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Reviews For: AlexLoop Walkham Portable HF Small Magnetic Loop Antenna

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Review Summary For : AlexLoop Walkham Portable HF Small Magnetic Loop Antenna
Reviews: 86MSRP: 129-299 USD
The AlexLoop Walkham is a Small Magnetic Loop Antenna designed by Alex - PY1AHD after nine years of field tests with more than 800 confirmed QRP DXs.
The new model goes on a small cushioned bag designed to accommodate 3 small 15 inches pieces that can be easily assembled and disassembled in less than a minute.
It has a registered record on 17 meters on the Hall of Fame of the Hfpack group - connected to a FT817 QRP transceiver.
It is the ultimate solution for those hams who loves to be on the air anytime and anywhere and for those living with limited space.
It covers continuously any frequency between 7 MHz to 30 MHz and can be quickie and easily installed on a window or a balcony. And can go to your vacation or business travel.
It is so light that you can even walk and talk holding in your hand while tune it with your thumb.
The maximum recommended power is 20 watts SSB or 10 watts AM/FM
Product is in production
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AE3S Rating: 2011-05-25
The best QRP Portable antenna. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I picked up the Alexloop Walkham from Alex at Dayton. As soon as I got home Saturday night, I grabbed the 817 and went out on the deck. It honestly took a minute or so to deploy out of the case and tune to a flat swr. The 817 was sitting on 14.185. I hear EC1KR out of Spain, and the pile up trying to contact him. On my second call, with the 817 running 2.5 watts, I made the contact. I have had all of the popular portable antennas, with the exception of the TW2010, and none have performed like the Alexloop. It is very easy to pack, quick to deploy and super easy to tune. I like it so much, I'll be talking to Alex about a remote tuned, 100 watt version to install in the attic.
N8HM Rating: 2011-03-13
Great antenna Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I live in an apartment so I am very limited in what I can do with antennas. I have experimented with end-fed wires hanging from my balcony and those worked well, but I am always wary of the reaction of those who live below me, plus the noise level made them very difficult to use, so I decided to try a magnetic loop and ordered the AlexLoop Walkham model. While this model may not be efficient as the model made from copper tubing, it can be easily packed up and put away when not in use (an important consideration when living in a small studio apartment).

So far this loop has exceeded my expectations. With 5 watts from my Yaesu FT-817ND on digital modes, I easily work across the United States and into Europe and South America on 17m-10m. I made 73 contacts in the ARRL DX SSB contest in 36 DXCC entities, including Alaska, Carribean nations, South America, and Europe. In total, I have worked 56 DXCC entities in a month and a half with this antenna.

It does have a couple of disadvantages. I have worked DX on 20m, but the antenna is clearly less efficient and it is more difficult to make QSOs. My JT65 signal has been copied in New Zealand and Australia on 20m. I have also made QSOs on 40m JT65, but with poor signal reports. The antenna does tune on 40m and 30m and some QSOs using weak signal modes may be possible, but it is 17m and up where this antenna really shines. My contacts often can't believe that I'm running such low power into a small antenna.

I am very happy with this antenna and look forward to using it out in the field as well now that the weather is warming up. It is pricey and if you have the skills, you can probably build a similar antenna yourself for a fraction of the price, but Alex has done a great job with this antenna. The quality of the components is top-notch, the included case is high quality, and the included velcro and nylon rope is a nice touch that makes it easy to pack up and mount the antenna. I use it mounted on a cheap, portable camera tripod. Visit my profile to see a picture of the loop mounted on the tripod and sitting on my balcony. Check out my log as well to see what you can work with this antenna!
K2ULR Rating: 2010-07-10
Amazing antenna Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Lately, I have been using the AlexLoop with an Elecraft KX-1 CW transceiver. A couple months ago, I tried the radio for the first time, and chose to use the AlexLoop for my antenna. And, I decided to try 40 meters. I listened around 7040 KHz, a popular QRP frequency in the US, for a while and then tuned up the band a few KHz. Then, I heard Bill, W1KX, operating from Livermore, Maine calling CQ, and I gave him a call. He came back to me right away, and gave me a 569. He was 599 here in Pennsylvania with his Argosy running 50 watts. I was running about 1/2 watt with my KX-1, because the AA batteries inside the radio are old, and not up to full voltage. But, it was a nice solid QSO, and after a few minutes, I signed off, since my son and his family had arrived for dinner.

Then on a recent Sunday, I set up again on 40 meters, only to discover that the WPX CW contest was running in full force. This time, I used an external SLA battery, which gave me about 2 watts. However, the band was extremely crowded, with not much room on the band. Eventually, I found a station in New England who was calling CQ. I took my chances and sent my call -once-. And he came right back with a report. Of course, since it was a contest, my report was "599" and he sent his serial number. I replied with a 599 (which was an honest report) and my NR 1. He replied with "R TU".. and so I had another QSO on 40 with the Loop.

I'm absolutely amazed with how well it works on 40. I realize that the Loop's efficiency is not as good on 40, as it would be on 30 or 20, but I'm sure pleased. And, of course, it's easy to use. I just peak the tuning knob for maximum background noise or incoming signal level, and that's it. I do use the automatic tuner inside the KX-1, and it reports an SWR of 1.1 or 1.0 to 1. Excellent match!

So, I'm a very happy camper. My next idea will be to set up my FT-817 with the loop and use it for PSK-31. Most likely, I'll try that on 20 meters. BTW, I did work a station in France with the loop and my DSW-II 20, but that was a few months ago. I just love the AlexLoop!
KB8BO Rating: 2010-07-02
Great portable antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have had mine for about a year and a half. I am posting the review I sent to Alex.

I ordered a mag loop from Alex PY1AHD. It is a kit that requires a little soldering, but I put it together in about 15 minutes.

I must say that its performance has exceeded my expectations. It is standing up against the wall of my second story ham shack. I have worked several stations on 20, 30 and now, tonight, 40 meters. The 40 meter band here near Seattle is pretty much dead.

After calling CQ on my IC-7000 at 100 watts without success, I fired up the IC-703 at 10 watts and went to 7.030. The loop tuned up to two bars on the IC-703 SWR meter. I put the 703 on a repeating loop calling CQ. I was first answered by WA6TQJ in Davis, CA. After that I called CQ again a few times and was answered by K7MOA in Carlsbad, CA, which is just about as far south in CA you can go.

I expected the loop to work well on 20 and above, but I am really impressed with its performance on 40.

Alex makes an outstanding product!


Joe - WO8J
WD6DBM Rating: 2010-06-22
Unbelievable Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
My AlexLoop is a different version than the one pictured--it is a rigid loop of approx 3/8" copper tubing.

The first miracle was I ordered this loop on the Monday before Thanksgiving, and it arrived the day after Thanksgiving, 4 days Brazil to the USA west coast. Amazing. The loop went together in about 45 minutes, 95% of that time being my trying to get the loop into a perfect circle which I later found out is not necessary. You could probably assemble one in under 15 minutes.

The performance of this loop is astonishing. There is just no other word for it. I use mine on a small cheapo photo tripod, so it is about 3 feet off the ground. I have worked Russia, Hawaii, Japan, and numerous stateside contacts with it. On SSB. With 5-10 watts! It sets up in a few minutes, and is so handy I just leave it in my car. When I have some spare time for portable operating, I load up my K2 or FT-817, and away I go. With the AlexLoop you don't need to be near a tree for a wire, and this opens up many more portable locations. The loop tunes 7-30 MHz, though I have not tried it on 10Mhz or 7 Mhz yet. Like all mag loops, it is more efficient at the higher frequencies.

Alex's workmanship is excellent, and the AlexLoop is a great looking piece of gear. I am now totally sold on magnetic loops, and have just finished building my own version that is optimized for higher power (and weighs about 10 times what my AlexLoop weighs!).

This year I am running an all mag-loop, all QRP Field Day effort, and if I have further insights I will post them here.


Eric, WD6DBM
PY1YB Rating: 2010-05-29
Amazing Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I am not a lover of QRP operation. But I know Alex and I watched several times using the antenna and followed in two trips to Dayton disclosing the antenna. I decided to test a curiosity. It is absolutely fantastic the results considering the size and power used. (5W) FT817. I will not turn a QRP operator or a pedestrian backpacker. HI HI HI.. But take my hat off..