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Reviews For: ICOM IC-7410

Category: Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - not QRP <5W

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Review Summary For : ICOM IC-7410
Reviews: 100MSRP: 1,999.00
Icom's newest mid price range HF/6 meter all mode base radio.
Product is in production
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AA4AJ Rating: 2014-06-09
Second time around Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have a 7410 and wanted another radio. I gave the choice due diligence and went through all of the available radios that are close to the same price point. It came out the same way as the first time. The 7410 is a well made, simple to use, stable radio. The menus are not complex. The display is easy to use and understand. I got the two roofing filters but, they are never used because the basic filtering is excellent. I can tailor audio in and out with ease. I did it twice and came up with the same answer twice. I am very please with both of my 7410s.
OR5A Rating: 2014-05-10
A lot of bang for the buck Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
For those who want a solid performer and don't want to spend a pile of money I think this Icom IC-7410 has most to offer. Owning and having owned some high end radios like TS-990, IC-7700, IC-7600, FT1000D I have some material to compare to.

First I was temped to look at the TS-590. Just a bit cheaper but all the trouble about the ALC overshoot and some distorted audio kept me from buying that radio although the 590's receiver is hot.

The someone told me why not look at the IC-7410. It has everything I need and more and is in the same price range as the TS-590 is. Icom had addressed the overshoot on this model so buying new I knew that the problem was solved.

I must says that the performance of the IC-7410 surpasses my expectations. Owing the IC-7600 I can say that if you don't need the band scope and dual watch, just put the optional 3 kHz roofing filter in the IC-7410 and you have a equally capable receiver that to me in some occasions is even a tiny bit better pulling out the week stations.

I particularly like the big screen with big numbers, S-meter and the layout of all knobs is very familiar with the family of Icom radios on the market today. DSP works very well, I like the filtering and just like the 7600 I can tailor the RX and TX audio and set cut off and bandwidth to adjust everything to my liking.

Bonus are two keyer inputs, memory keyer, tuner, two antenna inputs, all important functions directly from the front panel, USB connection (plus C-IV at the same time). The radio is very quiet and has a very large heat sink so the fan barely comes on. It delivers its power very well and runs for hours and hours without a glitch. Pre amp 1 is very good for bands 12 and 10 and preamp 2 is good for 50 MHz.

Really, I thinks this IC-7410 is among the best you can get with a budget under 2K $. Since I wasn't using the 7600's band scope that much I find myself using the 7410 a lot more. Big bang for the buck.
N1ULV Rating: 2014-04-02
one of my favorites....but Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I think this is a great radio. I've have owned many rigs including the Yaesu markV field,ft-990 ft-2000, kenwood ts-570, 850, 930....and many i feel confident in saying the 7410 hits on all cylinders....I have however noticed a glitch I believe is in the firmware. I still give this rig a 5 because it is so good in all other areas including ergos, audio, and ease of use....great quality feel too. it seems to me that since Icom started doing the ALC OVERSHOOT mod at the factory ...starting at ser. # 02002071
that this glitch appeared. Ive had 2 radios since the factory mod and they both exhibited this issue. I have tried to document this issue in a video here.
N2EAC Rating: 2014-03-31
Great Transceiver/Great Value/Great TX/RX Audio Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I've owned and operated some of the best HF transceivers made, with prices ranging across the board. The IC-7410 is a tremendous value in a transceiver at its price point. As an FYI - I purchased just the 3KHz roofing filter. (It took no time to install.) I did not and do not see a need for the 6 KHz roofing filter. So, IMHO, save your money and just get and use the 3 KHz roofing filter. As to the transceiver, the TX and RX audio are 1st class. If you are a ragchewer, then this is the perfect transceiver for you. Keep in mind that the band scope is like the ones in the predecessors. so, if you do not need a continuous bandscope, you are not missing out. The IC-7410 is priced just right and while I use it as a second rig, I would have no problem using it as a primary rig. The TX/RX audio is absolutely 1st class clear (IMHO - better than the IC-756proIII). There are a couple a really good transceivers available at the price point of the IC-7410. But, being prior Icom owner, I gravitated to this transceiver.

I can say without reservation that I made the right choice. I am extremely happy with the transceiver and would buy it again. It is a good value and worth every penny spent. So, if you have a choice, do a side-by-side comparison. I think you will find it to comes in 1st place like I did when I was researching transceivers at that price point.

Therefore, it is without reservation that I can endorse the purchase and daily use of the IC-7410 transceiver.

73, Ed, N2EAC
AE2K Rating: 2014-02-03
Love this radio! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I finally decided to upgrade my HF radio after owning my Icom IC-718 since 2004. The Icom IC-718 is now used as a back-up and to work portable in the field with a battery.

I was looking at the Kenwood TS-590s, however, after reading many of the reviews, there seems to be an issue with not having the full 100 watts of power going out. Many people are happy with their Kenwood TS-590s, but I felt it was not a good choice for me.

I bought the Icom IC-7410 from GigaParts almost a year ago and I am extremely happy. Like anything else, it all depends what radio each individual likes as it applies to what they do in this hobby.

This radio is well built and very attractive with most of the buttons for filters, scope, etc right in front of you. You need to go into the menu to make adjustments for your voice on the treble and bass settings. You also should use the speech compressor and adjust the ALC meter for more punch. I get great audio reports on all of my QSO's. The radio has a large display and a built in tuner (which is only good for SWR 3:1 and below). I resonate my antenna with an antenna analyzer and hardly use the tuner. There is a USB port for PSK-31 and other digital modes. One thing I do not like is the power knob where you can go full clockwise for 100 watts or counter clockwise for less power. I have no idea of my estimated watts going out unless I attach a meter. The Icom IC-718 has a menu where you can select an exact numerical wattage setting. For now, I either run the radio barefoot at 100 watts or dial down an estimated power.

I also like the fact that I can use 6 and 10 meter repeaters with this radio. I have never worked 6 meters before this radio and it is fun when the band is open. Unfortunately, I do not work CW and can not review that for you.

If you are looking for a mid-level radio in the $1500 range, I think you should seriously consider this radio amongst your choices. I am planning to keep this radio for many years.
M3SKF Rating: 2013-11-04
quality in a big package Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The Icom ic-7410 is a well built radio with a quality feel to it,nice heavy weight and a full sized transceiver.The radio presents with a lovely receiver complemented by a very quite low noise floor level,so its ideal for pulling those weak low signals out from qrm/qsb.Icom fully packed this set with many features but made it easy to navigate your way round the menu,with many of the setting available and to hand instantly should you require quick change to setting.You have no need for a base microphone with the icom as the audio reports with the basic fist mic are always good getting excellent reports always.I do have other radio,s in the shack and i do often test side by side the icom with the Kenwood ts-590 and they both are great dx radio,s.I find myself going back to the icom time after time ..why..well it feels like a real radio looks like a real radio and works like a real radio.A great purchase a terrific awesome radio worth a serious view if you are in the market looking for a real contender to the ts-590.
WA6MOW Rating: 2013-11-03
Solid Icom Quality Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I only work cw. Being a horse trader I acquired a used 7410 with both filters installed. I have owned many recently minted rigs as I enjoy using different radios as part of this great hobby. Having owned many of the same radios at the same time I have made an observation that you may find helpful. Radios are typically adjusted and aligned by a warm body before they leave the factory. Two radios sitting side by side can actually perform differently depending on who put the finishing touches on them, sometimes very differently. That explains why reviews can vary from one review to the next. Getting back to the 7410, mine has super smooth quiet QSK with no clicking. There is no fan noise. The receiver is excellent with a very quiet noise floor. The build quality is excellent. The menu is one of simplest of any of the newly released radios. If you have ever owned an Icom there is no learning curve or any reason to open the owners manual. I personally prefer the build quality of the Icom, Kenwood and Yaesu radios over TenTec or Elecraft not to say that they or not great performers. In this price range a perspective buyer would do well with this radio, the TS-590, or the Yaesu Ftdx1200. They all have different pluses and minuses but you can work the same same stations with any of them.
AD9P Rating: 2013-09-20
Excellent Time Owned: N.A.
Overall considering the cost this is a very good transceiver.
Great DSP, excellent audio both transmitted, and received.

KC2RCX Rating: 2013-09-20
Very Compitent Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Icom IC-7410
Firmware version release 1, August 8th, 2013.

For those of you who have been contemplating the toss up, as I have, between a Kenwood TS-590S, Yaesu FTDX-1200 and Icom's IC-7410 offerings, rest assured if you made the 7410 your choice, you won’t be disappointed. Of course, all three radios are very capable and have a unique feature set respectfully.

After operating with these 3 for some time at our local HRO, I will say the fit and finish is comparable between the 7410 and TS.

For those that seek more manual control with minimum internal menu systems, the Icom is the clear choice regarding this.
Mind you though, there are several menu driven parameters in the 7410, but once set, most of the functionality is provided by the front radio controls or just a tap of a button.
Here are the Dilemmas I faced with my choice. Everyone has a preference, and that's what makes this all unique to our personalities and operational preferences.
I am commenting on the standalone radio itself and not on an umbilical cord attached to my PC which software programs may or may not enhance certain operating aspects. Could care less about a computer controlling my radio. That’s what the Flex radio systems offer if one likes that.
Band edge beep, for those that want the flexibility to know when one enters and leaves a particular ham band, fully programmable, the 7410 has this; TS and FT do not and is not an option. For those that want internal Voice synthesized feed-back for S signal, frequency and mode, the 7410 has this, the others are optional. 6 and 3 KHz roofing filters are optional with the 7410 ($100.00 per) and standard with the TS and FT. Both the Kenwood and Yaesu have transmit capability on the Emergency Alaskan frequency 5167.5, the 7410 does not. The FT allows you to program you maximum RF output with visual feedback for set point, and, when you change it, the 7410 does not. Don’t know about the TS. Kenwood’s foot print makes it more desirable for portable operation and I would say without a shadow of a doubt, that the receiver and audio quality from a receiving aspect capability in the TS cannot be beat with any radio the big three currently offer at any level of radio, standalone operation.
The list of comparisons goes on. It’s all about self preference. As I mentioned earlier, they are all quite capable.
Conclusion: IC-7410 will not disappoint in both receive and transmit capability and quality. I found the NR/NB circuits extremely affective in dealing with QRM and manmade noise especially working in unison with each other. The built in speaker is tolerable but a good outboard will prove favorable for long listening periods.
The radio looks, sounds and feels like a radio and has a quality feel on all knobs and VFO. I don’t use the term rig as it reminds me of the 70’s with CB’s. These radios in my opinion deserve to be called just that, a radio and or transceiver.. No spike issues as some mentioned, internal fan often nonexistent with both casual receive and transmit. Things I don’t like are the power and transmit buttons are located at top left and transmit is going to get pressed by accident in lieu of the power button, regardless of who you are, and regardless of how good an operator you are, this is going to happen.
No ability to prevent lockout transmit on antenna not in use. My fault, but transmitted not once, but twice into two Heathkit Active antennas, one day apart and sent both of them to Heath heaven. I was using them to monitor the bands I wanted to work as I have a High”Q” loop that I use for transmit. So, I forgot to switch back to antenna 1 to the high Q . Had I had the ability to prevent transmit to the assigned antenna as I choose, I wouldn’t be writing this.
Bottom line is I would recommend this radio for its performance, features, build quality, frequency stability, accuracy and overall joy to operate. I suspect that those that opt for the more menu driven radios as mentioned in this overview would eventually seek the feature set of the 7410 in comparison once they tire from the lack of outboard operational capability the TS and Yaesu do not have to offer. The 7410 is firmware upgrade-able for those that have been asking. Both the TS and 7410 have built in USB connectivity while the FT does not but can with an option purchase. Hope this helped a little in your choice of radio/s.
OE1TRB Rating: 2013-08-03
Great radio Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I own this radio since 8 month now, it is easy to handle and has a great DNR like allmost all Icoms. The Display is very good to read, very well done as we are not getting younger.....
Not more to say as I like it very much and can recommend to all , simple to use, very sensitive RX . I got great modulation reports with the included original microphone. vy 73