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Reviews For: AlexLoop Walkham Portable HF Small Magnetic Loop Antenna

Category: Antennas: HF Portable (not mobile)

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Review Summary For : AlexLoop Walkham Portable HF Small Magnetic Loop Antenna
Reviews: 78MSRP: 129-299 USD
The AlexLoop Walkham is a Small Magnetic Loop Antenna
designed by Alex - PY1AHD after nine years of field tests
with more than 800 confirmed QRP DXs.

The new model goes on a small cushioned bag designed to
accommodate 3 small 15 inches pieces that can be easily
assembled and disassembled in less than a minute.

It has a registered record on 17 meters on the Hall of Fame
of the Hfpack group - connected to
a FT817 QRP transceiver.

It is the ultimate solution for those hams who loves to be
on the air anytime and anywhere and for those living with
limited space.

It covers continuously any frequency between 7 MHz to 30
MHz and can be quickie and easily installed on a window or
a balcony. And can go to your vacation or business travel.

It is so light that you can even walk and talk holding in
your hand while tune it with your thumb.

The maximum recommended power is 20 watts SSB or 10 watts

Product is in production
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KG9H Rating: 2017-04-24
Great performer from condo locations Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Well after 2-1/2 years still a great performer. I have made contacts out to 5,300 miles with 3 watts on a KX3 and an FT-817. Mostly on CW as it is "quiet" on a balcony for operation. Does what it says, would recommend it to anyone that is balcony-bound. Have not tried it on a beach or camping but no reason it would not operate well there as well.

Earlier 5-star review posted by KG9H on 2014-11-09

I don't have much time to build my own so.. I decided to buy one of these. I am old school - long wires make the best antennas right? Well.... I tried it out in my 3 season room as it was about 35 degrees out. I tried it with a KX3 and with an Icom 703. With both tuners removed out of line.. I had a ball until my hand got tired of holding it. It was not hard to tune it and hold it but.. I really need a tripod!
I worked from New York to Washington to Arizona to Florida. I got 58 to 59 reports on 40 through 10 meters. Follow Alex's instructions on tuning it up. Most of my use of this will be from a hotel room or condo about 5-7 stories up. I am SOLD On this antenna. It will replace a Walkabout with a 30' ground wire.
Pretty pleased with this antenna. Highly suggest to anyone that operates portable. Next step... /4 from a condo.
PY1ZB Rating: 2016-12-18
Quick to assemble and easy to use Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have been a Ham Op for 6 years, I live in a restricted antenna space apartment, I have already tried many configurations (dipole, longwire, vertical, loaded coil, etc) always with poor/regular results, and now I tried the AlexLoop just for curiosity.

I fixed my AlexLoop in a balcony with a small mast/tripod, making it easy to be rotated. It's very light and easy to handle too, it's small and can fit anywhere away from objects. The whole process of building/tuning/using it, took less than 5 minutes.

It surprised me that operating in QRP (5w SSB), I was able to make contacts hundreds/thousands of kilometers away, and also using weak signal modes (JT65, WSPR) I made QSOs as far as 10.000 kilometers using nothing more than 3 watts. This proves the efficiency of this loop antenna. I validated it in 40/15/12/10 meter bands.

I've tested vertical and horizontal polarization/angular positions, feeling the differences in reception and transmission; the tuning process needs to be very accurate, and having a high Q sensible tuning, it can receive without QRM; every time I change the frequency, I must re-tune it slowly; but tuning process is quick and takes no more than few seconds.

I recommend it for every ham in portable operation, in restricted spaces, or just as a simple fixed configuration.

Now I should do another field tests in the top of mountains or near a salt water beach.

73 de PY1ZB
WB4NRE Rating: 2016-12-01
Excellent portable antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months.
On a trip to Bonaire from 11/5-11/12/16 I worked several stations from the waters edge using my Alex Loop on a tripod and an Elecraft KX3 with 5-10 watts SSB.
You just peak the noise using the PX3 and let the ATU do the rest. Contacts included many stateside but the best was JH1OCC from Japan! I worked mainly on 17 and 20 mtrs. Excellent product and much easier to configure than the Buddipole I have taken in the past.Wish it could handle slightly more power.
G4YVM Rating: 2016-06-11
Works FB Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I was going to buy one of these from Alex in Brazil but found one on HRD second hand, hardly used, thus saving some money. Took it out today and found it extremely easy to use, extremely well made and extremely effective!

Alex has done a splendid job of designing and building this loop to such a good degree. I used it successfully on 40m, 30m and 20m, SSB and CW all on 5w from an FT817.

What can I say? It works. Really pleased with it.
NA7US Rating: 2016-02-21
Great Portable Antenna Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This antenna performs! I have worked several countries with my K2 and the Alex Loop running 5 watts in side my house on the ground floor. It is quick and easy to set up. The only drawback is how sensitive it is when changing even a few kc and the SWR jumps up but is easily brought into resonance. I have tried several portable antennas and this is by far the best. A little pricey but worth it.
VE4MM Rating: 2016-01-08
Easy to Set Up and Use Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I purchased this antenna for our trip to Sint Maarten December 3-13, 2015.

I brought my Elecraft K3 and the antenna in a back pack and operated from our Ocean Front Condo deck in Simpson Bay.

The antenna set up in a few minutes and I was on the air right away. Made numerous contacts each day on 10M, 20M and 40M. Signals were 59+ on 40M which I could not believe from such a tiny antenna.

I brought a Buddie Pole to Mexico in 2008 and it was hard to tune and the performance was bad compared to the Alex Loop. Buddie Pole in garbage now.

I will bring the same setup to Turks and Caicos when the wife I travel there in December 2016 in Grace Bay and stay in a new house on the ocean.

Nothing like operating the radio while watching the yachts in the Bay, and planes land and take off at SXM Airport, and watch people on the beach at the same time. Paradise!

Earlier 5-star review posted by VE4MM on 2015-08-30

Got the loop working the other day and took 3 minutes to set up. Bought a Vivitar tripod for $15 knocked off the camera mount with a wrench and used electrical tape on 2 places for the antenna support. Works perfect.

This thing pulls in signals. And I am amazed at the performance for such a small antenna.

I bought this for my 10 day trip in December 2015 to Sint Maarten. (And may operate from other close islands)

I have brought a 2 element Steppir beam, Crankir, and a Buddie Pole on other trips and I am just sick of lugging all this stuff in my luggage now.

With my KX3 and Alex Loop in a backpack I am set with a load of under 10 pounds.

My wife will be happy that I do not need 2 large suit cases and a ski bag for my equipment.

M0UMS Rating: 2015-09-28
Fabulous Portable Antenna... Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Received this in the post in the UK from Brazil in less time than expected, at least 5 days early. Well packed. First time out with it today, mounted on the recommended Vivitar VIV-VPT-1250 tripod (bought on EBAY from the USA). very easy to assemble, even first time. Took less than 3 minutes. Connected to my Yaesu FT-817ND, and within a few minutes was listening to a call which I thought I could make a contact with. Using 5 watts from my QTH at Stanmore, North London, I answered a CQ call on 20m and was heard first time. Made a contact in Rudersdorf, South East Austria, a distance of approx. 984 miles. Not bad for a first effort, even with just 5 watts. I was told my siganl report sounded like 5/8, but the meter at the other end said 5/4, but I was coming through loud and clear. Can't wait to use the brilliant Alex Loop again. My only criticism is with the tripod - too light and almost blew over a couple of times, so will have to add weights to it, or change the tripod (not the fault of the antenna).
R2ABT Rating: 2015-08-17
Just amazing! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
My friend Stan UA3LMR lent me his Alexloop antenna to play with during a couple of weeks. This antenna exceeded my expectations dramatically. Probably it is the best all-in-one antenna for work wherever you go or stay – balcony, beach, mountains, park, picnic, in emergency cases. It is very small, stealthy, but highly effective one. On my point of view, it works equally to my delta-loop antenna. However, you have no need to take a mast, or search a tree to hang it on. You also need no an antenna tuner to operate with it. To be on the air just take an Alexloop, a transceiver, and a key paddle or a microphone. It was amazing to find out that in spite of sharpness of resonance, you can easily search stations without retuning the antenna, walking 100-150 kHz up and down from resonant frequency. You just have to retune it if you want to reply to CQ-ing station, and it takes 3-5 seconds; the same time takes my Elecraft T1, automatic antenna tuner, when I work with wire antennas. All in all, Alexloop worth to have it despite its high price.


73! de R2ABT
KQ4FM Rating: 2015-07-13
AlexLoop Performance Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The AlexLoop:
I am very pleased with the AlexLoop. I use it indoors near a window in a ground floor room and have no problem making contacts on 40 through 10 meters. If a station is an S5 on my KX3, I am usually able to make contact with him.

I also use the AlexLoop outside on my patio. As one would expect, signals are stronger outdoors and contacts are abundant. I am frequently able to null out noise with the AlexLoop if it is not coming in from the same direction as the desired signal.

The AlexLoop is very well made and tunes smoothly with a knob at the bottom of the tuning box. One can truly hold the mast in one hand and operate the tuning knob with the thumb of that same hand.

I have built a number of magnetic loops myself but have never attained the frequency coverage the AlexLoop achieves. This product falls right near the price point of other small loops that do not even come close to the same performance, weight,
operability, and fun. Even with the poor propagation conditions we are currently experiencing, if I can hear a station, I can almost always make contact.

Alex, the loop's designer, is always available by email to help out if you have questions about his products. I have followed his antenna experiments for years and only WISH I had hit on the Alex Portable Loop design before he did! Buy with confidence. 73 KQ4FM previously W4GZV
K0ALN Rating: 2015-05-14
Great results first time out! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Boy am I impressed! Took my new AlexLoop, 817nd, buddipole tripod and some PVC pieces with me to a friend's wedding in Punta Gorda, Florida. No problem at all with TSA! Set up on the dock right beside the canal. First contact was with HK1MW w/2.5 watts. Made several more stateside contacts at 5 watts with my limited time over 2 days, and finished with OM2VL in Slovakia. I'm jealous of the East Coast hams getting into Europe so easily!! I'm looking forward to trying it out here in the Rockies this summer and in the NAQCC summer sprints. Quick and easy set up - will work great in combination with my 10/20/40 LNR QRP end-fed and Buddipole. Pricey but worth it.