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Reviews For: ART Passive Direct Box

Category: Audio Accessories for Transmitter & Receiver

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Review Summary For : ART Passive Direct Box
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The PDB Passive Direct Box is a rock solid, roadworthy DI for connection of the outputs of electronic musical instruments or other audio sources to the balanced inputs of mixer consoles and other balanced inputs.

The PDB also allows connection of a music source to an instrument amplifier while simultaneously patching it to a mixer.

It has an isolating transformer 50K/600 ohms with 0/-20/- 40dB attenuator.


1.Electric guitar and bass pick up output signals - The high impedance signal from a guitar or bass guitar pickup is translated by the PDB™ into a low impedance balanced signal required by mixing consoles.
2.Keyboards and line level signals - The PDB automatically balances and matches the line level outputs of modern electronic keyboards. If you are using a multiple keyboard setup and your keyboards are all plugged into a single instrument amplifier, the PDB can be used to replace individual direct boxes. Simply send the output of the instrument amplifier to the PDB and then to the console (instead of a separate DI box for each keyboard).
3.DJ console output signals - DJ mixers often supply only an unbalanced -10dB signal. The PDB converts this signal to a balanced line level signal before it reaches the console, while providing a convenient method of connector transition with the capability to run long cables.
4.Speaker level signals - The PDB’s ability to accept speaker level inputs from a power amplifier’s output allows post-amplifier, post eq and effects signals to be fed directly to the console. In this manner, a particular effect or amplifier sound can be sent directly to the mix.
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SV2BWM Rating: 2010-06-29
Works great: no more hums.. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I had tried with my console microphone to connect the input of Icom IC-7000's mic, but lot of hums all the time... Then I tried it again but with a passive direct box: isolation transformer plus two steps of attenuator and a in/throu jack and no more hum! Crystal clear audio all the time. Good job from ART...73's