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Reviews For: Godar DXR-1000

Category: Antennas: HF: Verticals; Wire; Loop

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Review Summary For : Godar DXR-1000
Reviews: 1MSRP: 99
Tunable whip antenna for AM, FM and shortwave.
Product is in production
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DXINGFAN Rating: 2010-09-12
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The DXR-1000 antenna has solved my reception problems and then some.

I live in an apartment in Seattle, where I use a JRC NRD-535 receiver and Sherwood SE-3 synchronous detector for DX and SWL. At first I used a PAR end-fed wire that I surreptitiously strung from my window to the roof of the building next door, and it worked tolerably well until the maintenance guys discovered it and took it down. Next I decided to try a "carpet loop" home-brewed antenna design I found online; after much labor and some expense I tried it out and was extremely disappointed.

What to do? I considered an MFJ active antenna, but wasn't thrilled with the idea. I also contemplated a Wellbrook loop but the cost is prohibitive and if mounted outside it would require a rotator. Then I discovered this whip on eBay, and though I knew nothing about it I decided to give it a try. At about the same time, I noticed that a closet in my apartment has an air vent that leads to the roof! Fortunately the roof is accessible via a hatch at the end of the hall, and it didn't take long to mount the antenna on the vent hood, feed the wire down to my apartment and give it a listen.

Wow! The antenna is giving me the best MW and SW reception I've experienced in Seattle, with the whole Pacific Rim coming in strongly – Australia, Japan, China, Russia etc. Also MW from California and Utah.

The next step was to connect my vintage Yamaha FM tuner to the DXR-1000 coax with a splitter, and again I was thrilled with the result. FM reception in Seattle is notoriously fickle, with dead spots and multipath being the bane of serious listeners, but this antenna has overcome those challenges. And while I am using it at its full 6-foot extension, the whip can be tuned for best FM reception simply by adjusting its length.

The antenna comes with a simple mounting bracket and 25 feet of RG6U coax. This screws directly into my FM tuner but the shortwave receiver requires an inline transformer, which can be found at Radio Shack and other outlets for a few dollars.

The DXR-1000 is a quality American product that performs as advertised. For the price you can't beat it.