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Reviews For: ICOM IC-726

Category: Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - non QRP <5W

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Review Summary For : ICOM IC-726
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HF/6m transceiver
Product is in production
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K7LN Rating: 2009-12-25
A nice simple rig Time Owned: more than 12 months.
A nice starter rig that I enjoyed very much. It's simple to use and doesn't cost too much. My only complaint would be that the AM was way too broad. I did use an FL-101 narrow CW filter, and that was really great. I sold the unit to get an Icom 729, which was better yet.
K1DA Rating: 2007-04-22
do the mods Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Don't have one, have a 728 same basic radio, there were mods for this 7 series 723 725 726 728 and 729 published in QST some years ago which address audio hiss, am performance, AGC and ssb audio distortion. Not hard to do and since doing them my 728 has very nice ssb audio and a nice hang AGC syatem.
IZ0CHB Rating: 2007-04-22
Very good radio Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
My background: I am novice, and this is my 2nd radio. I have little experience with other rigs except Kenwood TS-430S. Never practised CW so I can't judge the rig toward it.

The (very) good:

1) User friendly. Few commands, the right one always come in hand when needed.
2) Excellent general behaviour. Receiver is sensitive and selective. As for tx section, I have always reported good and clear signal.
3) Audio is good; the "hiss" from AF section is audible, but as for me this becomes disturbing only after prolonged listening.
4) RX coverage is well extended around 6 m band.
5) Before buying it I had the chance to make extensive tests in a good laboratory. The producer specifications were always met well. I bought the radio from another ham so I can guess that construction is good and accurate.

The little annoyances:

1) Noise blanker is totally ineffective.
2) No RF gain (combining ATT and PRE helps but offers few flexibility).
3) Carrier knob seems to be linear rather than log; it is a bit difficult to control RF out at low power and I love QRP so I noticed this little problem.

The bad:

1) Notwithstanding RX section works well, a couple of filters and controls would be very appreciated when bands are crowded.
2) The RF power in the 6 m band is often insufficient, but of course this is true with respect of my working conditions, I do not say that it is a "fault" of the radio itself.

To summarize:

A very good rig when the bands are not too crowded and one doesn't need much power on 6 m band. Maybe, if and when I'll become a better ham, it probably will not fit my needs but, if possibile, I'll keep my wonderful IC-727 forever.
KA9QWC Rating: 2006-06-21
Good simple to operate transceiver Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I purchased my ICOM-726 from another Hoosier ham several years ago and it was already modified for MARS operation. Presently this HF rig is used nearly every day on various nets. I am using a modified D-104 mic that powers up from the mic pin on the transceiver. Also use the LDG AT-11MP tuner.

I think this radio is good bargain for what it is and one must consider maybe it is not top of the line but simple to use and has performed flawlessly for me on voice, CW, Packet and Pactor. I have heard no complaints about my audio output.

Yes, I too would like to have IF shift, filtering and some other options. But for my part it does the job. Hey we use it more than our new Kenwood TS-480!
KC2KIS Rating: 2005-03-08
Good starter rig Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I got mine via eBay. I replaced the mike with a Heil. As I am a tech I only use the 6m side for TX. Worked Canada from my home QTH with 10 watts (Max on 6) and a di-pole that had falled down.

It is a basic rig and for listening it works well. The audio hiss is a problem but I knew that when buying it and that is what will motivate me to get better equipment.
N5WSU Rating: 2003-09-26
Great Radio For PSK-31 Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This Little Gem came to me about two year ago. At first the 6 meter side was interminted, some time it would not TX other time it work just fine. I order the service manual and found it very easy to work on. This is my main radio in the shack I use it for PSK-31,SlowScan TV,Hell,MT-63. If you find one at the HamFest at a good price Get it!, You will not be sorry.
G4ZRZ Rating: 2002-11-12
Not good Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I had one of these radios from 1992 to 2002. It didn't get used all that often as it was not a great radio.

It is a stable HF/6M radio with basic facilities. It has a sensitive receiver and I never had any problems with overloading even on 40M at night. Received audio was noisy and fatiguing to listen to for long periods.

The radio was capable of 120Watts output but I could never drive it that on SSB without the use of an external processor. Transmitted audio is weak, watery and lacking in bass. Despite many attempts at improving things with external processors, equalisers etc I never had a good report on my audio. It also suffered from RF feedback on TX on most bands.

The rig was not fitted with the 500Hz CW filter which is a must for CW contacts. The lack of a variable bandwidth makes SSB hard work in a crowded band. I ended up with an external DSP unit but the combination was never very satifactory.

It didn't really do the job properly and for many years it stayed in the box. I didn't use Ham Radio because I didn't enjoy it. Previously to this rig I had an FT101ZD which was a delight to use and I finally replaced the Icom earlier this year with a TS570DG which outclasses the Icom in every respect. I've had more QSO's in 9 months of owning the 570 than I had in 10 years of the 726.

I wouldn't recommend this radio to anyone thinking of purchasing one. There are much better radios available second hand for the same kind of money.
N1XOI Rating: 2002-03-29
Good basic HF+ 6m rig, too bad has only 10W on 6 Time Owned: more than 12 months.
got mine used in 1992, still use it with satisfaction. I use it mostly for 6m SSB and HF listening. Receiver is okay, even though this is not the kind of radio you want to have when bands are crowded... Playing with the ATT and PREAMP buttons you get several combinations of sensitivity, which makes up fairly well for the lack of RF gain. Transmitted audio is typical of this class of rigs (I use the stock mike).
Few annoyances:
- Noise blanker not very effective and introduces distortion in presence of strong signal
- Only 26 memories (including split and scan edges)
- Even with the AF gain at Min you can hear a "hiss" from the speaker. This hiss is always there at the same level, thus the lower the audio level the more it bothers you...
- The cooling fan starts as soon as you transmit, regardless of the actual PA temperature.

In summary, it is a nice little simple radio. For occasional operators like me or as a second rig it is a good fit. If you can find one used for few hundred bucks in decent conditions it is a good deal, considering you get 6m operations. At this time it is my main rig, together with a Kenwood TS-711 for 2m SSB (I' not in love with 2m FM). While dreaming of an IC-746 or TS-2000, I still enjoy hamming with my trusty 726.
N6VUJ Rating: 2002-02-28
Great Radio. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've owned two of these and they worked great for me.
KA1CTF Rating: 2002-02-24
Excelent! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I dont know abt the other guys? Ive had mine for months now. It needed some cleaning up
as it was used mobile. But havent had a singel problem with it yet! And it plays every day!
Havent caught any 6m openings yet but im looking foward to it!
I agree if u can find one at a good price snatch it up u wont be sorry!