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Reviews For: Hexbeam: by DX Engineering

Category: Antennas: HF: Yagi, Quad, Rotary dipole, LPDA

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Review Summary For : Hexbeam: by DX Engineering
Reviews: 21MSRP: 599.95
At the center of the new HEXX antenna is the exclusive DX Engineering patent pending rugged cast aluminum HEXX Hub and stainless steel V-saddle clamps. This unique design may be used in the construction of either the classic or G3TXQ broadband hex beam antennas.

For the rest of the antenna frame, high quality stainless steel element clamps rigidly hold the telescoping fiberglass sections at the correct lengths without drilling holes. Exclusive DX Engineering stainless steel element clamps with studs provide secure attachment points for the driven element feed points without drilling, which would weaken the fiberglass.

The unique Floating Element Wire Guides allow independent movement of the radiating wire elements and flexible fiberglass spreaders in the wind without creating breaking stresses. ...many other unique, high quality features.

Available in several forms - from a complete 5-band kit at $599.95 to individual component packages.
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K4BN Rating: 2012-05-05
100% Satisfied Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I'm really amazed with the performance of this antenna. I only have it up about 25' on a push up mast with a simple NTE rotor and it works fine. I'm breaking pileups with 100 watts on the first or second call.

One thing I can suggest is to make a temporary length of rope with loops at each end to hold the spreaders in place while you tie the support ropes. That way each spreader will be bent the exact same amount and trust me, your fingers will thank you when you're done.

I painted mine to make it less noticeable to the neighbors using regular Krylon primer and camo paint. It didn't stick to the fiberglass very well and is easily scratched. I believe they make a product called fusion paint that would probably work better.

I chose the DX Engineering Hexx over the other ones because of their outstanding customer service. Another site warns about it having over 200 parts which may be true if you count every nut and washer. I didn't have any problems with assembly at all.

ZL3HA Rating: 2012-04-25
Great antenna - worked 105 countries in 4 months Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I wanted a Hexbeam for all of the good reasons stated by the previous reviewer, ND9P. I decided on the DX Engineering kit after first considering a completely home brew solution and the other options on the market. Obtaining components in NZ was proving to be a real challenge and in the end it worked out more cost effective to buy the 5 band kit and the current choke for the complete antenna. I'm really pleased I went this way. This is a very well manufactured antenna and is easy to assemble when following the detailed but simple to follow instruction manual. Their hub unit and balanced feeder system is really innovative and addresses some of the weaknesses that would have existed in my proposed home brew design.

The SWR curve on all bands appears just a little lower in frequency than I would like but I believe this will rectify once the beam is a bit higher in the air.

I'm currently using it at 30ft on a telescoping aluminium tube mast with G-800DXA rotator at the base.

Dx Engineering shipping department kept me informed as to shipping details and they had my beam on the courier within 2 hours of my on line order. Just one week later it had cleared customs and was under assembly in my yard. That's great service.

Today I worked the 105th country using the new Hexbeam (over a 4 month period). I would call myself a casual DXer, I'm not on the radio 24/7! I like it a lot, can you tell?
ND9P Rating: 2012-04-25
Great performance and value Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I wanted a directional HF antenna that would give me some gain, work with a small tower and rotator, and have a low visual signature; the DX Engineering Hexxbeam has met all of my requirements! I have been very pleased with the on-air performance of my Hexxbeam mounted on a crank up 40 foot telescopic mast. My assembly time was longer than most, but I did prime and paint the fiberglass spreaders to better blend in with my local terrain. My CDE-45II rotor easily handles this antenna.

I have been able to work virtually any station I hear and have been getting very good signal reports across the Western Pacific from Minnesota.

If you are looking for a cost effective directional HF antenna, consider a Hexxbeam; I have been very satisfied with my antenna.
KC5HAV Rating: 2011-08-03
Best Antenna in 31 years of operating Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This is by far the best antenna that I have ever owned. It is very quiet with a low noise level and we are hearing many more stations including those on the other side of the globe. Today we heard South Sudan and worked many European and South American stations from our QTH in Texas. Our location has many limitations especially the trees in the yard which meant the only space large enough was on the roof for a small beam antenna. This one fits nicely with an 11 foot turning radius and 25 lb total weight. We are using a light duty rotor and only have it up about 25 feet. This antenna is a highly superior product that uses stainless steel hardware though out (a must for Gulf Coast Texas). My YL says this antenna put the fun back into DXing for her... and me too!!
K1GDI Rating: 2011-08-01
Great new venture in ham radio Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Waited 53 years to purchase a directional antenna.
Hex beam was the answer. Roof chimney mounted, tv rotor. Wife accepted the appearance on the roof. SWR below 1.5 everywhere on the cw portion and never exceeded 2:1 anywhere. Totally flat on 17.

Take your time putting it together, have hex drivers for clamps, anti seizing paste for the stainless steel. Large and awkward at times. Good part: Great gain over the g5rv, directional beyond my expectations. I did notice that I hear well off the back so have to be aware of call signs for directon. Quality materials and very responsive help when I called DX Engineering for clarification. Other products are partially pre-assembled but I wanted to know every step of the construction. 100 watts maximum for me.
RUSS324 Rating: 2011-04-02
Review update! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I have now had my Hex in the air for 4 months. I am really impressed! With the recent band openings in 10 and 12 meters the beam has made working Europe and South America a breeze. I have worked 3 contests with it and it performed like a champion. Contesting was made a lot easier using the hex beam. Being able to turn the beam in the direction you want to recieve in is awesome. I had in the past used a vertical for contesting. Needless to say the Hex Beam made a huge difference.
This antenna is paired with a Flex 500A. What a combo for contesting. I would highly recommend this antenna for it design, contsruction and performance. Another great product from DX Engineering. Russ K8QF.
KT0NY Rating: 2011-03-28
Pro-quality antenna Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The construction is solid and robust throughout. It covers 5 bands, and is a very good size and shape for installing on a suburban home with grouchy neighbors. Mine is hardly visible from the front of the house, and very inconspicuous even from the back. I used the chimney mount and hy-gain cd-45 rotator, which makes a good combo.

I've had it for only 5 days but have worked Thailand, Mongolia, Guinea-Bissau, Hong Kong, and more than 50 other countries, mostly on phone and mostly over pileups, with a barefoot 100 watts. My previous 200-foot wire antenna is still up, so I can switch between them; in many cases, including the ones mentioned above, the DX was completely inaudible with my old antenna, but perfect copy on the Hexx.

When I started putting the Hexx together, I discovered that one part was missing (an aluminum tube). This was a problem, because I had already arranged for guys with a hoist to come help me put it up. DX Engineering sent me the part by overnight express, and I got the antenna built in time. Great service!

Here are the negatives: There's a lot to put together, so it helps if you are good at building projects, and have plenty of tools. The instructions are complete and excellent, so if you're careful and patient there should be no problem. The other criticism is that the antenna (in fact, any reduced-size directional antenna) can be detuned by nearby objects. In the case of the Hexx, the roof and/or chimney is enough to shift the resonance of my antenna to a point just below the 17, 12 and 10 meter bands. It delivers a 1.0 SWR on 20 and 15, and I think it would on the other bands too if I could trim the wires just a bit, but my installation is such that it can't be brought down and put up easily.

Overall, it's a very well-built antenna that really works, and the company was extremely helpful to me in the episode of the missing tubing. So I'd say "highly recommended."

Tony KT0NY
KC1MR Rating: 2011-02-07
300 years of engineering shows Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Worked VP8ORK 3 times -V55DLH was a 10 ++ ect .....
The reason is that the DX Hexbeam takes no short cuts and therefore takes a little longer to assemble . No hooking into the spreaders (ouch!!),
glueing spreaders , or screwing the spreaders together or tying off of the elements to the spreaders with tie wraps. The WX here has been severe and the DX HEXBEAM just laughs it off & tnx
to the HEXX HUB every thing stays perfectly alignment !
The good folks @ DX ENGINEERING with 300 yrs behind them have created a masterpiece & have always helpful to me . This is not a home brew
kit, it created by the DX Engining Staff of Pros.

YV5ER Rating: 2010-07-31
WONDERFUL ANTENNA Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Recientemente la compre y la antena me parece maravillosa. Tiene una muy buena recepción, poco nivel de ruido, al igual que la transmisión me dan muy buenos reportes con solo 100 watts. Las bandas donde tiene mejor desempeño son 20 mts ,17 mts y 15 mts. No es muy grande. El único punto que podríamos decir negativo es lo engorroso del armado, pero después que lo entiendes y lo haces en la primera banda ya es mas rápido.

La recomiendo muy buena antena.

Recently purchased and the antenna is wonderful. It has a very good reception, low noise level, as well as give me a very good transmitting reports with only 100 watts. The bands which has a better performance is 20 meters, 17 meters and 15 meters. It is not very large. The only negative point we could say is the cumbersome assembly, but after you understand it and do it in the first band is now faster.

I recommend a good antenna.

KC9JCH Rating: 2010-06-21
One year update! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
The DX Engineering hex beam has now been at 50' through one year. It continues to function as designed. I had no problems through a harsh Wisconsin winter, seems to shed ice easily and nothing broke! Only caveat I have is that in the summer, it requires no tuner on any band, when wet with rain, ice or snow, I have to switch the tuner in line. I suspect this is not vastly different than any other wire beam.

I do not collect QSL cards and I don't really chase awards. I use LOTW and in the first three to four months of casual operation with this antenna I made mixed DXCC on LOTW only and now am eligible for endorsements on 20m, phone and am only a couple shy on 17m. This antenna has made a huge difference in my enjoyment of the hobby. Even when the bands are craptastic like they have been lately, I can usually scare up a contact or two. It isn't a set of stacked monobanders at 100' but hey, in the performance per dollar category, this thing is a winner.