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Reviews For: BHI 1042 6-way Switch Box

Category: Ham Shack Accessories

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Review Summary For : BHI 1042 6-way Switch Box
Reviews: 2MSRP: BHI Ltd
6 port audio switch box for balanced or unbalanced audio input.
Product is in production
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W4KVW Rating: 2017-02-13
Works Great For Me! {:>) Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Well this little box saves me a lot of money so I don't need a separate DSP module on every radio I own.On the desk I have it on I have a Five Position switch that switches between different transceivers so I have each of those plugged into an Am-Com ClearSpeech Base Module & I simply switch between the positions to the rig that I'm using at the time & only need one DSP module.I no longer own any BHI/GAP DSP units but I do own Three of the ClearSpeech Base Modules & a ClearSpeech DSP Speaker by HEIL.I don't operate any rigs now on SSB or AM that don't come thru a DSP module.Not any issues here for me & for the price it's a Steal & much Cheaper than buying DSP Modules & Speakers for every rig I own or use.The unit is very lite & compact as well & fits right in on my desk.I'd buy another if I needed it without hesitation.Great idea & a great product from BHI that may be costing them money in the long run. {:>)
W5EJ Rating: 2009-10-25
Poor audio connection Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Well build product thats simple enough to build, I had problems no matter what mono 1/8" connector i used to insert into the jacks there was noise, any movement of the wires produced static and this occured on every port input or output. I removed the cover only to find a very odd looking jack which used a simple aluminum strip to make contact at the plug tip, I'd have not seen these before. They offered only a small contact area and the contact point flexed very easily. I replaced all the jacks with good jacks bought from Mouser and all worked fine. For the price paid I'd have thought BHI could have used better designed industry standard mono jacks.