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Reviews For: Jetstream JTPS75BCMMKII

Category: Power Supplies

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Review Summary For : Jetstream JTPS75BCMMKII
Reviews: 5MSRP: 249.99
Power Supply with battery backup

* Battery Backup
* 13.8 VDC
* 75 Amp Surge
* 65 Amp Continuous
* Cigarette Lighter Plug
* Over voltage protection
* Over current protection
* Quiet internal cooling fan with auto/on fan switch
* Switchable AC input voltage, 115 or 230 Vac
Product is in production
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WX4US Rating: 2017-08-26
Not Bad and not Wonderful Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I bought this supply to run my VHF and UHF TE Systems amplifiers. The 6 meter amp has an output of 300+ watts, the 2m amp 150 watts, and the 70 cm amp 125 watts. I know I cannot run all 3 at the same time, nor do I have the ability to do so. They power the amps well, but I have been told that there are spikes in my 6m AM signal every 10kc. I do not know if it is the amp or the supply, but no other comments have been made to me on any other band or mode. The fan is a little noisier than I expected, but tolerable with the supply placed 6' away from the operating position. If it were under my bench I wouldn't hear it at all.
WW3K Rating: 2012-12-16
SAVE YOUR MONEY Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Yes, it is one of the cheaper / cheapest commercially available 75 amp supplies out there, and it is probably quite suitable for running high current draw amplifiers. However, please be advised that it tends to intermittently self-oscillate thereby causing excessive receiver noise if/when you attempt to run an hf transceiver off of it. Poorly designed.

Perhaps a better way to run it would be to use it to maintain the charge on a deep cycle battery, and then run the transceiver off of the battery.

Documentation is extremely poor / lacking.
LU6KK Rating: 2009-11-21
Not good! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought this PS a year ago. It is the first power supply I bought for my station here in U.S. Working in VHF and UHF with my TS2000x everything works OK. When I tried to use it on HF I found major problems with noise generated by this power supply.
N8RT Rating: 2009-11-03
A Powerful Lightweight Supply Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Hello All, I just purchased the Jetstream Model JTPS75BCMMKll from Gigaparts Huntsville, AL.

Power supply (PS) arrived today double boxed, and with Styrofoam blocks. Upon unpacking the PS I had to remove a Plastic outer Wrapper around the Power Supply. While I was unwrapped the plastic I heard a noise inside the PS! Shaking it also produce a sound like something was loose!
It took it upon myself to open up the PS, to see what was amiss, before I plugged it up!

I took some pictures of the inside which I will post in the Photo section.

After the cover of PS was removed, I noticed that there were 3 sets of different screws, so if you take one apart be sure to remember where each one fits.
The first things you see are TWO HUGE Aluminum Heat sinks and many Ferrite Cores over many wires!
I shook the PS and nothing came out, but I notices that 4 or 5 of the Ferrite Cores sliding up and down on there Wires.
That is what was making the noises that I was hearing.

Some Nylon Tie wraps would fix this, but I did not want to change anything until the One Year Warranty was over!

I took some pictures of the inside of the PS and reinstalled the covers!

The Power supply comes with a Heavy Duty Computer type AC Cord #14 Wire, a small bag of six Ring type Crimp connectors, and a One Page Instruction sheet. The PS has a one Year Warranty to the original owner, and must be purchased from an authorized dealer.

I spoke with Jetstream (800-524-4889), and asked them about the after Warranty Service. The person I talked to said they have not set a policy up for repairing the 75 amp PS out of Warranty, as it was just introduced!
But he did mention that the 45 amp Jetstream PS was set at a flat rate of $45.00 for out of warranty repair, so the thought was the 75 amp PS would be a little more!

Now for the Power UP!
The ON/OFF switch is located on the back of the PS, switching it on, the Voltmeter went right up to 13.8VDC and the Two Fans remained off!
I measured the front DC terminals at 13.845vdc. The voltage can be adjusted with the front panel control, I measured 3.325 to 16.164vdc.
There is a detention on the control to easily get back to 13.8vdc.
The Left Meter reads Voltage and the Right Meter is an AMP Meter, the Meters are both back lighted, the amp meter has 2 scales, NOTE to use only the TOP 75 AMP Scale, the bottom scale is for another Power supply yet to be defined! A Green LED lights when the PS is ON, there is a red LED that indicates when an Overload occurs.
I hooked up the Jetstream to the ALS-500 and a 50 ohm dummy load. The Power supply delivered 13.8vdc at full ALS-500 Power. I did not hear any RF Hash on the Icom IC-756Pro3.

There are multiple output jacks on the front panel.
The Two on the left RED and Black traditional Banana type Screw for Ring Lugs (45 amp)

In the center are TWO Massive Gold colored Thumbscrews that allow a Heavy Gauge bare Wire to be inserted and tightened up (45 amp)

On the right side are 2 Pair of bare wire Push and locks connectors (10 Amps Each) (similar to HiFi speaker connectors).

The top right also has a normal Cigarette Lighter output (10 Amps).

The Back of the unit has a 12vdc Battery Terminals for Battery Backup.
The PS Battery charger is rated at Max 20 Amps/20 Second, 5 Amp Rate. Battery discharge amps 60 Amps Max.

The PS Specifications are:
75 AMP surge, 65 amps continuous.
10.25 Lbs
9 7/8 w 6 in H x 9.5in deep
Over Current protection
Over Voltage protection
Quiet internal Fans
110 or 220 vac input voltage
Output voltage 4-16vdc
Ripple less than 12MV VP-p at rated load
The PS is manufactured in Taiwan.


N8PHL Rating: 2009-09-03
65amp - 75amp power supply Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This is a nice power supply a little on the noisy side with the fans running but it is nice.
Not so good documentation but that is the only thing that I have found bad about this unit.