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Reviews For: Jetstream JTPS30M

Category: Power Supplies

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Review Summary For : Jetstream JTPS30M
Reviews: 6MSRP: 129
Lightweight Switching Power Supply
13.8 VDC
30 Amp Surge
25 Amp Continuous
Light Weight, only 5 lbs!
Compact, only 7.5" x 2.75" x 7"
High current jacks on the back
Quick connectors on the front for low current accessories
Over voltage protection
Over current protection
Lighter plug on the front
Internally switchable AC input voltage, 110 or 220 Vac
Product is not in production
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WA3SEE Rating: 2015-04-10
Good performer Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Have been using every day for over 2 years as the supply for my 100W HF transceiver. Never a problem. Fan is quiet.
VE7TJL Rating: 2015-02-06
Still Going Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Got one of these along with my first radio a few years back. Used it as a power supply for radios as well as a bench power supply for some control system design at loads slightly above spec... still going. It's a workhorse and nice and quiet. Wire connectors on the front are handy
K0WCC Rating: 2013-01-31
Works good, price was right. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Was at a local hamfest last week, and picked up this up for $79.95 as a "like new", used unit. It does, indeed, look and perform "as new". It is very solidly built, heavy and quiet. I use it to power my Yaesu FT-450D and Kenwood TM-281A.
N8NPB Rating: 2010-10-26
Great Supply Until! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
N8AYE's story has me scared. I bought mine at Dayton in May. It also died a week ago. Fortunately it did not take out my FT-950, but now I worry about the next time. The service was good, I also got mine back in 3 days. I now think they must have a design bug that hopefully they fixed in the units they sent us as replacements.
N8AYE Rating: 2010-10-25
4 Months with Jetstream Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I got a Jetstream JTPS-30M this past June for my mobile at home. Ran daily for four months never pulling more than 8A. It died on RX one day and took out my mobile as well.

The CAPs inside lost all their important black goo. I sent the mobile back for warranty on the blown internal fuse and diode (turn around was 2 weeks)...

I sent back the Jetstream on Friday by FedEx. I had a replacement back the very next Tuesday. Total Turn-around was only THREE Business Days.

Hopefully the new CAPs will retain their goo longer. But customer Service was the best I have seen in a while.

I have to give the supply and company a 5/5. The fact that I got one with a bad component, CAN HAPPEN. The customer Service convinces me that they stood behind their product and they believe it will stand the test of time...

AA4XX Rating: 2010-03-25
A worthy supply--compact, quiet, and dependable Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
In reviewing the manufacturer's specs, this supply seemed to have the features I was looking for--13.8VDC@25A continuous output, metering of both voltage and current, cigarette lighter jack, appropriate binding posts, and relatively small size and weight for portable work. W4MY and I put this supply through a serious test during our recent VAQP expedition to Tangier Island. We were running two stations, and after W4MY's power supply failed (t'was not a Jetstream by the way),
I suggested to Marty that we power both his IC-746 and my Corsair from the JTPS30M. We throttled back power output on both rigs to abt 50W and proceeded to work an additional 12 hours of the Virginia QSO Party with nary a hitch--both CW and SSB modes. The metered voltage and current readings were very helpful, letting us know that there was no voltage sag and helping us to adjust our rigs' power output for max firepower without overloading the supply. The JTPS30M has an internal fan which is very quiet--considerably quieter than the fan in the IC-746, and the power supply fan did not come on during the 12 hours I was running my Corsair at 90W output; It did come on after we added the additional load of W4MY's IC-746, but the fan noise was quite low, and the heatsink cabinet was barely warm to the touch, so I was satisfied that we were running the supply conservatively. The cigarette adapter allowed me to run my laptop for contest logging during our two day expedition. The JTPS30M was on continuously for 30 hours, providing us with rock solid, dependable service.