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Reviews For: I. C. E. 309 open wire surge protector

Category: Lightning & Surge Protection/Supression

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Review Summary For : I. C. E. 309 open wire surge protector
Reviews: 5MSRP: 46.00
For transmitting or receiving applications using open-wire fed systems in
single wire or parallel balanced lines
Product is in production
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NX0E Rating: 2018-10-19
They got it right Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have used one for 8 years now. Despite blowing snow, wind and dust, I get no static discharge from the antenna since both wires are grounded at DC. I have no problem matching an untuned dipole, and at 100W no hint of the ICE 309 breaking down despite high VSWR.
W8ZT Rating: 2016-06-02
Great for external auto tuners. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I use one on the antenna lead of my Icom AH4. Drains harmful charges on the line before my tuner. Remember the old ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Cuts off above 30 MHZ so limits 6 meter operation, but no biggie for me.
K0UO Rating: 2016-06-02
Works as advertised Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have 3 large rhombic antenna at about 90 foot, each cover about acres and have a 2500 foot 3/8 cable for the antenna wire. I have over 3000 feet of Open Water for to 600 home feeders. I have been using the open parallel ice lightning protection for some time I could tell you that with the building and shut the ground they keep lightning and static off the antennas. Before even the static buildup in hot dry windy conditions with blow the front end out of many transceivers. This is the only product I know other than spark gap which is not effective until you have high charges for open feed lines. A very good product
N4EWS Rating: 2010-05-17
Better than the others ! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Hi All,

I'll give two examples of how good this system and devices have saved me $$$$.00 !

Example #1

As it's been said, most hams have never heard of ICE. I found them just by chance on the web, as I was looking through some government contracts. They were not even listed on any search engines or crawlers at the time ! I read some of thier info and gave them a call and ordered a few HF and a few VHF-UHF devices. One of the devices was used on my 440 repeater. The location also housed a 6 and 2 meter repeaters. My antenna was located at the top just shy of 190' Agl. It made for a good lightning rod !! It's was in late August when the storm went through Wake And Franklin Co. It lasted for about an hour and a half. A few of us were on the air sending info back to the SKYWARN net in Raleigh when the site was Zapped ! The strike cooked both 6 and 2 meter power supply, controllers, fried the TX&RX sections and some of the cables in the duplexers !! The only thing that was hurt on my system was the ICE suppressor !!!

Example #2

On my way home from work when a storm started to brew up. The facility I was working at was about 30 miles west of home. I just happened to remember that I had one of my SP-600's on the workbench and it was hooked-up straight to a 700' beverage antenna, No ICE !! So I made a run for it... I made it to the shack right as the leading edge of the busted loose. I ran over to the 600 and un-screwed the coax. Just as I was about to hook the cable to the ground buss, Flash-Crack-Boom !! My right hand Flashed as if I was holding a 6,ooo watt/second strobe !! All I could see was Bright Green and Purple and the smell of burnt hair and smoked electronics....I would have needed to change my shorts if it wasn't for luck or J.C. that I went earlier at work ! Thank God !!! I wasn't grounded with my left hand or I would have been Toast !! When I came back to reality, I could see my hand was scorched a little with specks of solder and felt numb. I got up off the floor and started to check for damage...

With the exception of 3 HF and 1 VHF I.C.E. suppressors, 3 wire and 1 Vhf/Uhf vert. antennae, 3 coax 1 ladderline and 1 Very Large Pine Tree (80ft.) Smoked and split !
All radio's and equipment were OK !!

So.... Are they worth it ???
Every Cent !!!
AA4XE Rating: 2009-03-31
Experience with the 309 Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I have used I. C. E. coaxial products for years without a single mishap. I recently added their 309 open wire protector and wondered if it would be as effective on my 250 foot horizontal loop. I live on the coast of Alabama and lightning can be fierce.

I was operating on the air on 3/27/09 when a bolt of lightning struck close enough to cause damage to my satellite receiver. My station (A Palstar AT-AUTO, an Omni VII, and an AL-80B amplifier) was totally unaffected.