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Reviews For: GW Instek model GSP-830TG Spectrum analyzer

Category: Tools & Test Equipment for the amateur radio work bench

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Review Summary For : GW Instek model GSP-830TG Spectrum analyzer
Reviews: 1MSRP: 5,518
0 to 3 GHZ RF Spectrum Analyzer to -117 Dbm with Tracking Generator, TFT color LCD display, 10 markers, Split Screen, easy to operate, computer controlled via USB/RS232/GPIB, direct VGA output, Autoset function, Sequence Programming Function, compact size, ACPR OCBW Channel Power and N-db measurment features
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W7AIT Rating: 2010-06-05
Great for Ham Shack Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Great for the Ham Shack! Very useful especially with the tracking generator. Add directional coupler and easily make swept SWR measurements. Tracking generator/ SA has "normalization feature" so measured return loss corrected for open/ short calibration.

Use for:
1. RF power measurements.
2. Measuring 2 port devices like filters, attenuators, amplifiers.
3. Measure 3rd order intercept.
4. Measure 3 port devices like mixers.
5. Excellent for measuring Swept SWR, I can now finally SEE what my antennas are doing over a wide swept continouous range.
6. BAND SCANNING - can see one ham band at a time, scan between f start and f stop, or can see 2 active ham bands at once so makes a nice spectrum display.
7. Measure the output / quality of all my transmiters.
8. This SA goes to down to 9 khz so can work with some AUDIO as well.
9. Can use as a IF for microwave bands above 3 ghz.
10. Optional AM and FM detectors can be added so it is a real receiver with a speaker.

This instrument is packed with features.

For the price, it runs circles around the old HP 141T et al, of which I spent many hours using. True, used 141Ts (they are getting pretty worn out too) are cheaper, but for around $6K this SA is well worth the money. The Cost Value is extremely high; its a valuable piece of gear for the ham shack/ test bench and for the price, its worth every cent.