for the ham operator. Engineered with a bad ground loop. Forget the battery and a second 277. Remove the resisters in the ground leg and strap the Negative terminal to the chassis ground. If you are afraid of or don't know how to do this; one,(and only one) radio can be operated from the as is condition of the power supply. There will be 3 volts Peak to peak of RF from a 100 watt radio on the 13.8 volt line. Under these conditions don't try to power anything else. I strapped the ground to the chassis after removing the ground resisters. Then, I drilled a hole through the face plate to access the output voltage adjustment which I set at 13.5vdc. E-mail me for details. KC3Z

With the ground resistors removed and the minus/ground strapped together this is a great linear 50 amp supply. Expect NO support from Audio Authority. They just don't respond to any e-mails. Dean KC3Z