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Reviews For: Realistic PRO-2006 (the famous)-Bill Cheek Favorite!

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Review Summary For : Realistic PRO-2006 (the famous)-Bill Cheek Favorite!
Reviews: 21MSRP: 400
Super. I believe it is what they call a "GRE" scanner from Japan. Highly modifiable. Highly regarded by all scanner gurus and BILL CHEEK (God Bless). Without a doubt, the worlds most popular scanner of all time. Great sensitivity and selectivity. Japanese quality throughout. Easy full 800 Mhz. Hyperscan. Many aftermarket accessories for trunking, etc. Hard to go wrong on this one. Tandy did'nt make enough of 'em! A classic!
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W9DPY Rating: 2019-08-21
Reliable Marvelous Performer Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I thought I was the only person running one of these. Looks like I'm wrong! I have had mine for about 20 years. Got it in a trade. Like many, the display has faded and needs new bulbs. That's my only compliant. This scanner is sensitive. I can hook it to any of my ham or discone antennas and it matches or beats everything else on what it "hears". That includes my old Icom IC-970H with the 1.2 GHz and general coverage modules. Analog DC to daylight; including 220 and 900 MHz ham band coverage. If you find a clean one and want to monitor what's left of analog radio, this is still one of the best. I use mine every day.
N0TLD Rating: 2018-05-12
A classic... Time Owned: more than 12 months.
As I type, my decades-old 2006 is scanning away as ever, not as fast as more modern scanners but it still does the job fine. In my location most of the public service/emergency entities are still analog, and there are a LOT of them in this region (sw MO Ozarks). This scanner is just fine for all of that.

I have replaced the display backlight twice -- once in the early '90s when I actually ordered a replacement part, and then again about ten years later, when I finally got an EL strip and it's been perfect ever since, about 15 years ago.

Sure, I did all the mods that everyone knows about, and for the most part they are all worth doing, or at least trying out, but I returned some of the mods to the normal circuitry because they just weren't useful to my needs. But this thing is crazy modifiable, to be sure.

I think it's simply a classic, and if you have analog comm's in your area, at the current used price range, this is one hell of a great radio.
W8AAZ Rating: 2013-12-21
Perfect in it's limits Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Had one and no longer, but thought I should chime in. Not much good for public service stuff in 2013. Everyone is going/gone trunked and digital audio. Want that? Lay out big cash. If you find one of these used, cheap and working correctly, you can't go wrong for monitoring hams, military tactical, air, and non trunked non digital users. Stuff most scanners don't cover. It is the best within it's limits which are pretty broad. (But even my trunked scanner is soon to be useless due to digital, and I can't afford the cash layout for that now.) This is a nice unit. Especially at used prices.
ERIEDXER Rating: 2013-12-20
LCD could be better, Great performer Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought this one brand new. I give it a four for its flawless performance on the radio end and general ease of operation, but truth be told at least in my experiences it’s not as reliable as some make it out to be, mainly in the display section. Reading other reviews I learned I am not alone. I replaced one faded LCD on mine, and now the replacement is starting to fade away also. I have a Bearcat 9000XLT about the same age as this that was given to me used 10 years ago, and it has needed no repairs at all with performance that is just about on equal with the PRO-2006 with a better, less Radio-Shack-ish (read cheap) feel to its construction, a nicer matrix LCD with alpha capability, and a jogger/tuning dial. I’m not saying don’t buy one of these if it will fill your bill, just be prepared that you might be bit with the LCD that sometimes has trouble with the test of time. Thus I wouldn’t spend more than $50-60.00 for a used PRO-2006, or look for a 9000XLT that you can pick up used for about the same price.

VE6DO Rating: 2012-03-11
A Real Workhorse Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have been running my Pro 2006 for 24/7 for years in an Etrunker installation. The only thing that I did to it is make the dimmer button act as a button to turn the display on and off. I leave it in the off position (so as to not burn out the display) and the display is still going strong. Performance .. it is a very good scanner from those years when having a few hundred channels was considered lots. These days .. a few hundred channels would never cut it. It does warm a little warm being on 24/7 but it still just works and works.
G1HQK Rating: 2009-11-14
NICE! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Had mine a few days now, although several years old it is in great condition and all working fine, managed to pick it up for £45 which for what it is I feel is a bit of a bargain really.
The whole set feels quality, only been using the supplied telescopic whip so far but still able to pull in the normal local signals easily. Looking forward to sticking it on the big antenna in due course and putting it through its paces. This is one to keep.
PE1IOC Rating: 2007-04-25
Going and going and going... Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought the Pro 2006 at a Tandy store in the Netherlands in 1993, new out of the box.
Since then it gave me hundreds of hours enjoyable listening to police, firefighters and so on. I did the 800 Mhz mod and some others, found in the Internet. Running almost 24 hours a day; never had a problem ! It's going on and on and on...
My display faded; a wellknown problem and I will replace it some day.
In the year 2003 police, firefighters, ambulances; they all moved in the Netherlands to digital in the UHF range 380 - 410 Mhz. Full encrypted.
The end of the 2006 ? No; there are still Airbands to listen too!
I hope someday we will have a scanner introduced here into Europe that can read those digital signals called "Tetra" , which is become a standard in Europe. France and Belgium has gone digital in the mean time, Germany will follow around 2010

Best 73's and happy listening !

The Netherlands
N9TRZ Rating: 2007-03-25
Still tickin' Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Is ditto enough after being in use for over 15 years! Oops one complaint - a fading display.
KC5LOC Rating: 2006-11-03
Great Scanner Time Owned: more than 12 months.
If you can find a unit with the Optoelectronics OS-456 Optoscan board installed in it buy it. The board adds CTCSS and computer control via RS-232 interface. The 2006's only downfall is the speaker sound isn't so great but you can remedy that with an external speaker. I also did the easy "expansion" mod to give my unit no frequency gaps. With the advent of more and more trunked systems however this scanner is now a little dated but that shouldn't keep you from getting this excellent scanner.
TOMMYT Rating: 2005-01-31
Classic Scanner Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This scanner is the overall best desktop scanner I ever owned. It does just about everything you can want from a scanner. I have owned one for over 4 years and have enjoyed it greatly. While it is a bit old now as compared to other scanners, it will always have an honored place on my table.