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Reviews For: Radial ProRMP Re-Amper

Category: Audio Accessories for Transmitter & Receiver

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Review Summary For : Radial ProRMP Re-Amper
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Just the thing to interface your line-level audio accessories with the mic input on your rig! Impedance matching transformer, balanced XLR input to 1/4" mono unbalanced output, with ground lift switch.
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KI6QYJ Rating: 2009-04-20
All the benefit of an iBox for a lot less money! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Luckily for us hams, the hip fad in sturio recording these days is for musicians to run their guitars and basses, with high impedance pickup coils (luckily enough, around the same impedance as many stock ham radio microphones) through a DI or direct box (an xfmr to line level), then through rack-mount audio effects, but finally back through their guitar amp with the cabinet miked for recording. Why they do this is a whole other story, but it's the connecting the line level rack-mount gear to the amp that interests us here.

To do this right, without ruining the sound quality they just created with their expensive studio rack mount gear, requires a quality impedance-matching xfmr that will not only convert from line level to instrumet pickup level (which is also fairly typical ham radio mic input impedance!), and to take a balanced and shielded XLR input and deliver an unbalanced output to plug into your guitar amp, using a standard 1/4" mono guitar cable.

The Radial ProRMP Re-Amper is exactly this. And if you want to use higher quality mics and rack-mount type audio processing gear, this is the perfect way to interface it with your rig. Run your entire mic audio chain, from mic to preamp to audio processing boxes, with shielded XLR cables, the industry standard in audio engineering for keeping everything out of your audio, including RF... Then run another XLR cable into your Re-Amper box. You'll probably want to lift the ground here to prevent ground loops, assuming one or more pieces of your audio processing gear has a three-prong plug and a grounded case (and also assuming your outlet ground is a good one!). Then just get a mic connector for your radio, solder it on to one end of a coaxial audio cable, and solder a 1/4" phone plug on the other. Connect the re-amper to your mic input, and you've got everything you would get from a W2IHY iBox, but for a lot less -- and with no costly cables to buy for each new rig. Just get a male mic connector and another phone plug and make yourself a cable for that radio in seconds.

Why spend more and get nothing for it but a brand name?