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Reviews For: NKT-R3 70cm 2w Micro HT

Category: Transceivers: VHF/UHF+ Amateur Hand-held

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Review Summary For : NKT-R3 70cm 2w Micro HT
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NKT-R3 70cm 2w Micro HT
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KJ4DGE Rating: 2011-04-05
Good for the price Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I like this radio. It has some obvious drawbacks, such as limited power, but for all it can do and FM too, I am sold. The display is very readable, the menu functions need to be learned but with so few buttons, its not very hard. The 99 channels is nice for something so small, and the battery life is very good. The radio is well built and has the added extra of being able to charge it from a PC like most cell phones using mini-usb to USB port. It has almost got me wanting to pick up a VX-3R just for the added coverage and the 2 mtr band.
Not bad for the dollars
KG4HLZ Rating: 2011-03-16
I don’t like this radio Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I don’t like this radio. Yes, it’s cheap but I expected the quality to be at least to appliance radio (Like FRS) levels. The plugs are circuit board mounted and not flanged to the caseing in any way. The programming cable can key down the transmitter if you don’t get it plugged in completely. The programming connection can be transient when the cable is moved. The software is almost unusable. The selectivity is horrific. The user interface is poorly designed. The LED flashlight is not a bright as I have seen on GMRS radios. I can’t find a way to program the VFO limits to Ham bands.

I do like its size and for its size, audio is OK.

BTW: To the earlier post. It is illegal to use part 90 radios on GMRS, even if you program them to be within specs. I checked with the FCC on this when I was planning to use a Wouxun for HAM & GMRS.
KC6AGL Rating: 2011-03-16
PERFECT MINI RADIO Updated Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This radio exceeded my expectations, is better than I thought, great value.
The radio comes with, charger, battery, belt clip, lanyard and programming cable and software.
This radio does not have a DTMF keypad.
The radio is perfectly on frequency with a great sounding audio and super lasting Li-battery and a built in FM Radio, Flash Light and a personal security alarm.
The supported frequency range is 400-470 MHz. Great for Ham and GMRS use.
Audio width setting: 12.5kc or 25kc. I have it configured for 25kc for ham radio. 12.5kc is used for commercial and GMRS frequencies.
Channel stepping: 5kc or 6.25kc. 5kc is used for ham radio.
The power output on battery is between 1-2 watts depending on how much charge you have left.
Low power is about 1 watt and high power is about 1.75-2w. The radio performs very well on Air.
After prolong use, the radio does get a little warm, which is normal. Underneath the battery, there is a big heat sink in the back.
My initial charge lasted 36 hours continues on and moderate use, very impressed with battery performance. The battery is made by NKT. The battery is a standard camera battery; you can pick those up for $5-10.
The Auto Power Off timer is preset to 30min if you choose to turn this feature on, the radio will shut off after 30min of none use.
The display is very nice, big and bright (red display). The top knob auto locks in place, when you want to use the knob you have to pull it out, use it and then pop it back in place. This way the dial does not move when you are wearing it on your belt or while you have it in a bag.
This radio deserves a 5-PLUS. For the price you can’t get anything better than this radio. If you are in the market for a UHF mini mono band radio without a DTMF keypad, this is your radio.
KD0DSX Rating: 2011-03-15
WOW! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Purchased mine off of eBay, out of Hong Kong.
Very similar to another micro from a well known mfg, except this is only 70cm.
Great receive and transmit. I am hitting a repeater clearly that I have had issues hitting with other HT's.
Great audio, and FM reception, I have to turn the audio way down, it is so strong.
I don't think too many will be disappointed with these.
G7NTG Rating: 2011-03-01
Really good miniature handheld! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
l bought mine some months ago from Hong Kong via Ebay for £24.00 sterling complete with programming lead and software so if anybody needs this l can probably send a copy of the software and find out the connections in the programming cable.
Battery life is very good considering that it is a mobile phone battery! lt charges up via a USB lead and will charge from my PC or a mains adaptor.
Audio is great for a tiny speaker and the receiver is very sensitive and works well with the supplied antenna and even better with a nagoya NA666 dual band whip which cost me $7.00!
ln QSO,s l get great audio reports and the radio is very easy to use and programme.
lt is very tough and has survived me dropping it a couple of times but , obviously l can't comment on long time reliability yet!
Overall a great set!
VK2ILO Rating: 2011-02-23
Works OK, BUT... Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I bought a pair of these handhelds from a seller on eBay in Hong Kong for $78 which included postage.

As the previous reviewer said, it looks frighteningly like like a dual-band, micro-sized radio made by a Japanese manufacturer, although it is UHF only.

Transmit audio reports are good and the receiver seems to be on par with most of today's handhelds. There is also plenty of receive volume.

The bonus FM broadcast receiver is quite good.

The radio came with a serial programming cable and a CD with software. I have not been able to get the software to work properly. The manual makes no mention of the software and the Windows help file is in Chinese.

I also cannot figure out how to get the "emergency" LED to light.

It is amazing what comes in the box:

UHF transceiver
Battery charger
Belt clip
Carry strap
Serial programming cable
Software CD

All this for just $39!

I give it a 4 because the programming software is useless, otherwise, it is great to carry in your shirt pocket or backpack for hamfests or other events.

If anyone has been able to get the software to run properly, I would be interested in hearing from you.

M0JMO Rating: 2011-01-31
Excellent Mono-Band Micro HT Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I bought this tiny radio from a seller on eBay for £30 GBP including delivery from HK/Shanghai. It was delivered fairly quickly (bearing in mind it was almost Christmas and we'd also had bad snow in December in the UK).

It has very similar specs to the Puxing PX-2R, but with a carbon copy body of a popular Japanese micro HT (see the photo!!) When I say carbon copy, I mean it, there are very few differences.

It's a single band 70cm handheld with 2w output on the amateur band, and wideband 430-470MHz TX/RX. It uses a standard SMA antenna, so can be easily replaced, or used with an SMA to BNC adapter.

It has selectable 12.5 and 25KHz bandwidth and 5KHz/6.25KHz steps. Full CTCSS/DTS and repeater offset is available too. I believe it has 100 memories available.

Another feature is the pretty decent FM Broadcast receiver and a fairly bright white LED torch.

My radio came with a USB charge cable (which terminates in a Nokia style power jack), a wall wart charger and a UK plug adapter. It was also supplied with a serial programming cable and software!

The battery is the popular Nokia style, which is long-lasting and cheap to replace.

The stock antenna works ok, but I have had better results using a Nagoya NA-666 whip, which I also bought from eBay (from a UK seller) for around £5 GBP.

Audio reports have been excellent and the receive audio is strong and pretty loud.

Memories are easy to enter and navigate, although there are no alphanumeric memory titles, so you'll have to remember what they are, or write them down.

The manual is fairly comprehensive and is written in reasonably translated English, although it's not perfect and assumes you know what some terms mean (which will be fine for experienced amateurs but might be a bit confusing to newcomers to the hobby).

I've owned quite a few HTs from Yaesu, Icom and Kenwood, all of which cost well over £100 GBP and this stacks up really well when the price is taken into consideration.

Overall, I'm really impressed, hence the 5-star review.