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Reviews For: AlexLoop Walkham Portable HF Small Magnetic Loop Antenna

Category: Antennas: HF Portable (not mobile)

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Review Summary For : AlexLoop Walkham Portable HF Small Magnetic Loop Antenna
Reviews: 78MSRP: 129-299 USD
The AlexLoop Walkham is a Small Magnetic Loop Antenna
designed by Alex - PY1AHD after nine years of field tests
with more than 800 confirmed QRP DXs.

The new model goes on a small cushioned bag designed to
accommodate 3 small 15 inches pieces that can be easily
assembled and disassembled in less than a minute.

It has a registered record on 17 meters on the Hall of Fame
of the Hfpack group - connected to
a FT817 QRP transceiver.

It is the ultimate solution for those hams who loves to be
on the air anytime and anywhere and for those living with
limited space.

It covers continuously any frequency between 7 MHz to 30
MHz and can be quickie and easily installed on a window or
a balcony. And can go to your vacation or business travel.

It is so light that you can even walk and talk holding in
your hand while tune it with your thumb.

The maximum recommended power is 20 watts SSB or 10 watts

Product is in production
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WA8JNM Rating: 2013-05-12
What fun! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This may be my first eHam review of any product. The ALexloop Walkham arrived in 2 weeks, straight from Alex. The assembly is easy. My first question was how to mount it, and actually spent $150 this weekend on an ideal camera tripod with the precisely correct diameter. I set it on my second story deck, and attached my KX3 (also new to me), running 10 watts. I put an antenna analyzer in line with a switch, for easy antenna adjustment, which is very sensitive, as you would expect. Alex says to tune for high noise level, but the analyzer makes it much easier. Adjusting for maximum noise was particularly difficult on 40 and 30 meters. My limited experience is that 40 and 30 meters work just ok, but the antenna really shines on 15 meters. ( I have yet to try the other HF bands.) This setup easily worked Romania and France in quick succession on 15 meters CW from Ohio just moments ago. The antenna is much easier to set up and tune than the Superantenna Buddipole knockoff that I have earlier used. It appears to me that if you are willing to spring for a good tripod and a portable analyzer, this may be one of the best, most convenient portable antennas available. More later, after I play with it more extensively. Actually, if you are HOA limited, this might be a good permanent solution, especially if you have a balcony or deck. As you know, no counterpoise is necessary. I would leave the tripod on the deck, and just remove the antenna from it, laying it flat on the deck (maybe covering it for weather protection), after each session. That would take ten seconds or less. In fact, I do live in a condo, but the HOA finally let me put a doublet in the woods. Before I gained that permission I tried several compromise solutions, and this is clearly the best so far.
K2WO Rating: 2013-04-25
Quick Set-up! Great Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I love to operate portable with my KX3, but it isn't always easy to set up an effective antenna. I have used Par End-Fedz, Random wires and dipoles and when you have the time and the correct circumstances, they are the way to go.I was intrigued with the AlexLoop antenna because of the many positive reviews and the many YouTube videos that I have seen by WG0AT, Alex (PY1AHD) and others. The price was also a deciding factor.

Nevertheless, I bit the bullet several months ago and purchased one through (Great outfit!). It arrived quickly and I first tried it INSIDE my ham shack. I was amazed with how well it received. I then tried transmitting with my KX3, running 10 W. I made several Stateside contacts with decent reports which blew me away!

The next day I ventured out to my back patio and tried the same set up there, running 5W from my KX3 on battery power. I called an Argentinian station on SSB who had just finished a QSO. He came back right away and was amazed that I was only running 5W to a Magnetic Loop antenna. He gave me a 59 report. I tuned up the band and called CQ. This time another station from Argentina answered my call and gave me a 58 report. What a blast!

All I can say is that if you want to operate QRP portable, an AexLoop needs to be in your bag of tricks. Again, I don't always use it, but when I want so set up and operate quickly, the AlexLoop can't be beat. The quality of the antenna is excellent and it comes with a very nice carrying case that complements it perfectly.

Thanks Alex and W4RT!
K1GUY Rating: 2013-04-25
Sometimes Great Things Come In Small Packages Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Dont want to waste your time reiterating all the praises of this loop antenna. It's the most unique, best purchase I have done in this hobby.

Something special to have and own, especially for the mobile warrior.

THANK YOU ALEX ! And keep up your great videos...

ALEXLOOP-King Of All Portable Antennas
WD0BC Rating: 2013-04-13
QUICK and EFFICENT ! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.

Today 4/13/2013 @ 15:37 UCT was the first use of my (second one I have owned) ALEXLOOP.

Remote setup location was in or near grid square EM29vr near CAMERON, MISSOURI in Wallace State Park.

Rig was a KX3, battery powered by 12V SLA battery .

RF power was set at 5 watts in the CW mode.

Band condition were marginal on the band.

At 15:37 UCT on 21.023Mhz I worked S53A !

The report was 339.

That is 6473 miles or 10418 km !

W5MMT Rating: 2013-04-09
About to order my 3rd Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I'm about to order my 3rd AlexLoop. I have one in Thailand. I'm HS0ZAC there. I have another in the U.S. I'm into QRP and have several rigs in both Texas and Thailand. I want a 3rd AlexLoop for some experiments in Texas. I've used the AlexLoop with both my Yaesu FT-817's and my Elecraft KX3's and K2's.

The AlexLoop just works and it's alone in it's class. NOTHING else lets you walk around and operate DX. I can put it together in less than 2 minutes. I purchased a couple of magnifying lamp table clamps and using small plastic pipe built a clamp for a "armstrong" rotor holder. I can clamp that to a table, chair, park bench or railing and I operate DX from both Texas and Thailand.

I've worked the U.S. from Thailand on the AlexLoop. My friend of 43 years, K9FX, couldn't believe he worked Europe from Texas with my KX3 from under a west facing balcony with his first call. It's not a 6 element beam at 90 foot, but it does work DX with ease.

Super portable, Super fast to put together and take down, covers 10 thru 40 meters. Every ham should have one of these for travel and emergency. But, mostly for FUN!
K0FTC Rating: 2013-04-05
Wow Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I finally got to try the AlexLoop after having it for a couple of weeks. Simple directions, up in less the 10 minutes, down in less then that. I had it on a tripod. Connected to a KX3 at 10 watts from my kitchen table. Used the S meter for the strongest level of RF on the frequency, as I turned the knob on the bottom of the antenna. Close to a match, then fine tune a bit with the antenna tuning know, roll onto the close by station you want the Q with and your good to go. First CW signal I knew it could receive, first call out and I knew it could transmit. Very quickly got Austria, Canada, Russia, Germany, and England. Signal just popped out of the background noise when tuned and antenna oriented for strongest signal. Very quiet back ground noise on tuned signal. This would be a great antenna for portable, travel, etc. But...all those hams in hard rock CCR's, you don't have access to an outside antenna with this and still do DX - at QRP levels.
VE3GZB Rating: 2013-04-01
DX Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
This past Saturday, March 30, 2013, just before 17:00 GMT, I went out onto the deck. It was a nice sunny day, clear and about 10*C.

I set up the AlexLoop on a tripod and put it up about 7 feet. I motorized the tuning for remote control.

I connected my FT-817 run from external battery pack to permit full 5 watts.

I managed to work a pileup on 15 meters to S57C, that's over 7000 km short path!

Not bad! :)
73s VE3GZB
AE5KA Rating: 2013-01-22
Great for the Summits Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I was able to take the Walkham out on some summit activations last week, and used it on 3 of them. It worked extremely well on 15, 20, and 30 meters, giving me contacts from all over North America with 5 watts of power CW. I did get some 40 meter contacts but it was mid-day and I was not in a part of the country known for summit chasers so I'm not surprised there were not many callers. In any event I netted about 70 contacts over 3 summits and around 4 hours of total operating time. On the 4th summit I used instead of the Walkham a 45 foot wire vertical with three 16 foot radials tuned by the KX3's internal ATU, and this arrangement seemed largely equivalent in effectiveness to the AlexLoop. I'm very satified with the loop's performance and light weight.
N9BAV Rating: 2013-01-13
Great Results! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
One of my reasons for getting the AlexLoop is I travel a lot and needed an antenna I could carry with me, and easy setup with my Elecraft KX3. I can carry the Alexloop and KX3 on-board the plane with me.

Once you tune it a few times it comes pretty easy. I have made many SSB contacts and digital contacts with the Alexloop and very pleased with it. I have also use it setup in hotel room in cold weather, I was surprised how well it worked, made several contacts.

I also have a buddipole deluxe I also use on extended trips I carry in bigger suite case.
AK4LP Rating: 2012-12-17
Outstanding Portable Antenna Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I've tried a number of different portable antennas but none of the others are nearly as good as the Alexloop. I've waited a while to post this review because I wanted to have a good feel for the antenna first. I use it two ways - picnic-table portable (see my qrz page for pictures of a recent outing) and at home in my sunroom.

The speed of setup and tear down makes it perfect for portable use. Plus you do not need to get a wire up into a tree to use it, nor do you need a counterpoise. It is the easiest antenna to deploy, other than a small whip attached to your rig.

As to performance, it is absolutely an amazing antenna. What continues to impress me is how many 40-meter QSOs I have had with this antenna. I sit inside my sunroom with a 5-watt HB1B rig and a portable antenna and I make 40 meter contacts on a consistent basis!

The build quality of this antenna is top notch. Alex has a passion for making these antennas, and it shows. On top of that, he is wonderful to interact with. Have a problem or a question? He is there to answer.

Yes, it is a little bit expensive. Heck, compared to a wire in a tree it's a lot expensive - LOL! But if you are looking for an antenna that is a snap to deploy, offers great performance, is well built and well supported then I would recommend the Alexloop antenna. If you have half the fun with it that I have had it will be worth every penny of the purchase price.