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Reviews For: W7FG 600-Ohm Open Wire Feeders

Category: Feedlines (coax, ladder-line, etc.)

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Review Summary For : W7FG 600-Ohm Open Wire Feeders
Reviews: 37MSRP: 0.58 (aprox. per foot)
Real Open Wire Feeders for Ultimate in Low Loss!
Product is in production
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WQ2H Rating: 2020-06-16
Simply the best ! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Nice to see quality workmanship and materials - it's a time saver having this available. Easily handles FLL. Never a problem (even with Granite State snow and ice), and always a pleasure doing business with True Ladder Line.
KZ1X Rating: 2019-04-23
classic is often the best Time Owned: more than 12 months.
a very good choice for feedline ... use this feedline with a 130' dipole and remote autotuner ... like the SGC239 or MFJ 926B or LDG RT-100 ... put a 1:1 current balun at the tuner output to make it balanced ... this simple classic setup is the antidote to all the coax fed elevated dummy loads out there ... stealthy AND efficient AND inexpensive AND all band coverage AND easy to install ... good antenna systems for new hams or old don't necessarily come ready-to-put-up in a box or even from a single vendor but are often made of components like this you can easily get
N6BIZ Rating: 2017-09-25
Great Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I use it .Very easy to work with . Very light weight .
Works great . Don't waiste ur money on other owl
No comparison !!!
PY1FA Rating: 2016-10-27
*** Simply amazing *** Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I've done several experiments with multiband antennas, and was good and a band and bad in others. Today, installed the W7FG and could compare with ZS6BKW, which was my antenna holder, and to take the tests, the W7FG was superior in all the bands from 80 to 10m, then, is successfully approved !!!
K7NA Rating: 2014-09-14
Very Durable, Long Lasting Feedline Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have had the original W7FG 80 meter doublet with 600 ohm feeders up over 10 years in two different locations without a single failure. The black insulated pure copper stranded wire used to fabricate this integrated antenna and feedline is very durable. Now situated in a QTH with some land, I have extended the doublet to 170 feet and added more 600 ohm feeder that I purchased from Charlie to create a 40 meter extended double zepp with about 150 feet of feedline. Although the flat top at 80 feet is attached to a counterweight system to avoid high stress from the 95 foot supporting Douglas Fir trees blowing in often violent winds, the antenna has never failed and remains as reliable as ever. The price of Charlie's antenna/feedline combos is so reasonable it's easier, faster and less time consuming to buy one than to build your own. The feedline spacers are extremely light and tough in the sun, never cracking or breaking in all the years I've had the antenna up in the air. I recommend this produce and Charlie's efficient service.

Earlier 5-star review posted by K7NA on 2000-04-29

Most hams who have discovered the flexibility
and simple yet effective benefits of a doublet
center fed with tuned feeders (as opposed to
coax) have opted for the popular brown
poly-covered 450-ohm "ladderline"
manufactured by several companies. Yet this
material is easily influenced by weather
changes such as rain and snow and the poly
material can become brittle with exposure to
the elements. A suitable alternative is the use
of REAL 600-ohm open wire line, in this case,
manufactured now by in Okla.
Famous for their extensive collection of
vintage gear manuals, the folks at this
company have begun manufacturing both
600-ohm feedline in various lengths (as well
as customs orders) and a series of doublet
antennas (160m, 80m & 40m versions) at very
reasonable prices. Having experienced
problems with weather changes (fog and rain)
influencing the antenna tuner adjustments on
my Johnson KW Matchbox and 450-ohm
ladderline fed 75meter doublet, I decided to
give W7FG's product a try. The feeders are
made from multi-strand pure copper insulated
wire which is jacketed in black insulation,
making it less an eye sore in the
neighborhood. The spreaders are made from
a lightweight hollow 1" black plastic material.
I'm not sure exactly what it is but it does not
appear to be PVC or ABS. Each feeder wire is
securely held in place on each spreader and
the spreaders are spaced about 18-24" apart.
Since I bought the complete 100' of feeders
and an 80 meter doublet, the antenna came
as one complete unit. Interestingly, the center
and end insulators are made from the same
material as the spreaders and are very tough.
There are NO splices on this antenna, no
connections, no solder joints! It consists of
two long pieces of insulated wire. Each wire
makes up half of the flatop and one side of the
feedline insuring the integrity of the overall
unit. My antenna is mounted as a horizontal
doublet about 50' above ground, suspended
between two tall trees (with a pulley and
counterweight system). The feeders come
away from the flatop at a right angle for a
considerable distance in order to maintain
feeder balance. In practice, the unit has
worked extremely well on all bands 80-10
meters. The added benefit is that coastal fog
and rain have a minimal effect on the tuning of
this antenna and I can operate while it is
raining without the necessity of constantly
readjusting my matching network! I have
come across other hams using 450-ohm
feeders who have complained of this problem
and have suggested they check out If this is a concern to you, give it a
try! You'll enjoy extremely low-loss
performance and ease of operation. Plus the
folks at are great to deal with.
LB2TB Rating: 2014-09-14
Update 2 - Fantastic ! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have been using this fantastic feeder/doublet as my only TX-antenna during 2014.

My set up is 850ft !!!! of true ladderline and a Doublet, cut for 160 mtr, up abt 60 feet. Using the Palstar AT4K tuner

Here is my statistics (countries worked) for 2014 (until today):

160: 32
80: 57
40: 76
30: 110
20: 138
17: 107
15: 154
12: 138
10: 86
6: 20 (Yes - it works on 6m)

Total countries worked in 2014: 230 !!!

73's de Lars, LB2TB
M5LRO Rating: 2014-01-06
Superb Stuff Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Firstly I owe Gary a sincere apology as I never reviewed his superb product when he was with us.

I purchased Gary's 80-10m doublet with the feeder, at his prices why make your own, although I have also done so too with other antennas.

I have owned my doublet for several years now (probably 5) and in that time it has performed flawlessly. It has stood the rigours of high winds and all weathers, we in England are known for our variation if not our extremes. Having said that recently I am beginning to wonder.
Matched with a Palstar AT5K this antenna rocks, it matches just about everywhere and with the super low loss it is highly efficient and gets me out with good ears also.
Highly delighted with it in every way, Thanks Gary God Bless you.
W9GYA Rating: 2013-11-22
Excellent product Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Some time ago (maybe a year or so, can't remember exactly when) I purchased
500' of your 600 ohm ladder line. I said I'd report back on the project so
here I am.

I am using about 310' of your ladder line to feed an inverted V which is
about 260' long. Center at 55'. Spectacular results on 30m. Close to 100
countries already on that band alone.

The ladder line is strong and easy to use. Has held up just fine with winds
50+ mph.

K5AF Rating: 2013-01-14
Worth It!! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
When you order this feedline, you are getting two conductors of top quality #16 pure copper stranded wire, with a tough, thick jacket that will survive for years. If you've shopped for pure copper wire lately, you'll realize that you're paying only $.29 a foot for the wire, and that it is a bargain. Include the spacers and the fabrication, and you are getting an amazing deal.

I'm as impressed with the product as I'm impressed with Charlie Redding, K5JYB, the owner of the company. He is very proud to meet a critical need in the Ham Radio market with a quality product at a very reasonable price. He also helps his local community members through their involvement in the manufacturing process. He'll do everything possible to guarantee your satisfaction!

Thank you, Charlie, you are a gentleman and a friend to ham radio! Congratulations on a great product!
AC4GM Rating: 2012-12-27
Efficient, simple, and strong Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I bought this antenna with the idea of keeping it simple; I have been rewarded. It is strong and tunes great. It is atop a 34' telescoping mast and acts as the guy for the top ring. It has been up 3 weeks and has survived 3 nasty severe weather events.

I can work stations heretofore unheard with great signal reports. Station is Kenwood TS 450, Ameritron AL 811, and Tucker T3000.

I highly recommend this product. The packaging, shipping time, and response to e-mails is top shelf.

I also put a review in the True Ladder Lines forum.