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Reviews For: ICOM IC-7410

Category: Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - non QRP <5W

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Review Summary For : ICOM IC-7410
Reviews: 108MSRP: 1,999.00
Icom's newest mid price range HF/6 meter all mode base radio.
Product is in production
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K4DDT Rating: 2023-09-12
Solid and Reliable Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Update 09/2023
Finally sold 1 of my 7410's since it was getting little use.
Having recently bought a 7300, the two rigs are very different. The color display of the 7300 is nice and it performs well, but the 7410 is still a pleasure to operate.
I still love the solid and tactile feel and the receiver holds it's own in comparison.

Previous review 09/2020
I now own 2 7410's and doubt I'll ever part with them.
Sure, newer rigs offer more 'flash', but I'd say you don't get much more with those newer rigs.

Solid and reliable rigs, now at bargain prices.

VE7KOA Rating: 2023-05-13
Ten Years After Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Looking at the reviews of this somewhat under appreciated masterpiece of engineering, I see only one negative review. That review was unfortunately written in a fit of anger when the first solid state radio went bad soon after opening the box. That review was written by me under my old call sign, my new, shiny rig fresh out of the box did not appear to preform as well as my FT101E I was comfortable with, and the VFO quit working altogether after installing the optional filters. After a couple of trips to Icom Canada for repairs, and getting a bit more familiar with this new technology, well Like I said, "Ten Year After" it is in my humble estimation a perfect rig. The unsolicited "Great sounding signal" and "OMG What mic are you using?" confirm that this is one amazing rig. I have never use anything other than the stock hand mic, no amp, just a simple dipole for 40 meters and multi band vertical for 20 through 10. I keep looking at the newer SDR radios, and think "what am I missing?". Should I buy a 7300, 7610 DX101d??? Perhaps I am not missing anything. I do know if I do decide to jump into something new, this 7410 is not going anywhere.
PY2ONU Rating: 2022-11-04
IS THE BEST RADIO I HAD! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This transceiver is the best radio I've ever had, solid, powerful and no effects platform with over 8 years of use. I thought the 746pro was the best, after I tested the IC-7410 I changed my idea, in this radio ICOM had a very good job!
I have already compared it side by side on the same antenna with an ic-7300 and the IC-7410 has a slightly better reception. I've been an amateur for a long time and I've had dozens of radios, I've never seen a radio as solid, complete and at such a good cost as the IC-7410. Unfortunately this radio is no spotlight on it but anyone who has operated one will agree with me that it is unbeatable in its category. If you have the opportunity, hug one without thinking twice. 73 from Brazil.
ZL1MTO Rating: 2022-10-14
It will be hard to get any better Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have the Icom IC-7410 since April 2019, bought it from another fellow ham operator "almost" brand new (he had purchased it on the year before but due to change on his situation he had to sell it).
The transceiver came with 2 filters installed what was a good bonus.
Anyway, as a relatively new operator at that time, I manage to learn how to use it very quickly. Its ergonomics are very good, Menu is straightforward and I particularly like the fact that it has two antenna connectors and I can save the band with the antenna I want. Very handy.
As a SWL for many years, I know how a good receiver should perform and this one is at the top. The filters work perfectly, Noise reduction does a good job, Noise Blank is perfect as well as the Notch filter.
For a long time I have been using it for Digital modes (FT8/FT4) and it was very simple to setup and works well.
Maybe the only couple of things that could be better is the display that I wish it was in color, not the boring black & white.
Also, when the summer comes and the room gets hot, just operating it for 5 minutes is enough for the internal fan starts at top speed what is pretty noisy.
Other than that, I am extremely happy and have no plans to get rid of it anytime soon.
a 4.95 stars out of 5.
GRUMPY2021 Rating: 2022-09-16
Fantastic radio! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
THIS is the secret Icom IC-7300 killer. People always wonder if the next shiny object released will be the 7300 killer... already exists. Hands down the best radio I've owned. And I've tried a bunch before I found the 7410. Now don't get me wrong the 7300 is a good radio. I use it portable now and it performs very good.
NO9X Rating: 2022-09-15
Amazing radio, Best kept secret in HF Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
While looking for an upgrade to my old 706KMIIG (now my POTA rig) I researched for months, reading every review and test. Playing with every HF rig set up at HRO, and going to every ham's house I could to play with their radios, I decided I wanted the 7410, and my research has paid off beyond expectations.
Looking at some of the tests (Like Sherwood) it seemed VERY suited for SSB, maybe not so much for CW....until you put in the optional filters.
After getting the radio, and using it for about 6-9 months so far, I feel I can finally write a review.
This thing is AWESOME!!! Do NOT be fooled by it's place on the Sherwood tests. He tests mainly for CW contesting, and normally without the optional filters.
WITH the filters, it would sit somewhere about the 7600.
Now again, Sherwood only looks at 1 measurement to sort the best radios. That test would suggest that the 7300 should blow the 7410 away. This is NOT the case, not by a longshot. Look at the Noise floor performance, and you will have trouble finding a better HF radio....PERIOD
Some that live and die by those tests will tell you the FTDX-10 "blows it away". I assure you, it does NOT. Yaesu DOES have a better Noise reduction, but not THAT much better. Dial your RF gain to match the signals you are receiving, and adjust the DSP to about 50%, and it's almost like FM. The clarity is amazing.
The audio quality is 2nd to none!(Including Yaesu or Kenwood).
NOTE: I do not use it for CW. YMMV especially if you don't add the optional filters
Amazing! I get so many unsolicited audio reports, and people asking what I am running. Guys running 1k amps, big Yagis, and custom mics can't believe I am running barefoot on an EFHW! With a stock mic!
A net I was new to asked if I could call for check ins as I was such a strong signal.
You can find some videos comparing the TX power to other radios like the 7300 and FTDX-10, even with the same peak power, the 7410 seems to put out about double the average power. NEVER gets hot. I don't know of a better 100w transmitter period. Oh yeah, EACH of the finals are rated at 100w there is a LOT of overhead here!
One last word on the receiver. For a while, I was worried that the receiver was NOT as good as I thought. I was always giving 53-55 when others were giving me 57-59+
Over time, I realized that:
1) I work a lot of POTA stations, not all of them have the best TX antenna or even 100w
2) The guys I was talking with in Australia very clearly gave me a similar signal report (we were 57 both ways)
3) In reading the full reviews on a bunch of radios, different radios have different calibrations for their S-meters. On average looking at the meter, I just add 2 (similar to preamp 1)
4) Based on #3, and real life experience, Meters don't mean anything. it's just a reference point. MOST radios meters aren't calibrated correctly.

TLDR: Awesome transmitter, and receiver. You can spend thousands more and not do ANY better.
KK7XE Rating: 2021-12-20
Wonderful Radio to use. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
At the time when the 7410 came out I was working for an company that had me moving, way too much. Long story short, all of that is done. Have once again gone through a few radio's till finding what I really wanted. Have had my 7410, with both roofing filters a bit over a month. Do I like it, oh ya, a whole bunch. Do I feel like I am missing out on the waterfall, having to use a stylus or going deep into a menu system just to turn power down while tuning up on a band change? Not so you would know it. Such a quiet receiver and was easy to set up for phone and or CW. Never had a problem finding signals before all of the flash of touch screens and menu mania came out. I feel very fortunate to have found the radio just at the right time. It hears what I need it to hear and I have received very nice reports on my audio. Also most enjoyable to do some SW Listening.

Just about every single adjustment is at ones fingertips and it does what it does, very well. A good size, comfortable Amateur Radio to operate.

I knew by the photograph that it was exactly what I wanted. Came with everything and all the odd extra hardware, mic, pwr cord and original boxes. Only thing I bought new to go with it was the Icom HM-219 mic that is standard with the 7300. The old standby, HM-36 lost it's quality some time ago and the 219 performs very well for a hand mic.
KC8HXO Rating: 2021-05-09
Great rig....a sleeper Time Owned: more than 12 months.
If you are looking for a basic rig, with a big display, and easy-to-use feature set....I highly recommend the IC-7410. Outstanding receiver performance. Noise blanker takes out electric fence pulses on lowest setting, with NO distortion on strong signals. I am using the HM-219 hand mic, and really like my transmit audio. As others have mentioned, the fan is effective, and very quiet. Just a very nice, quality rig, if you don’t need or want all of the frills, and menu gymnastics that many rigs require today.
VK2NZA Rating: 2020-12-26
4 years later IC-7410 still an excellent performer! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Four years down the track and my pair of IC-7410's are performing as new and are along with my IC-765 and 761 my favorite transceivers.
The power output control is large and right at hand, Dual PBT and selectivity are right up with the best when the 2 optional roofing filters are fitted, very sensitive receiver, cool running finals.
This radio is very easy to use and has excellent long lasting finish and smooth large controls for the most used functions and a very nice tuning feel .
Really an IC-7600 without the screen and somewhat better IMD and blocking gain suppression according to QST.
These are keepers and compare more than favorably with similar offerings of the time and many newer rigs.
If you're in the market for a fuller size rig with superb finish, excellent receiver, reliable and user friendly don't pass up looking at a 7410.

I have posted 2 previous reviews of this transceiver and years down the track still have the same opinion, this is one of the best performance for price transceivers ever made!
Currently it appears Icom are discontinuing this model due to the release of the IC-7300 a while back.
Dealers still have stock of the IC-7410 for the amazing price of $1690 Australian dollars here in Australia equivilent to US$1350 with 5 year warranty.
I believe there are better deals in the USA.

As QST state in their initial review of the new 7410,
"The 7410 essentially shares the same internals as the IC-7600" ( without the scope and dual band receive minus some of the CW keying features,) QST the 2 tone IMD at 14mhz is "right on par with the higher tier IC-7800 in terms of IMD and they found blocking gain suppression superior to the IC 7600.
Also that "low band LW down to 30 khz the receiver is actually useable down in the VLF range adding that many receivers are actually pretty dead in that area!"
Given the current price this radio is superb value and it is disappointing to see it discontinued.
Advantages over other equally marketed rigs, -
huge cooling capacity-massive heatsink chassis.
Controls for vast majority of constantly used functions,
Very easy shallow menu for a multitude of other less used adjustments,
Very readable large display,
DSP 32 bit same as IC7700 and IC 7600
Beautiful tuning knob and excellent tuning speed selection.
ALC overshoot problem in early units corrected.
Excellent transmit audio tailoring.
Excellent quality looks and construction, controls have a firm smooth operation.
The size is that of a base unit and has presence and a solid attractive apperance.
The two optional roofing filters as supplied standard in the IC 7600 can be obtained from Japan via E'Pay for Aus$50.00 or US$40.00 each and are a simple plug in 5-8 minutes work.
They are a great addition, however the 7410 is a fine unit without them.
Icom Australia have stated that replacement parts for this so far very reliable unit will be available and for considerable time to come.

I accept that the IC-7300 is a fine unit however it is a different animal and will appeal to many!!

The IC-7410 has that old world solid, hands on presence many of us from prehistoric eras grew to know and love with performance and features that cost considerably more in the past.

I will state here that I am not neccessarily an Icom fan and do have a Yaesu FT 1000D, a Kenwood TS-480 Sat and 2 (Yes) IC-7410's set up inorder to have true dual receive /transmit for 2/3rds the price of an IC-7600.
I can live without the screen however as stated previously it is possible to use a PC screen to obtain a similar experience with an outboard dongle etc as described elsewhere.
My oldest 7410 is now 5 years old and the other 3 they have been very reliable wit a sticky external speaker jack being the only problem!

VE7REN Rating: 2020-11-08
sleeper radio....almost perfect!! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
update again. here in 2020 and many radios on the bench,i still have the 7410. what can i say.....sleeper radio in many many aspects. this radio has never faulted me,and just keeps adding more fun times to my radio hobby. not many i hve had compare to thisradio. get one if youcan!

update to my dec 2012 review...this radio does not disappoint in the tx or rx dept.. it site next to my pro3.. ive had many radios come through my shack.very few stay.. this ones a keeper.. easy menu,ergonomics are great.. size,fit and finish are perfect.. the only,i mean only thing I would like to see on this class radio is......dual receive.. asking for much?? I don't know... for the price ,this radio is a beauty....I mimic all the positive reviews