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Reviews For: Hexbeam: G3TXQ by MW0JZE

Category: Antennas: HF: Yagi, Quad, Rotary dipole, LPDA

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Review Summary For : Hexbeam: G3TXQ by MW0JZE
Reviews: 95MSRP: £475.00 + Shipping
Description: A six band broadband Hexagonal Beam Antenna designed by Steve G3TXQ and manufactured in the UK by Anthony MW0JZE. Comparable performance to a full size two element yagi on bands 20M – 6M with no tuner needed! Antenna is made in a pre-assembled form meaning a quite assembly time with no tuning involved, just assemble and mount to your mast. Full spec can be found on Anthony’s web site Price £475 GBP plus shipping
Product is in production
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MM0LBX Rating: 2023-08-26
Great Performer, exceeded expectations Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Update - 26.07.2023.

Flying for just over a year now, with the WX supports, hasn’t moved an inch. I’m 150m from the beach on the E coast of Scotland, you can guess the winds at times especially winter. I had issues with the 17m element snapping, took me 5 months to replace it, done today. Like all multi band antennas that work parasitically with single feed, it made a huge difference. 1:1 on all bands again whereas I had to use a tuner on 15. It still worked on 17m 180deg difference, so you’re working from the rear.

I ordered Ants balun after installing initially, installed balun, the width of tuning improved dramatically, don’t be like me and try to install without the balun saving a few quid, it saves you extra grief, no brainier.

My telescopic mast is prefabricated by myself, the reassurance of far less weight on the mast is self assuring.

Do I regret installing the Hexbeam, never, must be the best directional antenna out there for the cost.

End of edited review.

I mean no disrespect whatsoever when I say this, I did not expect the Hexbeam to perform so well after replacing a 9 element yagi with the Hexbeam.

In all honesty, I studied the antenna and reviews well before purchasing, I read "breaking pile-ups" a lot and thought, is it really that good? it certainly is. I have been a DX'er for the 15 years and also a contester on and off, just recently back on the radio after 4 years out, I needed an antenna that was a lot lighter than my old antenna as sadly all my radio friend have either passed away or not able to assist with antenna work, I can now work on the antenna myself due to the reduced weight.

It definitely breaks pile-ups with 190w out of my FT1000MP MkV, approximately 13 meters AGL. Extra bonus band is of course the magic band.

Took me a little longer to build as I have an unusually shaped back garden, got there nevertheless.

I must thank Ant for his patience who went above and beyond to help me, also sent extra d rings at no extra cost, a true gentleman.

I am still testing the antenna but very happy with the results, I even purchased a new transceiver with 6m to try it out, yet to do that as the new one only came yesterday, work commitments have stopped that just now. I will be testing on 6 at the weekend if its open of course.

I can't recommend this antenna enough if you need to down size from your full size yagi, don't think about it, do it, you won't be disappointed. If I can hear it, I'll work it.

Ant, keep up the good work my friend.

Vy 73,

VK5SA Rating: 2023-07-20
Fantastic Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Coming up to 9 year update!

One clamp came loose (my fault when installing) and had to be re-tightened, and that is the only problem that I have had since installing it in 2014!

275 countries confirmed on 100W is all that you need to know.

Thanks, Ant - Chris VK5SA

Ant supplies everything needed, and assembly is logical and quick.

It is of heavier-duty construction than you would expect from reading about it, and all components are purpose-built for this antenna.

VSWR bandwidth in my installation is all of 20/17/15/12m.
My internal ATU (IC-7410) cuts in at around 29.2MHz, and I cover all of 50MHz at less than 2:1 VSWR.

Initial on-air results are very promising, with solid S9+ signals both ways long-path to Europe and the US/Canada on 20m, when I could just barely hear the stations on my 10m vertical.

Local noise is reduced, too.

I have a very small yard, so even a 3-element tri-band yagi would not fit, and the Hexbeam just fits, hence the decision to purchase.

I am glad that I was forced to go this way, as performance is great, and I have the added bonus of 17/12/6m.
IK0TIX Rating: 2023-07-19
G3TXQ: the perfect choice Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
For about 10 years I used a Prosistel PST-1524TV V-shaped rigid dipole. I did 210 confirmed country with it (LOTW). I consider this type of antenna the last step before moving on to a directional antenna (it has always beaten all the others: vertical, wire and inverted V dipoles). If I want to increase my chances of contact I had to improve the situation.
I live in the city (Rome) in a condominium, the idea of bulky trellises and antennas weighing more than 30Kg caused me anxiety. For about two years (yes! after the pandemic) I began to study different solutions and, certainly, I had to consider the presence of a rotor (about 2/3Kg).
Another fundamental element for the choice was the number of coaxials (I don't have easy passages) whose aesthetic impact becomes an important factor. This last element ruled out the dynamic antennas since they require an additional cable to use the control box. Last consideration was to have the main bands (20 15 and 10m) and possibly the WARC (at least 17 and 12m). In conclusion:

- The multi band Yagi were all heavy, the compromise was the loaded type (but they hardly include the WARC without increasing the weight)
- Dynamic antennas require the cable for the control box, furthermore they require continuous maintenance which isn’t easy to implement on the limited space on a roof
- The installation of several rotary dipoles (at least 20/15/10 + 17/12) didn’t guarantee that plus compared to the PST-1524TV such as to justify both the expense and the installation work

So: HexBeam is the solution! With the additional 40m kit I would have had:
- One antenna with 7 bands 40 20 17 15 12 10 6m
- 6 beams, two full-size elements, and one folded rotary dipole (for 40m)
- Less than 20kG
- Only 3 cables (two coaxial and one cable for the rotor)
- One yaesu G450 rotor was more than enough to keep everything spinning

I just had to choose the best HexBeam: Ant MW0JZE and Giorgio IZ3KVD made the difference.
Both have put up with a difficult customer (me) but very attentive and responsible (I'm an engineer and work supervisor by trade so every thing is stuck in times and processes).
For the installation, the great credit goes to my friends Stefano IW0CZC (stubbornness and perfectionist) and Mirko IZ0VQU (equilibrium personified and tireless): we started at 7:00am and finished at 8:30pm on July 10th with 40°C… three crazy guys! The result was perfect:
1. Optimal SWR on all bands
2. Several known stations whose previous signals I knew increased 4/5 points on Smeter
3. Especially in transmission immediate feedback and the pile-up is no longer a big problem
4. His directivity is perfect for me as 2 elements don't require precise aiming
5. Noise is low (at the level of my previous already silent dipole)
6. Greatly improbe aesthetic impact… no complaints.

Thanks Ant, Giorgio, Mirko and Stefano: you are the HEXMen ;)
VK2QV Rating: 2022-11-23
Excellent multi band antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Update after 6 years -- I just wanted to update my review here. After 6 years the antenna is performing same as day one or even better in new sun cycle. I must admit this is a real weapon, built quality and performance. It has gone through may gale force winds and never had a problems, gust upto 80km/h. Highly recommend this Hexbeam antenna for anyone who has limited space but to get on the game. I have 279 DXCC using this antenna since it erected. Today I just worked 3C3CA from downunder, only limited VK BIG guns have worked that station. The best by far Hexbeam. - de VK2QV

The Hexbeam was put-up on the mast about 6 weeks ago. I have a small backyard and wanted to operate on 20m through 6m including the WARC bands using my homebrewed antenna mast.

Prior to purchasing the antenna I did much research and decided to go on with Hexbeam by Ant MW0JZE.

The antenna works great on all 6 bands and low VSWR throughout the bands. Superbly built with quality great materials. Assembly of the antenna was very easy and instructions were very clear. I’m using 1:1 balun made by Ant as well.

Antenna is sitting about 10m above the ground level and VSWR was measured using RigExpert antenna analyzer and very impressed with low SWR over entire band so no tuner needed. All 6 bands at it resonant and it is a real wide bander.

Communication with Ant is very easy by email or Whatsapp and you will get a prompt reply from him.

In general the antenna works excellent and DX signal reports are much better compared to my old homebrewed Cobwebb antenna. Most of the times I use 300w and can easily break a pileup.

I will recommend this antenna for anyone who has limited space and no need of big tower and simple rotator will turn the antenna with ease. I’m using Yaesu G-450A rotator to turn the antenna.

for more info:

73 Ras VK2QV
M1TCP Rating: 2022-11-20
Really excellent 6 band antenna Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Bought this hexbeam from Ant MW0JZE, ordering process is first class, great communication from Ant as to how my order was progressing etc and very well packaged on arrival.

I bought this for operating when I go on holiday, which has been somewhat delayed due to the 'coronovirus' issues, however we have managed to get away for a week and have had the hexbeam up on a trailer mast at about 50 foot.

It really works well, despite some pretty poor band conditions this week I have been working loads of dx mainly on SSB with some FT-8 and FT-4.

This is a very quiet antenna, I have an end fed dipole for 40/20/15/10 which is reasonably quiet but comparing between the noise levels between it and the hexbeam the hexbeam is much quieter, which of course means that you can hear and work more really weak stations who would otherwise be lost in the noise.

It is built like a tank, took me a while to put it together the first time, but once you have built it a few times its pretty easy. While its solid and well built it is still light enough to lift and slide into the trailer mast socket single handed.

Totally recommend this antenna, it really works well and it is incredibly well made and supported by a great guy who is a real credit to amateur radio.
OE3CRD Rating: 2022-08-21
Great Performance Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.

i had used for 10 years the HEX from SP7IDX (Waldi SK unfortunately) - The old HEX come down due a storm this year.

Started to write with Ant in Jan 2022.
Received the antenna few weeks ago and works perfectly!

I also like the very stable mast included in my order also the WX support. From the mechanic point of view its very stable and does not really affect the SWR.

Thanks again to you Ant for your great job!

F5NZY Rating: 2022-02-24
Great antenna, indeed! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I don't remember when I bought my first Hexbeam built by MW0JZE but in 2013, I bought the current model with the aluminium hub and the XTREAM WX SUPPORTS.

The antenna is on a high point, at 130m ASL, and since 2013 the antenna has experienced several storms with peak speeds of 130 km/h and once even 140 km/h.

Thanks to the XTREAM WX SUPPORTS, it has never moved.

After so many years, I am really glad to own this antenna.

The build quality is really excellent and the performance really good.

It is an antenna which I find at least equal to a three element trap antenna, but without the disadvantages of the latter.

Also, very important for me is the price/performance ratio of this antenna.

Performance, wind resistance and price/performance ratio.

Do not hesitate!

Thanks Ant, you made my DX life easier, and so much more enjoyable!

73 de Steph, F5NZY.
OH3BKN Rating: 2021-10-24
Very good antenna! And also good choice for my requirements! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I haven't a large space so wanted a light and well balanced antenna which could be installed on the top of my WRTC-telescopic mast. Finally my decision was a Hexbeam from Anthony. I was then a little bit afraid
of wet & heavy snow in Finland, but not so much about winds. So at the same time I purchased Xtream supports from him. I think they were worth of installing right away in beginning.

Delivery time was quite long, about 5 months in summer 2020, but this Ant told already in his first emails. I believe I wasn't only one customer then.

Assembly was easy, because instruction were good and simple to follow. As expected, antenna is light and balanced, but still rigid with weather supports. At the moment it's about on 11,5 m height with two guylines (6 and 10 m) and it's rotated by Yeasy G-450 rotator.

Antenna works very, very well so this first year has been fantastic with such a great experiences. It's really a strange feeling after getting a DX QSO in pileup, only with 100 W!!!

I do recommend highly this antenna with weather supports as well Ant as manufacturer.
RU9CZD Rating: 2021-09-23
Best antenna I ever had. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Simply excellent both mechanically and electrically. I have been using one at my summer QTH for 10 years now and had no issues with it at all. Highly recommended.
ON7AH Rating: 2021-09-17
Extraordinary antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months.
When, after a 16 years break, I was restarting my amateur radio career, I did a lot of research for an appropriate antenna, and finally ordered the classic 6 band G3TXQ Hexbeam by MW0JZE. I also purchased the extreme weather supports.

My order was placed at the beginning of August 2017.
Communication was brilliant from the initial inquiry, right up to the point that the antenna was delivered, well packaged, in Mid-December 2017.

All parts were clearly numbered and the instructions were clear. I took my time for the assembly. It was completed in less than 2 hours. At the feed-point I installed a 1:1 “Hexbeam BALUN” built by another great chap Hugo,
The antenna is mounted on a 8m crank-up military mast.

I am extremely happy with the Hexbeam from both performance and build quality.
With my modest 100W I can work everything I hear, DX-peditions included.
The weather supports do their job.

If you are thinking about a purchase, don't go anywhere else, just order one from Anthony. You will not regret it!