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Reviews For: I.C.E. Control cable suppressor and AC mains suppression

Category: Lightning & Surge Protection/Supression

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Review Summary For : I.C.E. Control cable suppressor and AC mains suppression
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Rotator line / remote switch transient suppressor / rf filter Model 347 For use with 20V or less systems, AC or DC Model 348 For use with 50V or less systems, AC or DC Model 349 For use with 120V or less systems, AC or DC Model 330 Series are structural protection assemblies that offers transient and overvoltage protection throughout the house or structure
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KA7GKN Rating: 2002-01-27
well built good protection Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I have the Hi-Gain tail twister-2 series rotator and control box. I have the model 348 -50vac unit
as suggested by ICE.
Easy connection..I suggest a quick dissconnect 8 pin molex connector someplace in your control line to provide test ports and an emergency dissconnect if necessary.
The 348 sits quietly and does what ever it is supposed to do. I have it mounted at floor molding level with #6 wire to the ground system.
I also use their 303u lightning/EMP suppressor with very good results..Also to protect my 220 line and linear their 330 house mains 220-0-220 system.

I can't comment about it's function because I have not experienced any interruption in my radio operating. So, I guess all the ICE filter systems I have are quietly and dependably doing whatever magic they are supposed to do.

And...Arizona has it's share of lightning...
We have what's called a dry rain during our monsoon season...thunder, lightning, blowing dust, and no water falling from the sky ha ha

I suggest you look into the ICE products, made in USA, well built, good warranties, excellent tech support over the telephone.
Marty, KA7GKN