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Reviews For: Astron RS-50A

Category: Power Supplies

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Review Summary For : Astron RS-50A
Reviews: 5MSRP: 220.00
50 Amp Linear Power Supply
Product is in production
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K8OHM Rating: 2018-11-28
No problems at all Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have an old RS 50A (heat sinks in rear) that I purchased in a yard sale, was driving through a neighborhood yard sale and see it in the driveway and stopped. The owner had used it for his business and said it had seen near zero usage and I got it for 5 bucks. It was in new condition and a 10 out of 10. That was in 2005 and I still use it.
Lewis Rating: 2016-08-28
30yrs and Counting Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have an old RS 50A that I purchased back in the 80s when I first got my Ticket. It has been used with quite a few Rigs without any type of failure. I was given a new MFJ 4035MV supply and installed it with my New Icom 7600. After about an Hour the Fan Noise from the MFJ was giving me a Headache. So the 30yr old RS 50A is back in service, and working like a Champ
AF6XW Rating: 2012-06-09
Great Power Supply Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I bought this power supply used and it worked great for about 1 year then I was having trouble with it giving my radio a buzz in my receive so I took it to Astron in Irvine, great service and it didn’t take but a few minutes and the Tech was working on my Power Supply. He diagnosed it very quickly and had it fixed in 30 minutes and while I watched. The Tech also load tested it at 50 Amps and even 60 Amps, no prblem at all. The great service I got compelled me to write this review. I even learned something while I watched and the charge was very low. They wouldn’t take a credit card as they don't do much sales from the lobby, I didn't have any cash on me so they gave me a self addressed envelope and said I could pay on the honor system. I was like glad they did that cause a trip to an ATM was going to gobble up time and Gas. So I sent in the money with that envelope, I was almost going to post the power supply online as a tech special and sell it for whatever I could get but now I’m glad Astron is local and that I went to the trouble to visit them. Well Worth It. I also know what to look for when it buzzes again. Very simple diag and fix. The Power Supply works Great and i'm using it currently "no buzz" no worries. I like the fact that there is no FAN'S in it, its completely silent and no fans to start grinding away like most power supplys. Would I buy another Astron, absolutely.
GW0WVL Rating: 2011-11-10
Works Ok but buzzes like a ARC welder Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Ive had my Astron RS-50-A for a few months now and its always 'Buzzed' even when NO load, ive reomoved the transformer from the chassis and it still buzzes but not as bad as when its in the box, I guess its the laminations and the magnetic field 'shaking' the box, Im in the middle of re-building it as i type this article, Im using a Toroidal transformer instead of the cube type, Also the internal wiring looks like its been wired by a Monkey, Its got one saving grace, the enclosure is nice looking. All in all its a very poor quality P.S.U
N4UE Rating: 2010-01-10
A BRUTE! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I'm surprised no one has done a review for this P/S.
Anyway, I have had MORE than my share of problems with my RS-35A. NOT a fault of the P/S, but user induced!!!
While I was trying (!!) to fix the RS-35A (see the Elmers section for the whole sorry tale), I found a RS-50A on ePay for pretty cheap.
It was advertised as working, etc. The seller even sent me an e-mail stating he was load testing it one more time before he shipped it.
It arrived safely and was in excellent condition, with 2 small exceptions....
1. it was missing all 4 feet (WTF?)
You know with all the screws coming from the bottom, what that will do to anything!
2. the AC receptacle was broken and horribly repaired.

No problem. I have a LOT of spare parts. I put in a 3 prong computer connector, and a REAL fuse.
In the process, I shorted the + of the filter cap to ground. Yes, the P/S was off and disconnected.

Having been through all the issues with the 35A, this helped me find the problem immediately. The "Crowbar" SCR was shorted.
OK, try to find one!!!! It seems that the Triac is an old Teccor P/N (now owned by Littlefuse). I spent several hours looking through the WWW, Mouser, Digi-Key, etc. I ended up just ordering a couple from Astron......
This is no fault of the P/S. I just do NOT like parts like this that are 'uncommon'.

I have made new legs from Delrin and this bruiser will be ready to go......