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Reviews For: Wouxun KG-UV3D

Category: Transceivers: VHF/UHF+ Amateur Hand-held

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Review Summary For : Wouxun KG-UV3D
Reviews: 69MSRP: 119.99
2M/70CM FM Dual Band HT
Product is in production
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KL0YN Rating: 2021-12-31
Challenging to program Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
First off, I have had a problem with an 180 hz tic tic tic tic interfering with my IC-718 for a while. Finally isolated it to the charging cradle for the Wouxun. It (the cradle) will be unplugged unless in use from now on.
I have been struggling to program the HT since I bought it last summer. This is the first "modern" ht I have owned. My Alinco Dj-180 is 30 years old and still works like a champ. I saw the Wouxun at a hamfest and couldn't resist the $50 price for a like new in box radio.
I have been able to program 146.52 into the radio manually but the screen times out ridiculously fast for the speed my brain operates. So far I haven't been able to get any software I've tried to program it with to work.
It seems to be a good radio for the price, but, it definitely isn't for those of us that struggle with software.
AF2DX Rating: 2015-03-11
GREAT HHT & GREAT PRICE Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I purchased mine about 2 years ago.
Then a few months later I got the 2./440 HT.
So far the 2/220 has had very eave use,has been dropped several times and keeps on going.
I see many vendors do not carry the 2/220 so I purchased another one last week.
With my Collinear antenna mounted on top of my 1988 station wagon I can get into a CT. repeater from a high spot in the shopping mall parking lot.
The 2 year old batteries are not showing any signs of getting weak.
Audio in and out is super good.
I also program mine manually so if i'm out of my location I know how to punch in a repeater if I go out of town.
I don't think the Wouxun should be put down because it's made in China.
Name brand HTs cost more but the Wouxun will hold up to a $300.00 HT..
Very happy with my HT's from China

Earlier 5-star review posted by AF2DX on 2012-10-01

I read this a bit down

No response from HRO. OR Powerworks...Sorry to say I may have to juryrig something to use the radio until I can get the speaker mic.

Not totally unhappy, Just disappointment !!

73 Ken
Ken,ypou have 10 days to return it to HRO.
Also I received excellent support from Power-Works.
Those of you who have the 220-2 meter HT,do not use the 2nd antenna with the higher numbers.
That is for HT's that will work that high in other Countries.Use the antenna with the lower frequency numbers for both 220 and 2 meters.
This came from powerworks and I had then on the phone for over a half hour and got all my questions answered.
KD0DUJ Rating: 2015-01-21
easy to use Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
This rig is just as easy to program just like the ft-60 and is user friendly
KG7AV Rating: 2014-10-06
Current Count of Four Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Bought one new back in early 2013 (review is somewhere in here). Yes, the Chinglish manual is a laugh and the programming software highly recommended. After using it in the field for races, events, and ARES, and picking up the requisite accessories - external mic, AA battery pack, 12v car adapter, antenna adapters, a couple of antennas - was so impressed with it that I bought another one used (review also below). Continue to be impressed with the value and ruggedness of this model, and just bought another pair used. You never know when you'll need to deploy your own tac-net, right? Or more realistically, when my nephew and son pick up their tech tickets, I can provide them with their first HTs. More rugged and better quality than a Baofeng, and at the price point, if I were to lose or smash one on a rock, I wouldn't be as upset as if it happened to a name-brand costing a hundred or so more.
KB2SEO Rating: 2014-06-23
I waited nearly a whole year before writing this review. Got mine a while back for a present from the family(2-440) while working as a field services engineer, Since I was traveling quite a bit, I made up "banks" of programming in and around the areas I would be in. Its a real pleasure to click on the Michigan file and all the frequencies are uploaded to the rig. with 128 memories, Its a tough job to fill it all the way up. For fun, I love to set the menu to the Chinese voice prompt and turn the vfo to see the stupid looks when people hear the Chinese voices. I replaced the standard antenna with a MFJ 1717s. I can bring up just about every thing I can hear! The Dual RX is great,I can set the Weather station on the sub- band, and hear the repeater fine. which is a big deal while out in the middle of Carter's lake or up on the Jersey Shore. I would not mind Wouxun putting a RX balance for the Dual RX so the active bank is a bit louder than the secondary one, but for 99 bucks, who is to complain? One caveat- IF you can get a FTDI chip set programming cable, its a bit more money but will save many headaches trying to get it on Windows 7. If you DO get the PL-2303(prolific), be sure its not the Chinese counterfeit one! OR, if you do take the chance on the knock off- be sure to use the driver for the cable that comes with the cable. Prolific changed their driver that downloads to 'Windblows' and it won't work on the computer!. You have to delete or rollback the driver. If you are a LINUX fan, this does not matter! it is a simple matter of plugging it in and select the right port. CHiRP, and KG-UV Commander have been my go to programming software, but the WOUXUN program does a decent job too. I learned all the programming from the keyboard using Powerwerx "Quick guide" in less than an hour! the little flashlight is a good accessory, for a diode, its very bright, been a Godsend when i forget my flashlight while fishing at night. the FM broadcast frequencies come in loud and clear with surprisingly nice audio response. NO- its not a Stereo, but to hear the news, or just listening while on the boat, it is a great addition! the VOX is perfect for people who Job or walk as well as hanging out on the easy chair with a microphone. Bottom line? for 100 bucks, YOU CANNOT GO WRONG WITH THIS RIG, Its tough, functional and reliable in a way only "Yah-zoo" could DREAM OF!
AC7CW Rating: 2014-03-29
I like it a lot! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
In operation I like the radio and never have any problems with it.

Programming via the keypad is a bit of a challenge. The terminology has to be understood and a few of the settings are contextual to other settings. I put in the time to "get it" and eventually became comfortable with the radio. There is a very thorough youtube video on the subject: :
KV4BL Rating: 2014-03-28
More Favorable Update On Prior Review Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
My previous review of the KG-UV3D was rather scathing in nature. After fiddling with it for about a day, I resisted the temptation to wall mount it and sent it back where I purchased it. HRO Atlanta's people were great, and very understanding of my situation.

No matter what, I could not find a video or other source that "clicked" for me with regard to the programming logic for this radio. I confess that I was intrigued with the audio quality for its FM radio feature, which was the closest I got to getting a working frequency into it. As little as it has to do with performance, I also liked the bright green receive light which lets you know there is traffic on the channel you are monitoring, if the radio is on a table in another room. It's color is reminiscent of the green lights on older Motorola base and mobile radios circa 1960's-1970's as opposed to the olive drab lights found on a lot of Icom and Yaesu radios. I wish Icom and Yaesu would adopt this wavelength of green for their receive lights.

As time passed and I talked with people, I decided to give the Wouxun another chance and I ordered another one. In trying to get it programmed, the instructions that finally "clicked" for me was a PDF file on QSL dot net. Google "programming Wouxun KG-UV3D" and look for the PDF file with a QSL dot net URL. I highly recommend that set of instructions as opposed to the lousy Chinglish manuals. The radio is probably deserving of a 5 but gets a 4 because of the manual and related programming issues.

Transmit and receive into local repeaters (including UHF) are excellent. The stock antenna has got to be one of the better ones, if not the best, that I have ever run across in terms of its performance. One quirk I have noticed (not necessarily bad, just a quirk) with my particular unit is that the battery will run practically forever at 3 bars which is the highest battery level on its scale. When it drops to two bars, your battery will die not terribly long thereafter, depending on the amount of use and drain you place on it. Overall battery life is excellent.

The light weight of this radio compared to an FT-60, its abundant receive audio, and battery life easily make it a preferred radio when going out the door for a walk or other activity.

If only Wouxun would adopt the manual on the QSL dot net site, they would probably realize much greater success with this model.
KC9WII Rating: 2014-02-10
good radio Time Owned: more than 12 months.
When I was buying this radio the dealer insisted on the programming cable I refused and programmed it myself. I don't think the manual is all that difficult to understand, yes it took me some time to learn how to program it but My HT works flawlessly I suggest if your not handy in manual programming don't buy this radio I have a Frieind who is having some issues with his Ht's with memory deleting when powered off and on I think the software is messing with these rigs.Audio reports are really good! and range is very good.
There are a few little things like the back light only goes on when touching keys and stays on very short time. I think everybody should learn how to manually program any radio first.The Wouxun kg-uv3d takes patience to learn how to program but just keep playing around with it you can't break it! and then you will realize it's very simple.
KE7JFA Rating: 2013-12-11
SUCKS Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Menu system sucks. Bassackwards. Instructions are horrible. Mentions nothing about VFO. Better hope you are not in an emergency situation because programming manually is a joke. Horrible radio. Don't buy. Chinese JUNK.
WB6TNB Rating: 2013-12-11
A really fun radio Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I recently picked up an barely used 2 meter/440 version for a song from a friend who kept it as a spare. It's no Kenwood TH-F6A (I have one) but it isn't trying to be one.

My friend is blind and learned to program it from the keyboard because the software isn't compatible with his computer's screen reader. He taught me how and it isn't difficult. Some people say the software and cable are an absolute must. They aren't.

It's got some ergonomic quirks but they aren't serious. The keyboard is a lot easier to use than the one in the Kenwood.

The fit and finish are fine and the accessories are dirt cheap. My Kenwood SMC-34 speaker mic, which is designed for the TH-F6A, works great on it. People who know what I sound like in person say the transmit audio is excellent with both the built in mic and speaker mic.

I'm using a Diamond RH77CA antenna, which hears better and gets out better on both bands than the stock duck.

The receiver runs circles around the Kenwood but it's DC to daylight so there have to be compromises.

I'd be extremely happy even if I'd paid full price. Highly recommended.