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Reviews For: Hexbeam: by DX Engineering

Category: Antennas: HF: Yagi, Quad, Rotary dipole, LPDA

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Review Summary For : Hexbeam: by DX Engineering
Reviews: 21MSRP: 599.95
At the center of the new HEXX antenna is the exclusive DX Engineering patent pending rugged cast aluminum HEXX Hub and stainless steel V-saddle clamps. This unique design may be used in the construction of either the classic or G3TXQ broadband hex beam antennas.

For the rest of the antenna frame, high quality stainless steel element clamps rigidly hold the telescoping fiberglass sections at the correct lengths without drilling holes. Exclusive DX Engineering stainless steel element clamps with studs provide secure attachment points for the driven element feed points without drilling, which would weaken the fiberglass.

The unique Floating Element Wire Guides allow independent movement of the radiating wire elements and flexible fiberglass spreaders in the wind without creating breaking stresses. ...many other unique, high quality features.

Available in several forms - from a complete 5-band kit at $599.95 to individual component packages.
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W6ONV Rating: 2010-02-03
Amazing Antenna! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I wish I would have found out about the 5-band hex beam earlier than I did when I saw an article in QST (March 2009). I had been looking to replace my 6-BTV, which was purchased from DXE back in 2007. Unfortunately in my reading of reviews and comparisons of antennas I never once ran across the hex beam.

In the end I spent a considerable amount on a new "big" vertical, but was not happy with my results on 10-20M. So after consulting a few forums and other hams the hex beam was brought to my attention. It was rather simple to piece together and had a small footprint (turn radius) when compared to a 3-el beam, which was something I was looking at.

While I am in a CC&R controlled neighborhood I have received an exemption to operate using a vertical, so I was going out on a limb a bit by buying and building the DXE hexx beam. I decided on buying a kit as opposed to piecing it together. I liked the construction of the hub that DXE offered and honestly I did not want to wait longer than necessary to piece the antenna together if I were to homebrew one. The other fact was the support from DXE. I have been very pleased with their e-mail and phone assistance every time I have had a question. I think it goes without saying they have quality products and people.

After purchasing the hex I waited for it to arrive, which gave me time to read and reread the instruction manual. I had a good grasp of the construction by the time the boxes arrived. I took all the packages out and took inventory. Somehow I misplaced a package that had all the feedpoint hardware, thinking I had not received it, sent a quick e-mail and a spare package was on the way. Thanks DXE!

Over the course of 5 days I built the hex, step by step. It could have been done in a day, but I did not have that sort of time, so I spent an hour a day or so after work constructing it.

After the hex was built I decided to temporarily mount it on a 10' mast and was thrilled with what I could hear. Actually hear! Never using a directional type antenna before I was amazed at what I had been missing. While 10' was not optimal it was only temporary until I decided where I wanted it.

Thankfully I had another ham offer me a Rohn H20, which I mounted to the back of my garage and then placed the hex on top of that. Currently I am about 20' using the "armstrong" method of turning the hex depending on where I plan on working.

Since getting the hex in the air October, 2009 I have worked areas of the world I rarely could hear on either vertical. Europe was always a challenge for me, but I had very good signals (RTTY & CW) on 15/20M to EU. I worked my first contacts on the African continent. My signals to the west were ever better. JAs were never difficult, but working down the coast of Asia and into China and Indonesia were something I never did. Looking over my log, the contacts speak for themselves.

The only drawback I have, which won't affect my overall score is a bit of sag on the 20M driven elements and reflector. I reconfirmed I cut the wire and the element spacers the correct length. This led me to the hex beam Yahoo Group, where I was able to search for similar problems. In the end I disconnect all the wire from the element spacer and retied all the fiberglass spreaders. Originally I did not tighten the spreaders and they started to collapse into each other. Not sure that is the problem I still have even after sizing and tightening the clamps.

Regardless of this, I am still very impressed with the performance of the hexx beam from DXE. I just wish I could get it a bit higher up. I did add feedline current choke (from DXE) to the top of the antenna. I ran 35' of LMR400 from the shack to the current choke.

Great product! Thanks DXE!