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Reviews For: Moonraker SPX100

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Review Summary For : Moonraker SPX100
Reviews: 10MSRP: 99
SPX 100 - 9 Band Plug And Go HF Portable Antenna
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M0NNQ Rating: 2023-09-16
As it stands…rubbish Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I bought this a while back thinking I could hide it in the shrubbery out front for winter use when the shack is too cold. Unfortunately I have been unable to get it to give me less than infinity. The sockets for the 2mm bananas are all different internal diameters so the plugs are tight in some and loose in others. Same problems as others with the coax connections.

I’ve retrieved it from a spidery shelf in the garage to see if I can improve things such as screw self-tappers into the sockets and use crocodiles for the links. If it works I’ll keep it in the RV for a spare.

All in all though, for north of fifty quid you’d expect it to work out of the box.

My advice? Don’t buy one. Get a bamboo cane instead - it’ll give you a better match at less than one hundredth the price.
W8NET Rating: 2022-10-28
Works as designed Time Owned: more than 12 months.
The SPX-100 is a good antenna for portable (POTA) operations. On most bands, you will need a tuner. Also, I have always used a) a shunt coil and b) a set of 4 16ft radials. Simple to add them both, and good practice for any vertical.

For me, the quality is good. No problems with the wander lead or shorts or loose connections.

If you treat it well, do the things that any vertical needs (shunt, radials) and adjust it correctly, it works well. Don’t expect a $500 antenna. But, it works as designed.
M7VUX Rating: 2022-10-27
Its okay but not sturdy enough Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I thought this would be a better portable and can be mounted but no. Studs moves with S2039 basel. I removed the fed point and saw a loose sleeve. Thought to solder it for a proper joint, did solder it and there we go SWR > 3. De-solder the joint and kept it loose and SWR improved ! weird.Anyway, then I went out to put back up and SWR went bad again. After number of other attempts with all checks I could, I gave up and now heading towards a proper HF vertical or will stick up 20m dipole.

Very delicate aerial and suited for QRP or just on move.
OH1LA Rating: 2021-07-01
Great results Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I don't have another antenna. In 2018, I had to take down a 2el HEX beam. I have worked about 1500 QSOs on this SPX-100. All Continents, among rare dx stations such as KH6, VP8FI, VK9N, PZ, S0, 5T5, etc. About 100 DXCC countries. The antenna is about 2 meters above the ground. Works well. The 20m band I work the most. 20-6m goes well with the tune, but 80-30m is harder. I'm looking for a cheap tuner ATU-100 from China, maybe it will help. I mainly work in FT4 / FT8 mode, but also CW and SSB.
I have been working on the IC-7300 for about a year full 100W and the antenna is still fine.
I recommend this short antenna that goes with the telescope retracted into the breast pocket!
W4BPP Rating: 2020-08-27
terrible, poor quality, poor results Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
i am really unhappy with this thing. it just doesnt tune, quality is poor in some regards (the stud mounts are loose internally and spin making me worried something is or will short). the flying lead is super thin and the banana plugs are cheap. some of the ports for the lead are too tight and some are too loose. instructions are minimal at best. spend your money on literally anything else.
M0RJL Rating: 2018-02-03
new purchase Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Just got this antenna, so not sure how well it will work as yet but only bought it for portable use so wanted something that packed down well.
I know people have had issues trying to tune this antenna. I have made up tuned quarter wave radial
for each band and have had no issues at all with swr. All 9 bands with a very low swr, no atu needed. Use the formula of 180 devided by the transmit freq for length of radial in feet, then adjust telescopic whip for lowest swr. Have fun.
G4PWO Rating: 2017-12-18
works surprisingly well Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have just taken delivery of one of these antennas today and have been surprised at how well it works - using my KX2 as a handheld with this antenna I had no problems making a couple of SSB QSOs to Italy (about 1,000 miles from my location in London), getting 56 signal reports from my 10W output.

Even on 80m, I've been surprised at how much I can hear on such a tiny antenna, although I haven't managed a QSO on the low bands yet.

I think it's likely the KX2 ATU helps quite a bit, since it means I don't have to settle for anything but a perfect match.

The antenna has a thread that will fit any mobile antenna mount, it also comes with a BNC adaptor, a PL259 adaptor, and a PL259 right angle so as supplied it will fit most radios.

My only complaint was that the adapters were quite poorly assembled and one had a bad connection, so I had a bit of gluing and soldering to do before everything was working well. The antenna and loading coil seem of good quality though.

M0TCF Rating: 2015-12-15
Garbage; Don't Waste Money Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I've been putting together a 'RAYNET' portable station - a grab and go type system, comprising an 817, LDG ATU, spare batts etc. all mounted on a framework inside an ex military bergan. I spotted this antenna and (like you do) thought it might solve a lot of the problems associated with multi-band operations, esp as I'm only working QRP. It arrived and my initial impression wasn't that good, the overall construction is cheap, the telescopic section is made from the cheapest possible item available and as a consequence the second time I put it away the third section bent.............It also came with a couple of adaptor fittings, none of which looked as if they could stand up to a single days use out in the field! Now the most damning part; the instructions! A single sheet of A4 with virtually nothing of use on it, except a small table giving recommended antenna lengths and jumper settings. The jumper cable itself is a flawed design, again made from cheap and nasty materials, (mine for some reason had a split in the wire half way along) not something you expect out of the box.

For a giggle I decided to put this 'item' on my MFJ Analyser, a giggle it wasn't (que discovery of broken jumper wire). After an extended period of measurements, messing around and head scratching, not to mention double checking lengths with two tape measures, I came to the gloom conclusion that I'd wasted approx £45 of my hard earned cash on something I wouldn't bother stirring paint with - I couldn't find a resonant frequency within any of the ham bands, the SWR etc. varied wildly depending on if I held the analyser or put it on the desk, leaving one to only guess what was really a true reading!

What would I choose to get over this one, if I had the choice over again, knowing what I do now?? Compared to this item, a damp piece of string would be an improvement...... 73's Lin M0TCF
MM6CCY Rating: 2014-05-09
Very Good !! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Relay well made little antenna, had this for about 3 months and made lots of contacts on 40m and 20m using only 4w from my hb1b, But the best of it is the antenna has been sitting on my living room table hi hi, though a counterpoise is a must for the best performance and lowest swr.

Would i recommend this antenna, for its size and performance, its very low price of £45 then 100% yes. Great antenna, even comes with all the adapters you need.
M3FLP Rating: 2010-02-10
Amazing.!! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I purchased this from Moonraker for my Yaesu 817. It goes into my Magmount & onto my Honda CRV. There is a banana plug lead to connect two holes together depending on the band you want to use. Then just extend the whip right out to 48 inches.

The first time I used it after much success with my Wonderwand Widebander, I got a 5/7 report straight into Bulgaria on 20M, 2.5 watts. To say I was happy is an understatement.

It comes with loads on adaptors to connect BNC etc. straight onto my Yaesu 817 for true portable operation but I prefer the Magmount option and when I am in the middle of nowhere, I have my Wonderwand Widebander (way better than my old Miracle Whip).

I was originally going to get seperate mobile whips for 20 & 40M but this does them all, VERY WELL.

Get one and be amazed, there are good videos on YouTube with great success too.

This antenna is a bargin!