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Reviews For: ICOM IC-7410

Category: Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - not QRP <5W

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Review Summary For : ICOM IC-7410
Reviews: 100MSRP: 1,999.00
Icom's newest mid price range HF/6 meter all mode base radio.
Product is in production
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W5BGP Rating: 2015-01-06
It has just about everything Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This rig replaced my old Icom 735. I fgured it was time to enjoy some of the new bells and whistles. I have been pleasantly surprised at the capability of this rig both from a receiving and transmitting point of view. I hear stations that I never heard before and I love the fact that I can turn the power down to 2 watts and work QRP with great success. The keyer is fool proof. I also like being able to plug in a straight key in the back for SKCC and have both available at the same time. The fact that each band has three memory frequencies is ideal. I use one for CW, one for PSK and one for the SSB portion of each band. No spinning the dial required. Keep the manual handy as you will find new things about the rig that you have not discovered.
K5UOS Rating: 2014-12-25
First purchase of commercial transceiver Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The IC-7410 is my first commercial transceiver in almost 30 years as an amateur operator. Purchased about 4 weeks ago. The manual was pretty easy to understand and I set the rig up pretty much to my liking within a few days. I have never had AGC, noise blanker, variable bandwidth tuning or optional filters. These features in the 7410 are very easy to use and are essential on 80M. I bought the rig for reliability checking in to our local QCWA 63 net. The noise reduction (NR) feature is particularly useful for removing noise. It is often the difference between copy and no copy.

I honestly don’t have any experience with other transceivers except a TS-830S hybrid I repaired for a friend and eventually kept in a trade. I have used it occasionally.

With that said I am pleased with my first new purchase experience. I wish I could have tried the TS-590SG. I have gotten spoiled by the filters in the 7410 even though I don’t have the FL-430/431 installed. The TS-590SG does have them installed. The internal tuner is nice to have with my 80M antenna.

The only issue I have is the difficulty I have in reading the buttons and knobs. I can see the issues in backlighting them but that would have been a reasonable improvement.

The IC-7410 is a fine transceiver for a first transceiver. The manual is well written and I didn’t have any problems setting the rig up.
VE7TJL Rating: 2014-12-11
Wow Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
With a QST review that said "competent" how could I go wrong?

Still I had a very good experience with my trusty 706-2g and my antenna tuner is integrated into my setup here and icom specific - so for the price range this was the way to go.

I'm glad I did. The receiver sounds very good. The noise blanker mutes the occasional powerline-hash-like noise that comes up here from time to time with ease. The noise reduction has helped me discern call signs buried well below the noise level. Most of the time it sounds just fine without using these at all though.

The transmitter was another reason behind my choice. I've had very good luck with icoms so far and like the sound of them on the air. There are some very expensive radios out there with supposedly great receivers but I'm not a fan of how they sound on transmit. I adjusted my audio as laid out in the manual and regularly get unsolicited audio reports.

The menu isn't difficult. I customized the noise blanker and filters a little but rarely go back in to change anything. There's a knob or button for everything you need often.

Along with the band sweep feature - which works a lot better than I thought it would - there's an SWR sweep feature. now THAT is cool. You can get an SWR graph of your antenna for a given band just like an analyzer. It works good.

One of the club members asked me if there was anything I would change about it if I could when I first got it. I can't think of anything. It's a great radio.

Any questions feel free to email me. Address is current on QRZ.
WV4M Rating: 2014-11-08
Best HF rig I have owned in 42 years as a ham Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I have a used IC-7410 and could not be happier with it. I upgraded from another great radio, the IC-756 Pro III. This radio has a nice quiet receiver able to knock down my rather high power line noise and has great ergonomics. I am especially happy with the new technology of USB connectivity...I use it with Ham Radio Deluxe and no longer need a box sitting on top of the rig for the digital modes, just the USB hookup. My first Icom was a Japanese model IC-750 I bought in Okinawa back in the early 80s. I have owned many Icoms since then and only one did not meet my expectations, the IC-7000, which I replaced with the IC-706MKIIG that I currently use mobile. The price for the rig was very good for what you get. I don't really need the fancy color displays. This one is quite good. I would highly recommend this rig to any ham, new or old, looking for the best rig for the money.
K2PJW Rating: 2014-10-22
Built like a Radio Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I recently purchased an Icom 7410. The first thing I noticed is the normal sized knobs. Not tiny toy- like knobs but man sized knobs. The layout of the controls is great and the ergonomics make me wish I would have tried this radio sooner.

I have owned the ts-590, ftdx3000, and now the Icom 7410. I sold the 590 and 3000 to buy this radio and I have no regrets. The receiver is comparable in all three but the Icom is so much more refined than the Yaesu and Kenwood. All three radios do a great job but for ease of use and a solid build the Icom wins.

The bandscope does a much better job than I was expecting. The tuner is silent. The Yaesu and Kenwood tuners could wake the dead.

The Twin PBT controls are fantastic and the big display is so welcome. The radio plays great if you are into SWL'ing and MW dx'ing. The audio is pleasant when listening to these AM stations.

Many of the features are fully customizable. I did not realize that when I bought the radio. Once again I was pleasantly surprised.

At this point I have not added the two extra roofing filters. If this radio is reliable and keeps performing I will definitely be adding those filters.

The price keeps going down on the Icom 7410 too! At it's current price point of 1500.00 US it is an excellent value. I absolutely love the radio so far. I hope it's the beginning of a long relationship. Something that I couldn't get with previous radios.
KI4WCA Rating: 2014-10-08
Epic DX machine Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
This is my first ever radio with IF DSP...I have been waiting years to no avail for a 32 bit A/D converter to be introduced and the QRM at my QTH just keeps getting worse.It was time to act! I wanted a rig that would be superior from lf up and had excellent ergonomics.I did not want to pay for a band scope...I just wanted an excellent receiver without asinine amounts of menu navigation...I prefer dedicated controls.And i really,really needed a good NB and NR.
As you might guess I think the 7410 fits my needs exactly.The NB destroys the powerline S9+ hash totally at first I thought it was a malfunction...I kept turning it on and off...and my mouth gaped in amazement.The NR is also ridiculously effective.The manual notch and Auto notch are also excellent.
I now have the best S/N ratio I have ever had at this is an entirely different world.
I own a few excellent receivers...but this rig is peerless.Audio is wonderful and I can listen all day without fatigue,
It transmits beautiful audio too.I use the SM-30 desk mic and both optional roofing filters.


I like Bob Sherwood a lot and really am thankful he tests rigs so rigorously and in such a consistent manner for the sake of comparing the down and dirty numbers...BUT, one specification does not make for a perfect rig.
Ergonomics,audio quality and the intended application the rig is used for matter a great deal.Some rigs have great specs but vicious audio or dreadful ergonomics or both.The blend of features this rig has fits my needs so exactly I am amazed and delighted.

I started out as a boy dxing on a Zenith came a BC-348R...then a SP-600JX..then a Drake R8A..then 2 Mackay Marine 3031A's..then a Icom R-8500 (the 8500 is EPIC BTW) I got my ticket and purchased a used Icom 718 which I like very much...but the QRM here was totally defeating it's NB.

The 7410 is a different paradigm...I am glad I waited.

So totally worth it.

N4SJW Rating: 2014-08-29
On month report Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I agree with most of the 5 start ratings below. I upgraded from an IC-7200. My first month impressions compared to the 7200:
- larger LCD, my 50+ year old eyes can see the screen now.
- better DSP, variable control, along with the NB and ANF can pretty much clean up any signal without degrading the audio for SSB. Works excellent on CW.
- I have the AH-4 external tuner connected to Ant 1 (horizontal loop) and 20M dipole on Ant 2. Real nice that the IC-7410 can use both external and internal tuner. BTW, the AH-4 is a very capable tuner and I can band change in 3-4 seconds with it.
- I was looking at the TS-590 and side by side comparison at HRO I could not tell the difference and the received audio on the Icom seemed clearer to me. The only thing I miss that the 590 has is a separate receive only jack.
- USB cable (good news), I still can't get the driver to work with my laptop.

Nit picky:
- the ground screw is pretty flimsy, should be a bit beefier
- RTTY receive only??
KK4MRN Rating: 2014-06-18
Great 160 - 6m ham xcvr & AM Broadcast and Shortwave rcvr Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I bought this radio 6 months ago at HRO in Woodbridge, VA in January 2014. Drive up to HRO with some local hams. I had narrowed it down to icom ic-7410 or a yaesu ftdx1200. But, I had to play with it in person to see which was best. I bought the ICOM IC-7410.

My previous experience was with a Heathkit HW-101 that some Elmers help me get going and a Kenwood TH-F6A HT which has a wide receiver that included SSB receive for HF. I even played on other ham's equpipment such as Yaesu FT-2000 and ICOM IC-7000.

Yaesu FT-2000 is very, very nice, but it is out of budget for me.

Also, I was scared to pay a lot of money for a used HF radio. So, I opted for a new ICOM IC-7410 that had the knobs, buttons, great LCD display, and the radio treats CW as first class citizen instead of an afterthought.

Makes a good AM Broadcast and Shortwave Broadcast radio too. Want to listen to music on a far away station like WSM late at night, no problem. Want to listen to some interesting news or music from another country, you can. Even the noise blanker and Digital Noise Reduction works on these bands and modes too!

I have made contacts on 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, and 6 meters. Mostly SSB, but on 10 and 6 I have made FM contacts. And on 10, I have made AM contacts. Helps that I have a good OCF Dipole antenna.

I listen to CW on the code portions, but I am not ready to make my first CW contact. CW sounds so much nicer on this radio. Plus, I like the idea you can practice sending CW without it transmitting. The tone is so much nicer compared to awful code practice oscillators, such as, MFJ, Ameco...

I've only listened to 160, 60, and 30 meters, but it works well on those bands. My antenna is not designed for 160m.

The built-in RTTY decoder is interesting to use once you can find where some RTTY is. Better to hook up your computer via USB cable and install Ham Radio Deluxe to do RTTY and other digital modes like PSK31. No special adapter or signallink needed. Just take a normal printer usb A/B cable and hook it directory from your computer to your ham radio. You will need to download the USB driver from ICOM's web site.

I would definitely recommend this to other hams wanting to get into HF.
W5JV Rating: 2014-06-13
Ideal for MARS & General Operating Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
This is a well made transceiver that I have found is ideal for MARS and net work. With LDG's little automatic antenna tuner for ICOM, it performs beyond what its own little internal ant tuner can do and matches my HF type dipole safely from low end to high end continuous. The tune function restricts output power so that the LDG tuner finds an instant match and then turns control back to the rig. The keyer function works well and the included microphone gets good reports. And, as other users have found, the accessory filters are nice to have but not needed in normal use. My criticism would probably apply to any manufacturer: the menu system is NOT intuitive so still a work in progress. Since Japanese manuals are written for engineers and experienced hams, it is not at all easy to work through if you have an old school background. Still, worth the effort and you forget all this once you're in a QSO.
YV5MKI Rating: 2014-06-10
Tremendo radio de icom Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Este radio lo recomiendo al 100x100 ,no tiene nada que envidiar a los otros modelos icom como el ic-7600,ic-7700 y el ic-7800 ,todos los filtros y componentes son de ultima generación,claro yo le compre los filtros de techo de 6 khz y de 3 khz ,es la una opción que trae para instalaciones internas para este fabuloso radio HF/6 metros .La antenna tunner es de lo mejor tunea súper rápido. es una radio de 10 kg de peso muy robusto con buen chasis de aluminio....muy contento

YY5MKI Philip 73