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Reviews For: MFJ-4605 Antenna Feedthru Panel

Category: Ham Shack Accessories

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Review Summary For : MFJ-4605 Antenna Feedthru Panel
Reviews: 2MSRP: 159.95
A wooden panel designed for windowsill mounting. Includes metal panel with a connector for 75 ohm coax TV cable, 4-SO-239 connectors to connect PL-259's (UHF), a set of DC/AC voltage connectors, a ground connector, an N-type connector, 5 places for large cables with adjustable openings and grommets to put on the cable to protect against weather, 2-balanced line connectors, 1-random wire connector. The SO-239 connectors are designed to handle full legal limit wattage (1500 W). The binding posts for AC/DC are designed to handle 32 VAC RMS/50 VDC at 15 amps for remote auto tuners, relays, or switches. Weather-proofing for window is also included. This one panel (MFJ-4605) is actually a double-height feedthrough panel, which includes everything from MFJ-4603 and MFJ-4604.
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NZ8J Rating: 2015-07-12
Does the job! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I have to commend MFJ for supplying the amateur community with the small products that may not be glamorous but are needed and in this hams opinion greatly appreciated.

The window feed through did what it was advertised to do and very well I might add. Time will tell how it holds up, but I suspect it will weather just fine. The options are unlimited as to what you may want to pass into the shack.

I have many MFJ products and I am happy with all of them... 259B antenna analyzer and 993B auto tuner to name a couple.

I hope they continue to grow...

K6QT Rating: 2010-09-14
Pretty good panel Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Wonderful little panel, which allows you to put your cables through the window, rather than drill holes through the wall. I received mine in the mail yesterday and installed it immediately. The only small items I have against it are: the wood quality was not as good as I felt it could be; perhaps my problem, but I cut it slightly smaller than it should have been (I had originally expected a product with springs or something to push against the window, so it would not pop out); hard to keep the grommets in place (again, perhaps just my own problem, but maybe design differences could fix these problems). But it really is a nice-looking panel, especially at a distance. I was able to pass my LMR-400 through the miscellaneous-size hole quite easily, but it was a bit tough to place the weather-proof grommets where they needed to be. I needed to have myself inside and four kids outside simultaneously doing this project, so it wasn't just a piece of cake, but it worked and it really looks pretty nice now. A window stopper is also included, which must also be cut to size, but will stop the window from being open while the panel is in it. The panel is designed to work both horizontally and veritcally, that is, depending on the orientation of the window.