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Reviews For: Alinco DX-SR8

Category: Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - non QRP <5W

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Review Summary For : Alinco DX-SR8
Reviews: 91MSRP: £499 UK & $560 US at r
Budget HF Transceiver with 10w 'QRP' mode (?)
Product is in production
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VR2AX Rating: 2020-12-31
Measurements - Portable or Transverter Operation Time Owned: more than 12 months.
10 year up date as at Jan 2021.

Has continued to work well. I would note the final comment below in my original post about how to change the output to 50 watts from 100 watts. Also note the very QRP output can be changed as noted below.

Current measurements

The following are DC current draw measurements taken using a Fluke meter. Power measurements using a Fluke RF probe/Bird attenuator and 50 ohm resistive load. Model is the DX-SR8E or ‘European’ version.

All measured at 13.8V DC supply to the radio.


0.68 amps (7MHz SSB, background noise, squelch off)


Standby 2.28 amps (7MHz SSB, did not change when Low or S-Low selected)

Transmit Low position (nominal 10 watts, actual 12.5 watts) 6.48 amps (7MHz FM)

Transmit S-Low position (nominal 0.1-2 watts, actual 1.45 watts) 3.47 amps (7 MHz FM)

In the high power (100 watts) position, power output varied between 107 watts and 120 watts depending on the band.

Noise Blanker

Has some effect on noise induced from switching on a nearby fluorescent lamp
(China made soldering lamp / magnifying glass). Tested with a wire running from
the antenna socket and hung around the lamp, switched on and off.

With NB off, I could see noise of up to S9 registered on the S-meter when the
lamp was switched on. With NB on, spike meter reading did not exceed S3-4.

Less, almost negligible, effect of the NB on the ambient noise from the
fluorescent tube (about S3 'hash')


Receiver is quite sensitive. Noise level increased slightly when touching a
metal screwdriver blade to the inner conductor of the antenna connector (PREAMP
OFF), except on 24/28MHz when it was necessary to switch the PREAMP ON to
detect a change in ambient noise.

The S-meter read around S4 on the LF bands and around S3 on the HF bands with
the noise output from the N-gen applied. The approximate output of the Elecraft N-gen
into a 2.4KHz bandwidth is -105 dBm or 1.3 microvolts.

The S-meter reading increased to between S8 and S9 on switching on the PREAMP
(supposedly 10db). Switching on the 10db attenuator decresed the S-meter reading
by around 1 S-unit, and switching the 20db attenuator in reduced the S-meter
reading by a further S-unit.


There is a frequency selection setting on the keypad for the 5MHz band fixed
frequencies, but transmit on these frequencies is disabled on the "E" model.

I have posted some photos of the main board and the solder tabs in the photos
section of the Yahoo Alinco user group. Note that on the "E", pads A and B are tinned but not
bridged (these appear to be the tabs for changing to general coverage transmit
and expanded receive, or vice versa). Tab E is solder bridged on the E model.
Tab I is for changing the high power setting from 100 watts to 50 watts.
VE1QFA Rating: 2020-08-08
great hf rig!!!! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
ive had this rig a few weeks now and its my first new hf rig after being a ham for 2 years

a few points

the vfo knob shaft is plastic so take the weight thats in the vfo knob out and youll notice its a lot less shakey and prone to breaking i feel its too heavy for the the flimsy shaft.

power adjustments
the radio has three power settings and i changed them from 1, 10 and 100watts to 5 ,35 and 125 watts
vr112 is high power 100w
vr119 is low power 10w
vr 120 is super low 1w

mic gain is ok but can be increased with vr 117 to get a full 100w out on ssb

the mic that came with it is fine but for high quality audio replace with kenwood mc 43 hand mic and you have a fantastic sounding rig

the beep is loud so adjust vr 109 to lower it

also did the mars mod by soldering jumpers A and B

im getting great audio reports even with the stock mic and im using a vertical for 20 and 40 and dipole for 80 i have no issues calling back, if i can hear you you can hear me.

73s VE1QFA

KB7QKS_AZ Rating: 2020-02-10
Great Radio for under $600 Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I rate this radio as great. Taking into consideration the cost and what is expected for the cost of this radio. I did the microphone audio mod in the control head and raised the lows so audio response is balanced. Originally audio is all highs. Added a pot on rear of radio to adjust power from 1 to 70 watts for driving an amp. 70 watts was what previous owner set as HIGH power. I have 2 of these radios and 2 ICOM 718s. Enjoy sound of receive on this radio more than the ICOM. Again, taking into consideration what the radio can be purchased for, its pretty great.
KB1TCD Rating: 2020-01-14
Great radio for the money Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Bought this radio used more than a year ago as a secondary shack radio in the cellar next to the wood burning stove, run it with a home made 40m OCF antenna.
First off, go through the manual and learn how to use the menu, once you do, the radio works like a charm.
The negatives: no SWR/Power meter, Noise Blanketer is awful, the stock mic is nothing to write home about.
I had a Diamond SX-200 SWR/Power meter handy that does the trick, I bought an MFJ-297 desktop mic which was a big improvement over stock mic. I am now using said mic with my Kenwood TS-480 at another shack so I purchased the Alinco EMS-14 to use with the DX-SR8. The Alinco gets power from the radio so no batteries are required as are with the MFJ mic and in addition you can switch bands/frequencies from the mic. Kenwood mics are compatible w/Alinco btw.
Noise blanketer not an issue unless you do mobile and I use the Kenwood TS-480 for mobile, so not an issue for me.
Radio itself works great for a basic radio, no problem either calling CQ, ragchewing or even answering to CQs.
I've even made through some pileups with the Alinco though if I can't get through I go to my main shack and use my Kenwood TS-830S.
Audio is adequate, not Kenwood quality but pretty good nontheless.
For a start up radio or a secondary shack radio you can't beat it but you do have to get the desktop mic and the SWR/Power meter which add to the price.
I enjoy using the radio.
KG5PLN Rating: 2020-01-05
Wish the tuning knob worked Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I liked the idea of a simple HF transceiver. I really wanted to like it. I chose it over the IC718 not just based on price but because I wanted to try our Alinco.

I wish I hadn't.

The Tuning dial broke after 5 days of use, just outside of the return window. I had to pay to ship it back for repair. Set it up today only to find the tuning dial is now broken in a new different way.

I got good reports that the audio was good. If i could change the menu functions without using the dial I'd be half as disappointed. You can tune with an up and down button which work better than the dial because the tuning increment is easy to adjust there. But I can't configure the radio without use of the menu.

I'm glad to see that other people on here have had good experiences with the radio. I really only have had the issue with the encoder and if they had offered to pay the return shipping on the repair I'd not be so upset. I'll update this review after it's repaired again if there are no more issues.
N8GSJ Rating: 2019-11-26
Great radio should have bought one sooner. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have just had it a few days but what a bargain for a great radio. I knew its features before ordering it and am completely satisfied with it. It will spend most of the time on 10-20 but has already gotten good signal/audio reports. Wasn't looking for a PC compatible radio because I have one on the other end of the bench. The new SR9T is PC compatible if you didn't know that. They are closing the SR8T out now so get a good deal on one.
W5GNB Rating: 2018-11-01
Good for the money Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have had this radio for about two years and it works very well, I use it primarily on CW and it has no issues... The ONE thing I have found that is a bit concerning to me is that the transmit power level is not variable, it only has HI, MED, and LOW. This feature makes the rig difficult to use with common linear amplifiers in that you cannot set the drive to the amplifier to the correct levels. Otherwise, it's a really nice little rig for a low cost...

Earlier 4-star review posted by W5GNB on 2016-03-01

I wanted a Good, CHEAP, rig with none of that stupid Computer Garbage....and THIS one fits the bill....
Decent construction with some places with "Hot Glue" within but actually, the rig works GREAT, especially on CW.
If you want better SSB performance, Trash the stock mike and upgrade to something better. Otherwise, NO COMPLAINTS !!!!
AI4QT Rating: 2018-10-12
Great Radio Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This is a great radio. I only run 100 watts on all my radios, and I have to say that when I can't get through with my iCOM 7300 on SSB, I can often times with my Alinco DX-SR8! The only reason I give a 4 instead of 5 rating, is that I cannot find anywhere how to interface the radio with Ham Radio Deluxe. RT Systems and Alinco has the cables and drivers, but neither cables interface correctly with the radio. The DX-SR8 is the only radio I have been unable to interface with Ham Radio Deluxe.
NZ8I Rating: 2017-12-13
Solid rig at low cost Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Look guys; I have had this rig almost 3 years brand new from HRO. There are only two issues that matter. Crapppy Noise Blanker and no DSP.
Hey OM there are two easy mods for both issues.
Duh. Where have u Alinco owners been hiding out that u guys don’t know about them yet?
Noise Blanker - change C201 to a 2000nf cap.
Sign up for the Yahoo Alinco Dx-SR8T group please.
DSP- buy the BHI NEDSP-1061KBD and google how to install it. There is a great youtube vid by a ham who shows you how for Alinco rigs.
BHI Ltd is having a winter sale on DSP s or go to DXengineering to buy.
Please quit yer gripping about this rig for problems that have solved by aftermarket mods at least a year ago.
The complainers are just like the 7300 guys who grip about no second receiver when INRAD has a great cheap mod for that rig too.

Merry Christmas
KG4RUL Rating: 2017-12-12
Best Bang For Your HF Buck! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have used my DX-SR8 as both a base and a mobile. It is basic and reliable - the Model T of radios!